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Steven Greschner Biography We often see that companies who became successful today do not experience any mishaps. There are mishaps in life. Each one of us will experience it. There are times that it will make us cry but it makes us even stronger. Steven Greschner has over 25 years of experience and has a primary focus on Network Security, Networking Communications, and Computing Solutions for major Public Sector and Fortune 1,000 corporations. He was a graduate of BS in Computer Information Systems, Extensive Sales, Management, and Industry Training at the Arizona State University is rising up and already owns many experiences. With his experiences, he shared the same though with his employees. When the Hummingbird was purchased by Aviion Company, they make great innovations throughout the years. The established the Image Investigation System that has these numerous benefits: 1. Identify both known and unknown individuals in less than 10 Seconds 2. Locate and Identify Individuals with Multiple or Duplicate Identities 3. Identify Individuals from Surveillance Images, Video, Driver’s License, Booking Photos, Scanned Images, Police Artist Sketches, or any image from a variety of sources. 4. The Image Investigation System can find people in seconds, where ordinary investigation techniques could take many years to locate the same individuals. 5. Find people who have been on the run for years. You can try it for yourself using your driver’s license. The facial recognition system or may have seen other image investigation systems, the difference with the Aviion Image Investigation System is that it was designed for Fusion Centers, includes a 28CFR case tracking system, the system is fast, accurate, intuitive and easy to use and quite simply, has proven to be a valuable investigation tool. It could really help in investigations. Steven has also considered the success of his projects in some countries such as: •

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport 5

Project: Situation and Domain Awareness at Concourse and Checkpoints 5 •

TSA – TSL Laboratory 6

Project Command and Communications Platform with Multiple Remote Site Video Screening and Surveillance system 6 •

TSA Worldwide RFID Trial 8

Project RFID Baggage Security and Tracking 8 •

Arizona Counter-Terrorism Investigation Center 10

Project Biometric Surveillance and Database 10 •

Regional Maritime Security Coalition 11

Project “Connecting Oregon” – Information Sharing and Coalition Among Government Agencies His success over the years was impressive and he still continues to achieve more. Truly, this man has proven that you can always do more than you think you can.

Steven Greschner Biography  

Steven Greschner has over 25 years of experience and has a primary focus on Network Security, Networking Communications, and Computing Solut...

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