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Steven M Gillhouse professional profile For nearly 30 years Steven Gillhouse has been a model employee for one of the largest corporations in U.S history. His backgrounds lay in both sales and marketing, fields in which he has shown impressive aptitude in every station he has obtained. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1980 and furthered his education and Northwestern University with his MBA focused on marketing. He has a history of escalating revenue while at the same time slashing overhead cost. This is the professional biography of Steven Mark Gillhouse. So far as sales and marketing executives go, not many people bring to the table what Steven M Gillhouse can. Steven M. Gillhouse was promoted many times over the course of his professional life with the United States Gypsum Company, a sizable and respected corporation headquartered out of Chicago Illinois. Steve Gillhouse began working for Donn Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial and retail construction products, in 1981, very soon after Steve Gillhouse graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bowling Green (OH) State University, in 1980. USG bought the Donn Corporation in 1985, and Steven chose to put his talents to good use at the Fortune 500 Corporation. United States Gypsum is a 5 billion dollar manufacturer and distributor of industrial building goods high-performance building systems used worldwide. The products that USG manufactures are sold mainly through OEM distribution channels, which stand for original equipment manufacturer's, though they are also carried throughout considerable commercial and retail chains throughout North America and Europe. Transitioning to USG treated Steven Gillhouse as well as he regarded them, as he was promoted 12 times through 3 different divisions during his 27 year career with USG. Steven Gillhouse held positions in Cleveland, Central Texas, and San Francisco. While in San Francisco, Steven Gillhouse was appointed to the United States Gypsum Industrial Products Division where he held the title of Sales Manager for the Western Region. In this station, Steve Gillhouse oversaw a 10-person sales squad that handled the entire Western United States. Next, Steven M Gillhouse became marketing manager, suspension systems, USG Interiors Inc., at USG’s home-based office in Chicago. Here, Steven Gillhouse effectively led the development and launch of a $150 million product line enhancement, increasing sales by 10 percent. After Steven M Gillhouse's 1996 promotion to director of marketing and customer services, Steve Gillhouse took a customer service team of 60 employees spread across 5 locations and consolidated them into one locale, saving USG Interiors Inc. over 30 percent of their former costs. Also in 1996, Steven Gillhouse further advanced his education, earning a master of management degree with emphasis in marketing from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Soon after Steven Gillhouse received his MBA, he was promoted again to the title of director of sales for USG Interiors and was responsible for overseeing 45 sales representatives throughout the Western U.S. With his team, he implemented his advanced selling strategy methods which again resulted in positive earnings for U.S. Gypsum. As a result of his methods, Steven Gillhouse was named VP of Sales for the Southern Division of United States Gypsum Building Systems. He led a 100 person sales organization and integrated 2 separate sales organizations with a 500 million dollar budget. Through this integration he was able to more efficiently serve USG clients while at the same time reducing overhead by more than 20%. Through the University of Chicago, in 2001 Steven Gillhouse furthered his education through several classes that focused on the leadership aspects of business administration. Over the next seven years Steven M Gillhouse took these classes and implemented these teachings in his day to day life at USG. While acting as the director of marketing for USG building systems, Steven M Gillhouse directed a multi-billion dollar marketing organization including 20 top-tier marketers. He was able to increase new product sales by 10 percent and as the general manager of the U.S. Gypsum Industrial Products Division, Steven Mark Gillhouse was held accountable for a $100 million Product and Licensing effort. While in charge of this effort he increased sales by another 10 percent and increased the companies working profit by 30 percent, all at the same time saving the company 2 million dollars by cutting out unprofitable businesses. In 2005, Steven Gillhouse was named vice president, sales, USG Building Systems, where Steven Gillhouse increased USG’s product specifications and major project closure rates by 25 percent, as well as directing a staff of 50. Until 2008, Steven M Gillhouse was the Vice President of Customer Relationship management of USG Building Systems where he managed a team of 200 customer relations managers and oversaw the quality and IT of both domestic and international retail and commercial markets. The sales he oversaw during this period totaled over 5 Billion dollars. While providing industry leading customer satisfaction results, Steven M Gillhouse reduced the operating overhead of USG by way of automation via pilot programs. During this period he improved upon not only the output of the workers under him and the proficiency of the corporation as a whole, USG was able to serve it's customers better than they had in the past. This resulted in $2 million increase in sales while saving USG over $3 million in operating capital, all thanks to Steven Mark Gillhouse.

Steven M Gillhouse professional profile  
Steven M Gillhouse professional profile  

After Steven M Gillhouse's 1996 promotion to director of marketing and customer services, Steve Gillhouse took a customer service team of 60...