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Best Self Storage Service in Singapore ď‚– by Store-11

About Store-11  Store-11 Self Storage provide you with the best available facilities to ensure your belongings will always be kept in the same untouched condition as it was formerly. The safety of you and your belongings is our main concern. Our small retail store Box shop provide a variety of containers, locks and provides to make your move easier!! Welcome to Singapore’s Safe and Protected Self Storage space Shop !!

Our Services   Our Building  Fresh Models – So you can shift your products right in.  Privacy & Protection – Your own area and You are IN CONTROL  Intercom Models On Every Ground – To keep you additional secure.  Electronic Management Protection – Defends you and your valuables.  Climate Control – To help keep delicate belongings well maintained.  In – House Protection Secure – 24 time , patrol 3 times a days  Pest Control – To secure your valuables.

Our Features   Clean environment 

Modern protection measures.

Quick having access to Units.

Huge discounts.

Individually alarmed models.

24 hours CCTV surveillance.

Friendly staff.

Electronic access via your own SAFETY PINCODE.

24/7 availability

Personal Self Storage Service  Store-11 offers personal self storage service Whether you need temporary storage space whilst moving home, decorating or travelling, or a longer term storage space solution in Singapore.    

You get satisfaction with the home security systems they have in place. You can shift in directly away, and take the actual amount of area you need because of the range of areas they offer. Protected and safe storage area for useful products. The comfort of storage area when you need it, for rarely used products such as winter time outfits or sports gear.

Less stress when moving home or improving.

More useful livable area or even preventing a shift into a larger house.

Storage for valuables that you want to keep, but do not need right now.

Much better use of area and more room for you and your family.

Business Self Storage Service  We are also providing Business Storage service in Singapore if you are feeling like ● ● ●

Is your business atmosphere uncertain? Are your storage space needs unpredictable? Maybe you do not yet have enough stock to own your own factory unit? Or you have already expanded out of one?

Then, take Business Storage facility from us and be worry free. Store-11 Self Storage gives you room to develop your business in Singapore. Remember storage space costs less than office or retail space.

Why Store-11   

Have a Modern, Clean, Bright and 24 hours security system. 

 

We are Centrally Located In Singapore. Full Accessibility: 7 Days a week, All year round.

Wide range of storage space area sizes cater for your needs. Our store friendly staff will help to work out the right storage space area space with the best possible price.

We Offer   Personal Self storage Service  Business Self Storage Service  Opportunity to get a Latest promotion  Pay only $1 for the first month rent and get up to 20% off.

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Best self storage service in singapore by store 11  

Store-11 is best self storage service provider in Singapore ad how they provide services you can find in this presentation. For more detail...