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1. Renovate a 22,000 square foot warehouse through an extreme makeover so that iHuman can provide a safe home and programming for 500+ high-risk youth. 2. Provide ongoing support for iHuman’s new facility through a capital campaign, trust fund and fundraising efforts.









IMAGINE BEING A PART OF THIS! – A two week extreme makeover will give 500+ youth a home. – Nationally televised documentary. 22,000 square foot studio renovation project under the spotlight of national attention with passionate local interest. – Dedicated people and teamwork can do something radical for positive change. – Small, medium and larger businesses working together towards shared goals, positive change and to help kickstart inner-city revitalization. – Brings together groups of leaders with a common purpose and a solid plan. – Together we can all take part in revitalizing opportunity for youth and build a stronger community that will inspire future generations.



iHuman never gives up on anyone. We never turn a youth down.

THE STABILITY OF A PERMANENT HOME WILL ALLOW US TO HELP MORE TRAUMATIZED YOUTH. – Increases our caring capacity and crisis outreach intervention reach and efficacy. – 100’s of lives revitalized will become a priceless contribution to community. – Home for 500+ youth and a place where creativity becomes a path that can lead to so many positive things. – iHuman saves taxpayers millions of dollars per year.


– Enhances iHuman’s partner relationships to help better coordinate resources and actions to ensure we are working together towards shared goals and outcomes. – The growing need: Edmonton’s Aboriginal population is predicted to double in 15 years. The highest area of growth will be the under 25 demographic.




The future of iHuman is about sharing our successful program model and inspiring our alumni youth to become leaders in our community.

A Permanent Home As part of our ongoing strategic and operational planning, iHuman identified that securing a permanent home will allow us to both deliver our essential services with more continuity and stability for our clientele, as well establishing expanded capacity to serve Edmonton’s predicted growing high-risk youth population in the future. "A Home for Youth, A Place for Art" permanent facility project will allow for multi-arts programming, offices and interview space for our outreach staff and a much needed supportive housing component for youth. We also wish to incorporate additional space for community partners to encourage deeper collaboration between iHuman and other youth serving agencies. iHuman has been able to take a major first step toward making our dream for a permanent home a reality. In May, 2012 we made a down payment to purchase a derelict warehouse on 102A Street. With 22,000 sq ft over two floors, it offers ample space for current and projected programming needs.

The diversity of our programming requires specialized renovations that will include: • Studio space for visual art forms, music, theatre, drama, fashion, culinary arts & other art forms. • Education and tutor/study space. • Community circle space. • Flex areas for fitness and wellness activities that fit with the arts, such as dance and performance. • A kitchen for nutritional programming, culinary arts and to provide nutritious meals for the youth and/or their children during program hours. • Clinic space where professionals can deliver counseling; sexual health, general health, and dental health programs, as well as legal counseling and support. • Retail and exhibit space where iHuman youth can develop business and customer service skills through the sale of their creations. This area would also be used to exhibit iHuman art shows or launch public art exhibits with community partners. • A small 'artist in residence' studio space that could be rented at a low rate to artists in exchange for their contribution to our arts-based programming. • A community garden. • A housing component to address current gaps in the marketplace for sheltering high-risk youth and their children. • Equipment, such as silkscreen presses, kitchen facilities, commercial grade computers & printers, a passenger/cargo van, furnishings for the housing component. • The facility will also be configured to generate revenue by renting space to other agencies and for-profit entities such as art galleries.


5 BIG COMMUNITY BENEFITS 1. Help revitalize Edmonton’s inner-city. 2. Build spirit and value within the community: volunteers, contractors and sub-trades, businesses and youth engaged in community building. 3. Global visibility to Edmonton: Nationally televised documentary. 4. Brings together leaders to inspire future generations. This project will inspire annual All In! Edmonton projects. 5. Elevate community building and social innovation to a new level.

9635 - 102a Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Phase 2 with housing unit - North View

iHuman Capital Campaign: $10.5 Million $1.75M


$3 M


In-kind Donation Services

In-kind Donation Supplies

Leveraging Resources

We welcome partnerships, naming rights and prominent recognition available.

