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Steven Greschner Bio AVIION’s Image Investigation system was designed specifically for Law Enforcement. The system was designed to rapidly search databases with millions of images quickly with incredible accuracy. There are many stories that shows success about it. The Image Investigation system includes software that makes the system automatically 28CFR Part 23 compliant, with security designs that are audit friendly to support privacy and civil rights concerns. When AVIION recently acquired the Hummingbird Image Investigation System and completed major enhancements to our Image Investigation System. The system supports databases of 75+ Million images. Queries take less than 10 seconds to search the entire database and the results are impressive. With the help of Steven Greschner who has over 25 years sales experience selling enterprise security, networking and software solutions and he as the CEO of the company. He is not just a computer-techy but also an entrepreneur. He focused on the development and deployment of network and video centric command and control systems for the transportation and aviation industries for Hummingbird Communications at the Phoenix, Arizona in 2002-2014. The company was awarded a five (5) year contract as a strategic networking contractor to provide networking, security and integration services to L3 Communications with his help. He also managed Motorola’s global business for Data General which is a big company. Truly, his skills are not just for local one but can also meet with big companies. Greschner is knowledgeable and influential in working with Public Sector procurements. Public procurements are hard to deal with. It is not easy to effectively manage the procurements of the public. There are regulations and policies you need to know in order to effectively manage supply chain risk, achieve best value and deliver better services. The Image Investigation System of Aviion has proven itself to be a great tool for Law Enforcement in general. Over the years, our company has been dedicated to helping in the war against terror and crime. We see it as our patriotic duty. The Image Investigation system is currently installed in the Arizona Fusion Center (ACTIC), the Utah Statewide Information & Analysis Center (SIAC) and the Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center. Steve has great skills that make the success of the Aviion Company. Imagine if he was not there to help the company. He is graduate of Arizona State

University and took up the course of BS in Computer Information Systems, Extensive Sales, Management, and Industry Training.

Steven Geschner Bio