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Different ways to remove unwanted hair It is common, many people have unnecessary hair on their upper lip, fingers, toes, chin, back, feet, and cheeks. There are many causes to have unwanted hair like genetics, certain medication like steroids, hormones. Here are some ways, you can remove unwanted hair but in most techniques some of the hair ultimately grown back. Shaving : - Saving is best for the leg, arm and facial hair. It can be caused ingrown hairs, mostly in the public region. Plucking : - It is a good option to remove a few hairs. It can be painful and time consuming process. You can pluck your eyebrows and reshape it or remove a few stray hairs appear on the face. It can`t be helpful to remove hair from large areas. Hair Removal Creams : - Hair removal creams are also available in the market without any prescription. It is also called as depilatory creams. When you are using it then you have to be careful it because it contains many chemicals which can be harmful to your skin or allergic skin. Before use it, you should test it on a small part of your body. If you don`t have a bad reaction to it then you can use it. Hot Waxing : - Hot waxing is the easy way to remove hairs. You can try it yourself at home or you can do it by a professional in a salon. This method can be very messy and painful and may leave some hair behind it because it

can break off. It is important to watch for infection. The hot wax can burn your skin. Many women use this method in the bikini area and upper lip. Threading : - Some Salons still offer this traditional Indian method of hair removal. In this method professional use strings in that way or twist in a pattern and use to pull unwanted hair out. Laser Hair Removal : - Laser hair removal takes four or more treatments to remove hair and it is one of the long-lasting method. The laser lights or beams heats the hair bulbs. Laser hair removal can be used on major body parts but it is expensive and sometimes very painful. Make sure to choose a technician or specialist who is highly trained or professional. Electrolysis : - Electrolysis can be done by the experts or experienced who places a tiny needle with electric current in the hair follicles. There are two primary ways with electrolysis: galvanic and thermolytic. In Galvanic hair removal, hair follicles destroy by the chemical and in Thermolytic hair removal, hair follicle destroy by the heat. Make sure to select a highly trained or professionals for this method. On any parts of your the body, you can get electrolysis. If none of the above techniques work on your body for hair removal then you can take advice from your doctor or visit any hair salon for removing hair.

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Different ways to remove unwanted hair  

There are lots of methods available for hair removal in the market, here we are trying to bring most of them. So, you can select the best fo...

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