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Our Youth

Multiple Challenges

How iHuman Helps

Lost Hope

Building Trust





– Harvard Partnership – U of A Partnership – Mental Health Clinic (LiNKS) Justice Canada – Numerous Youth Awards – Social Innovation – Social Payback: $5-6 Million per youth (over a lifetime) we are successful at saving.

500+ youth served. – Aged 12 to 24 years old. – 60 to 80 youth per day. – Aboriginal youth make up a significant portion. – We serve youth from every demographic and socio-economic group.

Vulnerable / Traumatized – Dysfunctional Family: Abuse/Neglect – Gangs / Life on the Streets – Illiteracy – Drugs / Addictions – Mental Health Issues – Poverty & Homelessness – Criminality & Incarceration – FAS Children – Live rough on the streets

Feel no sense of self-worth. They have nothing to hope for. Hope for a stable and happy life has been taken away from them.

The “iHuman Trust Compass” enables youth to regain their bearing in life through adaptive engagement with a balanced program of services including:

Establish a support system that covers basic needs including safe shelter, food, mental and physical health care.

1. Caring 2. Creativity 3. Authenticity (Life Skills Development)

Our outreach workers develop a trust relationship and bond with youth to deliver personal and individualized service to address needs.

Through creativity, youth empower themselves to make positive changes towards healthy life choices. Emotions such as anger, fear, and sorrow are put into a more realistic and balanced perspective.

Youth led Programs (this is why our programs are successsful, i.e. youth have ownership over the outcomes) Life Skills Development

– Health care, education and opportunity are distant dreams not accessible ‘social services’

The multiple challenges faced by traumatized youth such as poverty, homelessness, addictions, mental health issues, gang affiliations, abuse and violence requires iHuman to be adaptive.

These all help to build trust and lead to positive personal and social change.

iHuman Difference

Why Did This Happen?

Balanced Program

Caring Partners

Program Examples

Program Examples

iHuman never gives up on anyone. We never turn a youth down.

Youth have lived and experienced the raw and ugly outcomes made from the imperfections in our social fabric.

The authentic culture at the iHuman Youth Society is one of acceptance, openness and a genuine willingness to support youth.

Collaboration & connection with a variety of social service agencies is key.

Art Studio Program Sculpting, Painting, Drawing, Print making

iHuman enjoys a strong working relationship with over 35 community and corporate partners as well as over 125 committed volunteers.

Music Studio Program Youth write, compose and perform their songs, raps or beats. Often the music speaks to their experiences on the street or in life.

Woven Journey Helps young moms develop their parenting skills, deepen or form attachments to their children, and develop life skills and education goals.

– Often known to Criminal Justice and Child Welfare Systems

Our youth are often disenfranchised from other services because of the high-risk nature of their lifestyles and needs.

Youth live in a dangerous world where violence against them is an everyday fact of life. Some youth may have been ignored or abandoned by those entrusted with their care.

Trauma becomes transformed into a healing energy that allows youth to move forward with life.

Fashion Studio Program Youth draw, design and sew their fashion pieces or dance regalia.

iHuman has helped hundreds of youth that have beaten the odds, broken the cycle and become healthy members of our community. Two to three year process Trust, confidence and self esteem are built.

Natural talents redirected = positive contributing community members.


Friday Night Challenge Program Weekly meeting and activities to support their peers in their goals to remain clean and sober. (Keeps youth off the street and out of trouble)


Each day a youth is secured in our judicial system it cost taxpayers an estimated $1,400–$1,600. Compare this to the cost of just $75 a day to keep youth off the streets and out of trouble. During an entire month iHuman saves the government $45,750 for each youth helped. Incarceration Costs $ 1,600 a day $ 48,000 month Cost to engage a youth at iHuman $ 75 a day $ 2,250 month

– Global leader in harnessing the “Power of Creativity” to create dynamic and healthy communities. Youth become positive, contributing members of the community. Youth Characteristics: Resiliency Highly Talented Creativity Loyalty Perseverance Protector Instincts Ingenuity Leadership Ambition



Mentorship: Youth help warn and divert other high-risk youth from following a destructive path. (responsibility to themselves and the community)

Telling the iHuman story

2 Main Objectives 1. Renovate a 22,000 square foot warehouse through an extreme makeover so that iHuman can provide a safe home and programming for 500+ high-risk youth.

Community Building Heroes Providing in-kind support (valued at $3.5 million or more) in organizing coordinating and facilitating the professional and construction services for the renovation of iHuman’s new facility.

2. Provide ongoing support for iHuman’s new facility through a capital campaign, trust fund and fundraising efforts.

iHuman Capital Campaign: $10.5 Million Securing a permanent home will allow us to deliver our essential services with more continuity and stability for our clientele – leading to a stronger inner city, committed community engagement and a safer, caring productive society.

$1.75 M In-kind Donation Services Skilled Labour

$1.75 M In-kind Donation Supplies Building Supplies

$1.75 Million confirmed support from the City of Edmonton will help leverage over $1.25 Million or more from the province.

Leveraging Resources – City of Edmonton – Provincial Government – Federal Government


$4 M



– Increases our caring capacity and crisis outreach intervention reach and efficacy.

1. Help Revitalize Edmonton’s Inner-City.

– 100’s of lives revitalized will become a priceless contribution to community.

2. Build Spirit Within Community: volunteers, contractors and sub-trades, businesses and youth engaged in community building.

– Home for 500+ youth and a place where creativity becomes a path that can lead to so many positive things.

3. Global Visibility to Edmonton: Nationally televised documentary.

$3 M


5 Big Community Benefits

The Anne and Eldon Foote Family Foundation of ECF has donated $1 Million dollars towards operating and building support.

We welcome partnerships, naming rights and prominent recognition available.

– Corporate – Foundation – Private



4. Brings Together Leaders to Inspire Future Generations. This project will inspire annual All In! Edmonton projects. 5. Elevate Community Building and Social Innovation to a New Level.

– iHuman saves taxpayers millions of dollars per year. – Enhances iHuman’s partner relationships to help better coordinate resources and actions to ensure we are working together towards shared goals and outcomes. – The growing need: Edmonton’s Aboriginal population is predicted to double in 15 years. The highest area of growth will be the under 25 demographic.

Building Trust Building Hope Building Community Building a Future Building on our Success


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iHuman Elevator Pitch  

Great document to use to tell the iHuman and All In! Edmonton story in a linear and high level manner.

iHuman Elevator Pitch  

Great document to use to tell the iHuman and All In! Edmonton story in a linear and high level manner.