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About Steven Greschner The success of companies does not only focus on its leader. The leader must also communicate well with the team and let them understood what is right and what must be done. Listening to employees is also important. You must hear them out and let them show their ideas to you. Steven Greschner is very dedicated to his employees and customers. He sees to it that they will do what us right and listen also to others. He was the CEO of Hummingbird Communications, he focused on the enterprise networking, networking security and security detection devices, security software sales, design, development, systems integration, and deployment of network and integration systems for L-3 Communications, Security and Detection Systems whose target market was the aviation industry and private sector companies. The company becomes networking contractor for all L3 Communications Security and Detection Systems integration. After that, he also becomes the CEO of the AVIION’s Image Investigation system that is designed specifically for Law Enforcement. The system was designed to rapidly search databases with millions of images quickly with incredible accuracy. Steven Greschner has over 25 years of experience in the selling enterprise of security, networking and software solutions. This has helped him reach on what he is right now. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, BS in Computer Information Systems, Extensive Sales, Management, and Industry Training. Truly, this kind of man has many talents and is endowed with many abilities in different fields. People like him are very few that can go along with the constant changing of technology. His main focus in the company of Cisco Systems, Inc. as an Account Manager was to drive networking sales revenue through channel partners using fundamentally sound sales strategies and techniques, solution selling, relationship selling, customer service and satisfaction to exceed sales quotas and provide territory expansion for the company. Over 95% of all revenue was driven through the channel. If you have a driver’s license facial recognition system or may have seen other image investigation systems, the difference with the Aviion Image Investigation System is that it was designed for Fusion Centers. It includes a 28CFR case tracking system, the system is fast, accurate, intuitive and easy to use and quite simply, has proven to be a valuable investigation tool. They recommend you to contact them and see what they are for yourself.

The success they experience right now lead them to a sustainable growth of the company.

About Steven Greschner  

Steven Greschner is very dedicated to his employees and customers. He sees to it that they will do what us right and listen also to others.

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