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Steven Greshcner tries to find new adventure into the company of Cisco Systems, Inc. and help it drive networking sales revenue through channel partners using fundamentally sound sales strategies and techniques, solution selling, relationship selling, customer service and satisfaction to exceed sales quotas and provide territory expansion for the company. Over 95% of all revenue was driven through the channel. But definitely, as he wanders he is now the CEO of Aviion Company that is formerly known as the Hummingbird. Aviion’s Image Investigation system was designed specifically for Fusion Centers. The system was designed to rapidly search databases with millions of images quickly with incredible accuracy. The Image Investigation software was chosen as the technology of the year by the International Association Chiefs of Police. The system has many benefits that will be enumerated below: •

It can both know and unknown individuals in less than 10 Seconds;

Locate and Identify Individuals with Multiple or Duplicate Identities;

• Identify Individuals from Surveillance Images, Video, Driver’s License, Booking Photos, Scanned Images, Police Artist Sketches, or any image from a variety of sources; • The Image Investigation System can find people in seconds, where ordinary investigation techniques could take many years to locate the same individuals; and • Find people who have been on the run for years, clear “Open Warrants” and put new life into Cold Case Investigations. It is clear-cut that with his experiences he was able to make the company an award winning during the 7th Annual IACP - iXP Excellence in Technology Award Program. It won as one of the bests Innovation in Information Technology. Steven also has done many great projects such as: • installed (2) systems in the TSL C4I laboratory as a platform to interconnect and integrate various systems and applications that may be located at any TSA facility in the world via secure VPN connection over the Internet. • designed and deployed a system for the Maricopa county sheriff using biometric technology to verify inmates and Sheriff’s Deputies.

• designed and deployed a wireless surveillance system combined with a C4 platform and biometric surveillance technology to secure areas as directed by the Beijing Security Bureau. He truly knows how to make the best. The Aviion Company recommends that you contact the Arizona, Utah, or Idaho Fusion Center to find out for yourself. You will be able to see how the system works or contact Steven here: Email: Phone: (480) 381-0778

Steven Greschner About Me  

Steven Greshcner tries to find new adventure into the company of Cisco Systems, Inc. and help it drive networking sales revenue through chan...

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