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Pearl Harbor Steven Fedorchak

It was an early Sunday morning at about 10:00 a.m. As usual Jack was ordering people around. Then Jack turned on the radio and he was amazed at what he was hearing, president Roosevelt himself was talking about a Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor. At first he was shocked then very scared. Would he be drafted in the army. Jack was a senior in high school and he just had his 18th birthday last week so he was now legally able to go into the army. But putting all his worries behind him he thought about what it would look like to watch giant ships blow up. Imagine the fire and metal flying everywhere and the crazy waves that the ships would make. But you probably wouldn’t get to see any of that because of all the smoke that was around the ship.

Later that morning Jack told his mom about what he had heard on the radio. She got really worried not only because her son could get drafted but that this could be the start of a second world war for America. In the first world war Jacks moms brother died. Jacks mom would always tell him the story of how he died. He was in a trench in Europe when a shell came down on them. He threw his friend almost across the trench but it was

too late to save himself. This time when he heard the story Jack asked how did you know this happened, and his mom said because his friend told me.

It was Jacks senior year of high school when it happened and when he was in school all he heard was did you get drafted and talk about Pearl Harbor. Jack thought he had got lucky and the army had missed his number in the draft list but Wednesday morning that was not the case. On Wednesday an army officer in camouflage and brown boats came to the door and gave jack a slip. And said “I am sorry i missed your number so I would like to give you the draft slip in person. Then he said you need to be at camp on Saturday. You have been drafted in the army. Then jack said, but why am I being drafted? Because you are over the draft age and America is probably going into a major war and we need as many troops as we can.

Jack was as stunned as a deer caught in a headlight. He didn’t talk for the rest of the night but his mind was racing, and he kept on asking himself am I going to die? Will my friends die? If I die how will it happen? Will America win the war? And the scariest part of it all was that Jack was terrified of blood. He didn’t know what was going to happen in the army. Was it brutal fighting? Or was it like he would just stand there and fire shells at the enemy.

On Thursday, Jacks mom let him stay home and pack for Saturday. Jack was still shocked he hadn’t said a word. When Jack was finished packing he went to the park and

sat on a bench and just watch the world unfold before him he stayed there for 7 hours thinking and watching .

It was finally Saturday when Jack got to the base. He had to get his weight and height checked. When it was almost done they tested for flat feet. When Jack got to the front of the line the man said I’m sorry you can’t enroll you have flat feet. On the inside jack was screaming. But on the outside, calmly, he said okay and walked back to his house. When he got back to the house he was so happy because he is not going to war and he was not going to die in World War II. When he got home everybody was so happy for him that his family took him out to dinner.

Author’s Note Sunday December 7, 1941 was a day that president Roosevelt said would live in infamy. It was the start of World War II for Americans, because that was the day the Japanese attacked pearl harbor. Japan’s goal for attacking Pearl harbor was to wipe out the American navy in Hawaii. That didn’t happen, when the Japanese attacked they only hit 18 ships, 2 U.S carriers were out of Pearl Harbor at the time. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was in charge of the attack, after it’s high success he was praised throughout all of Japan. America was in shock. After the attack president Roosevelt asked congress to go to war. Every congress member agreed except one Jeanette Rankin. She was also the only one to vote against going to World War II. When America went to war they sided with the Allied forces which included France, Great Britain, and Canada. They were fighting the axis powers which mainly included Japan, Germany, and Italy. To fight the axis powers the U.S needed more soldiers so they called a draft. This meant all male American citizens that were 18 years or older and had no life threatening diseases could be drafted into the army. Women had to take on jobs of the men that went into the draft. World War II was a time of rationing too. If you were in the U.S you couldn’t have over a certain amount of sugar or flour. Rationing was introduced to settle anger for shortage of supplies. You couldn't drink coca cola because sugar was very scarce. The worst part of it all was that you couldn’t just go out for a drive because of gas shortage. After 5 years of terrible war it finally ended in 1945 resulting in an allied victory.

-Steven Fedorchak

Bibliography Adams, Simon. Eyewitness World War 2. New York: DK publishing, 2007. Print. This book was really helpful because it gave me a visual images of what it might be like back then. It also provided information about what people wore which was really helpful. Attack on Pearl Harbor. N.p., 20 May 2004. Web. 1 Feb. 2012. <>. This website helped me because it told me not only how many planes were destroyed. It also told me how many army navy and marine planes were damaged. Lord, Walter. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Attack on Pearl Harbor.â&#x20AC;? communications inc., 11 Apr. 2011. Web. 24 Jan. 2012. < pearl. htm>. I liked this book because it provided good information on the attack of Pearl Harbor. It also was very easy to understand.

Pearl Harbor  
Pearl Harbor  

this is a short story about Jack and how he gets drafted into world war II