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Steven Greschner Bio Steven Greschner was first employed at Data General Corporation as an Account Executive/National Accounts Manager at Phoenix, Arizona during the years of 1983-1994. During his stay there he established and cultivated Motorola as a channel distributor for Data General Disk Array products resulting in over 20 million dollars in sales to the company. After that, he finds new adventure into the company of Cisco Systems, Inc. and help it drive networking sales revenue through channel partners using fundamentally sound sales strategies and techniques, solution selling, relationship selling, customer service and satisfaction to exceed sales quotas and provide territory expansion for the company. Over 95% of all revenue was driven through the channel. Truly, that shows that he has many experiences and throughout those years, it helped him shape his identity. It helped him become one of the greatest CEO in the company that is best in investigation. Hummingbird was purchased by Aviion Company. However, Steven remains as their CEO. The Image Investigation System of the Aviion has proven itself to be a great tool for Law Enforcement in general. Over the years, the company has been dedicated to helping in the war against terror and crime. The Image Investigation system is currently installed in the Arizona Fusion Center (ACTIC), the Utah Statewide Information & Analysis Center (SIAC) and the Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center. Steve Greschner is a graduate of BS in Computer Information Systems, Extensive Sales, Management, and Industry Training at the Arizona State University. This shows that he is a great programmer. But, it does not only take that you are a graduate, you will be good at everything. He has practiced for more than 25 years and still continues to learn more. Projects that the Aviion Company is enumerated below: In Beijing Security Bureau he has the project called Wireless Biometric Surveillance Command and Control Center. While in China Ministry of Public Security ChinaMinistry of Public Security the project was called Biometric Enrollment System for China’s second generation ID. Building a great company can take time. However, we must remember that they are also experiencing mistakes and failures. What matters is how they stood up and fight. Innovate your companies and let it welcome with changes. You

can create competition with other but remember that this must be good also. Find a company who has attitude and passion in his sense. Someone who works well and is not afraid to try something new in this world like the CEO of Aviion, Greschner. It is very rare to find this kind of man these days.

Steven Greschner Bio