Skilled Labour

Building Supplies

– City of Edmonton – Provincial Government – Federal Government

– Corporate – Foundation – Private

The Anne and Eldon Foote Family Foundation of ECF has donated $1 Million dollars towards operating and building support. $1.75 Million confirmed city support will help leverage over $2 to $3 Million from the province.



Costs Saved: Millions. Lives Revilatized: Priceless.

Mission Statement iHuman's mission is to work with traumatized youth who exhibit high-risk lifestyles. We promote their reintegration into the community through social support, engagement and outreach programs involving crisis intervention, arts mentorship and life-skills development. Through iHuman, youth are finding their own identity, becoming more empowered, and creating their own compelling future.


IHUMAN’S SOCIAL PAYBACK IS $5–6 MILLION PER INDIVIDUAL WE ARE SUCCESSFUL AT SAVING (LIFETIME). iHuman has helped hundreds of youth that have beaten the odds, broken the cycle and become healthy members of our community. Many of our life skills development programs like Woven Journey, Uncensored and Friday Night Challenge, engage dozens of high-risk youth on a regular basis. Combined they have saved taxpayers millions of dollars by keeping kids off the street, out of trouble and out of harms way. The participation in these life-skills, outreach crisis intervention and arts-related activities help youth to establish a support system and build trust relationships that foster positive self-worth and encourage reintegration into the community.

iHuman Trust Compass: Adaptive for Youth The multiple challenges faced by traumatized youth such as poverty, homelessness, addictions, mental health issues, gang affiliations, abuse and violence require iHuman to be adaptive to these constantly changing issues. The “iHuman Trust Compass” enables youth to regain their bearing in life through adaptive engagement with a balanced program of services of caring, creativity and authentic, life-skill activities – which all lead to positive personal and social change.

COSTS COMPARED: IHUMAN SAVES Each day a youth is secured in our judicial system it cost taxpayers an estimated $1,400–$1,600. Compare this to the cost of just $75 a day to keep youth off the streets and out of trouble. During an entire month iHuman saves the government $45,750 for each youth helped. Incarceration Costs $ 1,600 a day $48,000 month

Cost to help iHuman youth $ 75 a day $ 2,250 month

Incarceration Costs $110,000 - $200,000 per year.

Lost GDP $1.6 million per individual (lifetime).


Building Trust Building Hope Building Community Building a Future Building on our Success


is a project by iHuman which drives three main outcomes. 1. Revitalize life iHuman works with traumatized youth who live rough on the streets and have seemingly lost everything. We use creativity and authentic care as a tool that can empower disenfranchised youth with belief in themselves and the ability to contribute back to the community.

2. Revitalize the inner city Securing a permanent home (our 22,000 square foot studio building renovation) will allow us to deliver our essential services with more continuity and stability for our clientele – leading to a stronger inner city, committed community engagement and a safer, caring productive society.

3. Revitalize the power of creativity Promotes Edmonton as a global leader in harnessing the power of creativity to create dynamic and healthy communities. The social payback and value of our shared brand will inspire the world to follow Edmonton as the leader in redefining the power of the arts.

Results of Building Trust: Graduates of the iHuman Program Our staff and “graduate” youth give talks and workshops on drug awareness, suicide prevention, leadership, and how to use the arts to make positive life changes. They have given keynote presentations at schools, clubs, and events and worked with numerous other youth, community leaders and elders in Edmonton and across Canada. These talks and workshops not only help warn and divert at-risk youth from following a destructive path, they also are a part of the continued development of our youth in their journey to re-integration and responsibility to themselves and the community.

