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ISIC 2012 Indonesian Scholars International Convention; London, the United Kingdom.

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9– 11 November 2012

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Name Date & 9 - 11 November 2012 Venue London, United Kingdom Events

1. 12th Annual TIIMI a. Theme: Green Economy for Sustainable Development in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities from multidisciplinary approach. b. The largest and the longest running conference for Indonesian Scholars across the globe. c. The most sophisticated international conferencing system supported by Microsoft CMT. 2. Closing Ceremony; Discover Indonesia a. Cultural Performances: Gala Cultural Night b. Cultural and photos Exhibition c. Food Festival – Pasar Indonesia d. Charity fundraising in collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia. e. Award night ceremony

The latest UNSC Rio+20 Summit 2012. Given this heady combination of factors, we believe that growth in green energy and clean technology will continue for many years to come. The danger of a fossil-fuel driven world are enormous; climate change and other environmental hazards are real and growing threats to our survival. Our collective awareness of these problems and our drive to tackle them head-on have reached critical mass around the world. And the primary solutions to the problem – renewable energy sources and efficiency technologies – are becoming more effective, more scalable, and less expensive by the day. The time for green energy revolution is now. The current recession may slow down its progress, but forward movement seems inevitable.


Dear Indonesian Scholars, Indonesia’s economic growth has been 6.5% in 2011, which is the fastest rate of growth in decades. This growth has attracted a 20% increase in foreign direct investment to Indonesia1. The current economic crisis has not affected Indonesia immensely when compared to European countries, United States and many neighboring Asian economies. This is due to Indonesia’s strength of domestic consumption. Indonesia’s high reliance on domestic consumption allows itself autonomy over its’ economic framework and strategy. It leads to an opportunity of building a strong sustainable economic framework, which holistically incorporates all aspect of sustainability such as energy, technology, environment, education, social, culture, economy and politics. On the other hand, Indonesia also possesses some challenges. Poor infrastructures, huge population, poverty and low rate of education have been a major challenge to meet a sustainable development. More than 12 per cent of Indonesia’s population lives under national poverty line 1 . The World Bank stated that although Indonesia’s poverty have decreased by 2.5%, the rate is still 14.2% from the total population who lives under 1$ a day1. This social condition has been a barrier to economic advancement for Indonesia. To optimize opportunities and meet the challenges, Indonesia has committed to a long-term development plan which aims to achieve “Green and Everlasting Indonesia” by 2025. This calls upon a Green Economy initiative, which has been the strategic initiative of the Indonesian Government throughout the second medium term of the development plan (20102014). This is the reason why the Indonesian Government chooses Green Economy as support system of a “Pro-Growth, Pro-Job and Pro-Poor” development plan1. In addition, there are other crucial issues relating to Green Economy Initiatives including nature, advisory services, health, indicators, trade, finance, employment and nature 1 . Considering Indonesia’s commitment is shown by signing the United Nations Convention of Sustainable Development in Rio, Green Economy is the concrete step forward to tackle national issues1. Green economy has been defined as an alternative and holistic means that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risk and ecological scarcities 1 . Furthermore, UNEP (United Nation Environmental Program) identifies that low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive Green Economy holds clear benefit for poverty alleviation. Many successful stories have been presented in countries implementing Green Economy Initiatives. New emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil and Korea have benefited from the Green Economy Initiatives. The evaluation on how Green Economy can bring sustainability to Indonesia's development is necessary.



This year, the 12th TIIMI will become a part of a mega event of the Indonesian Student International Convention in United Kingdom. With more than a decade of experience in forwarding ideas for Indonesia, the 12th TIIMI has been one of the most recognized international conferences for Indonesian students all over the world. To optimize the delegate’s performance during the event, the committee will provide funding for accommodation and other expenses during the conference. We warmly welcome all Indonesians to be a part of the prestigious 12th TIIMI in London. Caedz group to start super green economy Indonesia projects

The Father of Keynesianism economics school.

On the closing ceremony, the organising committee has prepared an Award Ceremony for Best Paper, Best Presentation and Best Video. The award ceremony will also be integrated with an Indonesian Cultural Night, which will be a delightful night for delegates and participants. We see this opportunity also as a global networking event for Indonesian scholars and professionals. This conference will serve as an arena for discussion about issues related to opportunities and challenges of green economy in Indonesia. It is expected that collaborations between scholars, professionals, policy makers, and different stakeholders in developing a holistic strategy of a sustainable Indonesia will be formulated as a result of this conference. In order to achieve a Green and Everlasting Indonesia by 2025, Indonesia needs thinkers, leaders, scholars, professionals and policy makers to evaluate Green Economy feasibility in Indonesia.

