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Steven Greschner Biography Companies that are successful today do not run after money or to make profit. They ran after the social change of the community. They make sure that their consumers will be happy with the service of products rendered. Steven Greschner was the CEO of Hummingbird Communications, he focused on the enterprise networking, networking security and security detection devices, security software sales, design, development, systems integration, and deployment of network and integration systems for L-3 Communications, Security and Detection Systems whose target market was the aviation industry and private sector companies. The company becomes networking contractor for all L3 Communications Security and Detection Systems integration. AVIION recently acquired the Hummingbird Image Investigation System and completed major enhancements to our Image Investigation System. The system supports databases of 75+ Million images. Queries take less than 10 seconds to search the entire database and the results look good. He acquired these and has many projects because he has over 25 years of experience in the selling enterprise of security, networking and software solutions. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, BS in Computer Information Systems, Extensive Sales, Management, and Industry Training. Here are some of his projects: • designed and deployed a system for the Maricopa county sheriff using biometric technology to verify inmates and Sheriff’s Deputies. • designed and deployed a wireless surveillance system combined with a C4 platform and biometric surveillance technology to secure areas as directed by the Beijing Security Bureau. He has developed a centralized biometric database for multiple applications. • designed and manufactured Biometric Enrollment System for China’s second generation ID project. This system is the only ID-Card system approved by the Central Government to include the capture of biometric information. Projects of Steven are successful and during the IACP- iXP Excellence in Technology Award Program they were awarded as Innovation in Information Technology. Truly, the company has many stories to tell. They help each other to reach all the goals. Companies like these are the ones needed in our society.

With a great CEO like Steve Greschner, companies will be able to understand what the meaning of helping each other is. Their success right now is at its happiest point and they continue to develop and improve. There are many strategies that can help you implement what must be done in your company, however, it will take a good leader to supervise all the things that are needed.

Steven Greschner Biography