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Steven Greschner Biography AVIION’s Image Investigation system was designed specifically for Law Enforcement. This system was designed to make the search databases facster with millions of images quickly with incredible accuracy. There have been some amazing success stories and among them is how Steven Greschner become an experienced man with such honors and success. There are many people in the world that are talented. Pure talent does not only what it takes to succeed but also to passionate and has determination. When Steven Greschner was the CEO of Hummingbird Communications in the years of 2002-2014, the company was awarded a five (5) year contract as a strategic networking contractor to provide networking, security and integration services to L3 Communications. Because of his works, the company continues to achieve more achievements such as awarded again with five (5) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) technology contracts for design and development of network systems and integration of security and detection devices. The company focused on the enterprise networking, networking security and detection devices, security software sales, design, development, systems integration, and deployment of networked, integration systems and also the development and deployment of network and video centric command and control systems for the transportation and aviation industries. Steven has numerous projects such as the Biometric Verification-Face Recognition. Aviion CEO, himself designed and deployed a system for the Maricopa county sheriff using biometric technology to verify inmates and Sheriff’s Deputies. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Phoenix, Arizona is using biometric identification, specifically facial recognition, as a core technology tool in our newly created Counter-Terrorists’ Division that encompasses our Homeland Security effort. The facial recognition database is similar to AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). Steve has over 25 years sales experience selling enterprise security, networking and software solutions and has proven track record in selling network and software solutions to Fortune 1,000 accounts at the C-Level for L3 Communications, Cisco Systems, Inc. and Data General Corporation.

Once you are dedicated, you will always get on top. You will be able to produce projects that are expected so high and it gets done. This man also designed and deployed a wireless surveillance system combined with a C4 platform and biometric surveillance technology to secure areas as directed by the Beijing Security Bureau. Steven Greschner has developed a centralized biometric database for multiple applications. These projects show that he is talented and has knowledge on what he is doing.

Steven Greschner Biography