Social Payback Keeping one high risk youth off the streets in Edmonton saves the government $150,000 or more per year. Each day a youth is secured in our judicial system it cost taxpayers an estimated $1,400–$1,600 a day. Compare this to the iHuman cost of just $75 a day to keep youth off the streets and out of trouble. During an entire month iHuman saves the government $45,750 for each youth helped.

iHuman Awards iHuman, it’s founders, board members, staff & youth have been honoured with over 30 awards – locally, nationally and internationally in recognition for the committent and innovation for helping high-risk youth through outreach crisis intervention, arts-based programming and life skill development. 8

Optimism. Action. Change. By helping others we also help ourselves – the result being a safer, caring and productive society. The arts can contribute to neighbourhood renewal and make a positive difference to health, crime, employment and education in deprived communities such as our inner city. They also play a vital role in developing an individual’s potential and self-confidence and help to build positive links within and between communities in Edmonton.

power building trust



Positive Outcomes from youth engagement with iHuman’s Trust Compass

Social Payback


Over 35 Community Partnerships and 125 Volunteers

Youth Success

New Global Standard for Community and Art

Partnerships with Universities and Higher Learning

iHuman’s Trust Compass

New iHuman Building for Youth


when all is lost..

creativity comes to the rescue.

braNd DEfiniTION. Youth Audience iHuman’s tagline “Be a hero to your creativity” offers an empowering call to action to youth who have seemingly lost everything. Living rough on the streets, they struggle to survive dysfunctional – often cruelly abusive families. They are ignored or abandoned by those entrusted with their care and they live in a dangerous world where violence against them is an everyday fact of life, where health care, education and opportunity are distant dreams, not accessible ‘social services’. Falling prey to violence, pimps, drug dealers and crime – they have nothing to hope for. Yet there is one thing you cannot take way from youth – their creativity, a tool that can empower disenfranchised youth with belief in themselves and the ability to contribute back to the community. By honoring and encouraging the unique voice of each youth – we create the potential for them to build trust and pathways that will lead them to a more positive future.


Be a hero to a second chance. Be a hero to your dreams. Be a hero to your future. Be a hero to your community. Be a hero to your potential. Be a hero to your resources Be a hero to a healthy start in life. Be a hero to your family. Be a hero to your passion.

braNd PRomisE iHuman’s brand promise is a stated “call to action” with an implied emotional payoff that will make you feel good for helping youth. To help others is to make you strong.

Our “community building” heroes iHuman is most appreciative that Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning is providing support in organizing, coordinating and facilitating the professional services for the renovation of iHuman’s new facility. We would also like to thank the companies listed below who have committed to provide structural, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as support by contributing their construction services as part of a team that will collectively help deliver the “All In! Edmonton Project”. They are all heroes for helping to raise the bar for community building through the innovative application of community service, partnership, collaboration and leadership.

JOIN OUR TEAM ALL THE PIECES ADD UP TO SOMETHING GREATER THE SUM OF THE PARTS. By being a hero for a few days and donating your time, skill and resources – you become a hero to youth & community for life. – Planning and Organization – Excavation and Demolition – Concrete Work – Structural Steal Work & Fabrication – Steal Stud and Framing – Commercial Kitchen Supplies – Drywall and Taping – Electrical and Lighting – Plumbing and Fixtures – Tile and Masonry – Commercial Roofing – Finish Carpentry – Flooring – Exterior Finishing – HVAC Systems – Painting – Office Furniture – Elevator Services – Studio Supplies


A Home for Youth Campaign Help iHuman with its “a Home for Youth, a Place for Art" permanent home campaign that will allow us to both deliver our essential services with more continuity and stability for our clientele, as well establishing expanded capacity to serve Edmonton’s predicted growing high-risk youth population in the future. Please contact Sandra or Steven to find out more about how you can donate a “Gift in Kind” or be a corporate sponsor of our 2013 All In! Edmonton extreme make-over renovation & building project. Please Contact: Sandra Bromley, Co-Founder iHuman (p) 780. 421.8811 or (d) 780. 433.5086 Steven Csorba (c) 780. 966.6010 or (h) 780. 437.7129 For iHuman operations and corporate sponsorship programs, please contact: Catherine Broomfield, Executive Director (p) 780. 421.8811 or (c) 780. 920.1517

All In! Edmonton.pdf  

12 page booklet describing iHuman's 2013 extreme make-over renovation and sustainability capital campaign project.

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