” When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? “ ~John Maynard Keynes ~

The Indonesian Student Association in United Kingdom, in corporation with the Indonesian Embassy in United Kingdom, has chosen “Green Economy for Sustainable Development in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities from Multidisciplinary Approach” as the main theme of this year’s 12th Indonesian Student Scientific Meeting known as TIIMI (Temu Ilmiah Internasional Mahasiswa Indonesia). Indonesian students in United Kingdom strongly support the notion of Green Economy for the benefit of Indonesia’s sustainability as a nation. Therefore, in order to evaluate Green Economy as a national “Pro-Growth, Pro-Job and Pro-Poor” strategy, we encourage Indonesian scholars, professionals and policy makers from all over the world to send ideas and critical evaluation through paper submission in the TIIMI conference held in 9th to 11th of November 202, located in London.



May TIIMI 2012 be valuable contribution from you for our beloved country! I sincerely hope that you could be part of this fantastic process for boosting our nation’s future. We look forward to seeing you in London, United Kingdom. London; 10th March 2012,

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth” - Diogenes Laertius

Steven Marcelino The President of ISIC 2012 PPI UK



Green energy presenting a solution to unemployment Green jobs in the state's private sector grew by nearly 33 percent last year, according to a state Employment Security Department of the U.S. report released Thursday. The study, directed by the state Legislature, tallied 99,319 green jobs, or about 3.3 percent of the state’s work force. The state defines a green job as one in which workers increase energy efficiency, produce renewable energy, or prevent, reduce and clean up pollution.

SUBMISSION 1. TIMII 2012 is centered on green economy and sustainable development issues in Indonesia. We encourage submissions of work that approach this issue from a variety of discipline. We also would like for the papers to tackle issue of opportunities and challenges of green economy implementations in Indonesia. In each paper, there should be a substantive analysis of how poverty eradication and increase of welfare are matters of concern in relation to green economy implementation in Indonesia.

A 2008 study found 47,194 green jobs but didn’t count green jobs in the public, which totaled 23,000 in the new report.

2. Submission of work outside the listed streams may also be taken into consideration, as judged fit by our Board of Reviewers. However, it is the author’s own initiative to relate their papers with specific categories (which should be mentioned in the file names).

“In this recession, we didn’t expect to see this dramatic growth,” Gov. Chris Gregoire said at a news conference on the Port of Olympia docks, where huge wind turbines served as a backdrop for the announcement.

3. The initial selection process will be conducted through an Abstract Submissions. After the notification of accepted abstracts, final paper and videos will be reviewed. There will be 30 final abstracts, which will be selected as papers or videos.

Most green jobs are in existing occupations with traditional titles, but the jobs are evolving to promote a more sustainable way of living. “We don’t have a separate green economy,” Employment Security Commissioner Karen Lee said. “We have an economy that is becoming greener.”

4. Submission of abstract is done centralized via Microsoft Conference Management Tool available at The link can be found in our website Please specify the category, name and title of abstracts and papers. The detail guidelines in relation to file naming and templates can be found in the Abstract Submission and Paper Submission Guidelines. The file should be sent as an attachment (either in MS WORD or PDF file). 5. There is no limit in the number of abstracts you may submit. All


TIIMI 2011, last year’s version for ISIC, has been a great success. 210 extended scholar abstracts from all over the world were collected. Out of those, 20 prevailed to the next round. Dessy Irawati, a scientist coming from Newcastle University, in the end even complimented the scholars writing them and the execution of TIIMI 2011. Aside from it, the committee also managed to invite the founder of World Renewable Energy Network, the CEO of World Renewable Energy Congress of England, and a businessman from a renowned industry in Indonesia. In the closing ceremony, the committee also published the preceding year’s 8 best papers in the form of e-books by the means of

abstracts should be in English. The Board of Reviewer may give feedback on the use of language if necessary. Please note that paper presentation will be done in English. 6. 25 abstracts will be accepted as papers and 5 abstracts will be accepted as videos. 7. Those whose abstracts have been chosen as papers will be invited to come to London, UK to present their papers. Those whose abstracts have been chosen as videos might want to come to London to present their videos, but attendance is not compulsory. All videos will be displayed in the designated area and time allocated within the conference. 8. Video format will be given directly to those who are chosen to present their abstracts as videos. The duration of the video is between 3-5 minutes. 9. The deadline for the abstract submission is 15th May 2012 at 21.00 GMT. You will be informed of the acceptance of the abstract by 15th June 2012. Full paper and design of the videos need to be sent via email as an attachment by 15th July 2012. You will receive feedbacks from our Board of Reviewers before 10th August. Final papers and video presentation files have to be submitted to the Organizing Committee by 30th August 2012. 10. For other inquiries, please









“Around the world, sustainable peace must be built on sustainable development. That is why I have said that the sustainable development agenda is the agenda for the 21st century.”

Ban Ki Moon ~ the United Nations Secretary-General

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A mega event of the Indonesian Scholars International Convention from 9 to 11 November 2012 in London, hosted by Indonesian Student Associa...