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Steven Greschner - About Me There are many companies out there that take years to build their great image. The success does not only come from financial aspects but also the way the company handles projects that help the community. Aviion’s Image Investigation system was designed specifically for Fusion Centers. The system was designed to rapidly search databases with millions of images quickly with incredible accuracy. The Image Investigation software was chosen as the technology of the year by the International Association Chiefs of Police. The company also has stories that they can be proud of especially their CEO, Steven Greschner. The Image Investigation system that they have built includes software that makes the system automatically 28CFR Part 23 compliant, with security designs that are audit friendly to support privacy and civil rights concerns. One of the projects he handles was the Biometric Enrollment System for China. He designed and manufactured the China’s second generation ID project. This system is the only ID-Card system approved by the Central Government to include the capture of biometric information. The system was awarded “The Best Technology of the Year” by the Ministry of Public Security in year 2004 and is on the Ministry of Public Security’s “Most Favorite Technology for Public Security” list. Another project was the UHF Worldwide RFID Interoperability Trial. Both the US/Japan and the US/Europe trials resulted in read rates that proved that a UHF RFID tag (even a first-generation tag being read by an RFID system in a less-thanoptimized installation, and manufactured to be optimized only for 902 to 928 MHz) can successfully operate at both the U.S. and Japanese, and the U.S. and European frequencies.

It is amazing to see the success of Steven. He has proven that no matter what life will take you, you can always make your star shine bright. Here are his other projects you want to see:  

designed and deployed a system for the Maricopa county sheriff using biometric technology to verify inmates and Sheriff’s Deputies. designed and deployed a wireless surveillance system combined with a C4 platform and biometric surveillance technology to secure areas as directed by the Beijing Security Bureau.


installed (2) systems in the TSL C4I laboratory as a platform to interconnect and integrate various systems and applications that may be located at any TSA facility in the world via secure VPN connection over the Internet.

Steven is the perfect example of a great programmer that has achieved already his success.

Steven Greschner About Me