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Recently our daily newspaper interviewed one of the best Singapore’s Voice Over Talents and emcees. We had a conversation with Ms. Maddy Barber, who is also a renowned radio presenter. Here are some excerpts from the Interview held.

Q: “Ms Barber, accept our hearty regards” Ms. Maddy: “Thank you, sir. It is my pleasure.” Q: Our first question, Ms. Barber. Please tell us something about your present career. Ms. Maddy: Well, I currently manage the new Kiss 92FM‘s breakfast show. Due to the support of my channel and all the hard work that I put in, more people have started liking my show which has promoted a big percentage increase in the audience. I am grateful to the audience for liking me and my work. I am also a preferred presenter for any event or shows and a popular Singapore emcee as well. Q: What according to you are the qualities needed to become a successful radio personality?

Ms. Maddy: ‘Well, I think that an individual needs to have a sincere work approach and a fresh mind to work as a radio presenter. As the person is the voice of the radio station and connects to the listeners, he/she should have a charming personality and an ever smiling tone in their voice’. Q: Please throw some light on your early career in the industry. Ms. Maddy: I remember, that I started my career in the Mid 1990’s and have gained more than 15 years of radio experience ever since in media, internet and corporate world. I am currently hosting the breakfast show at kiss 92 FM.

Q: Have you faced any initial failures with your career? Ms. Maddy: Of course I have. I have faced both, success and failure but I had a passion to succeed in my field and that is what motivated me to enhance my talent and abilities. Today, at just 39 years of age, I think I have done good enough to be considered as the best radio DJ in Singapore and also a successful events’ host. Q: We have heard, you are also experienced in the Singapore voice over talent field? Ms. Maddy: Yes, I am a highly preferred and a favoured voice over talent for commercials, animation and corporate videos. Q: Ms. Barber, please tell us how you manage both your professional and personal life? Ms. Maddy: I have learnt to give priorities at the right time in the right direction, whether it is my professional field or personal life. I am a happily married wife and a mother of two beautiful kids. Apart from that, I have been successfully managing my work affairs. Q: What is the one aspect that sets Ms. Barber apart from rest of the professionals, while connecting with the audience?

Ms. Maddy: I think I have a knack to connect with the audience and as I said earlier, I have a smile while speaking, which makes my voice lively and warm and fortunately, that makes people love me more with each passing day.

Q: How can people contact you personally, Ms Maddy? Ms. Maddy: I would sure like to connect with people. They can contact me for hosting shows or keeping the audience entertained by visiting my website and fill up the contact form with their request. Thank you for talking to us Ms. Maddy. A last question please. Q: What qualities are needed to be successful in event hosting and a radio Singapore emcee? Ms. Maddy: It is my pleasure. I think that if one is versatile, excellent with language skills, has a good sense of humour and a calm demeanour along with a spontaneous attitude towards work, it can surely lead them to success.

An interview with singapore's best voice over artist maddy barber  

Here we have described you an interview conversation with the Singapore’s most gorgeous and talent voice over talent as well as Singapore fe...

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