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In all Countries ,People are celebrate the Christmas in Different ways. Three are the most recognizable sign of Christmas ,but what do you know about them? There are lots of thing to know about Christmas tree, So Take a one short trip on Christmas Tree.

USA is the on the top in to Growing Christmas tree.

First Christmas tree used in festive celebration in Latvia in 1510. In 1747, the First example of artificial Christmas trees were created by the German Moravian Church. The Christmas Tree become a popular tradition in the UK In 1841 which introduce by Prince Albert. In 1901, The year the world’s first Christmas tree was sown in New Jersey, USA. Norway begin a tradition of giving a Christmas tree to England. The gift is an expression of gratitude for help during World War II in 1947.

England used the “Christmas Tree� formation during the Euro 96 football tournament.

98% of all trees bought world wide are grown on Tree Farms(only 2% are cut from the wild)

Using electric lights on Christmas trees was first Suggested By Edward Johnson in 1882.

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The Facts About Christmas Tree  

Do you know the facts about the Christmas tree? Where it is grown? Watch this presentation, which says lots of about the Christmas tree.

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