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Picea – Peter Spearey Stuart Olson Dominion – Peter Baker KELLERDENALI – Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson RJC Engineering – Frank Prosperi-Porta PCL Construction – Alan Kuysters Clark Builders – Andrew Ross Hemisphere Engineering – John Chomiak Kasian Architecture – Jim Ebbels BTY Group – Graeme Alston (not shown)

“Stephen Mandels greatest legacy may be teaching all of us that a city is only as strong as the voice of its most vulnerable people. A city and its future are only as strong as the vision and opportunity that we have provided for our young people. They are our future – but only if we stand up together and make sure that not one youth will ever be left behind.” Steven Csorba





Are You In? Would you share your talents if it meant one youth would be given a chance to change their life’s path, and realize his or her potential? It is not only the people in the public eye who have a chance to leave a legacy in this city. Each one of us has a stake in our community, and has the capacity, capability, and desire to make a difference.

Heroes Need Apply. Saying “yes” to iHuman’s Extreme Makeover means you and Edmonton’s construction leaders will rally your talents and join a team of community-building heroes. Participants will: Exchange a moment in time for many lifetimes of potential found. The youth at iHuman live a rough life on the streets. iHuman is one environment where they feel safe, and partake in outreach programs that help each one rebuild self-esteem and trust, essential for reconnecting with their purpose in the community. Though the renovation of iHuman’s new home will amount to a short moment in time, the outcome will last lifetimes, giving Edmonton’s youth a chance to change their life paths and realize what they are capable of achieving.

Show Up and Share Your Talents. The Stage is Set. The Extreme Makeover of the 22,000 square foot building in Edmonton’s “Quarters” will be documented on film and broadcast nationally. Suppliers and trades will work alongside Edmonton’s construction leaders, including KELLERDENALI Construction, PCL Construction, Clark Builders, and Stuart Olson Dominion, to support a project that will revive Edmonton’s inner city, and give iHuman kids a permanent home in which to grow and prosper. With project management and permits in place, and drawings complete, we are appealing to you and your expertise to review the issued building permit drawings and bring forward solutions, and contribute in-kind services or materials to make iHuman’s new home a reality.

9635 - 102a Ave. Edmonton, Alberta 3

Consultant Team

Kasian Architecture, Hemisphere Engineering, RJC, Picea, BTY Group,

Subtrades / Suppliers – Planning and Organization – Excavation and Demolition – Concrete Work – Structural Steal Work and Fabrication – Steal Stud and Framing – Commercial Kitchen Supplies / Storage – Drywall and Taping – Electrical and Lighting – Plumbing and Fixtures – Tile and Masonry – Commercial Roofing – Finish Carpentry – Flooring – Exterior Finishing – Windows and Glazing – Doors, Frames and Hardware – HVAC Systems – Painting – Movable Wall Systems – Interior Glass Partitions – Signage and Wayfinding – Elevator Supply and Services – Office Furniture – Music Studio Sound Proofing / Supplies – Art Studio Storage Systems

• Architecture Interior Design & Planning • Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering • Landscape Design • Costing • Permits / Approvals • Participation Coordination • Contract Administration

iHuman Youth Society

Client and General Contractor • Marketing, Communication and Promotion • Media and Documentary Coordination • Risk Management • Spokesperson • Tax Receipts • Recognition

Building Committee

PCL Construction, Clark Builders, KELLERDENALI, Stuart Olson Dominion • Construction Supervision • Project Management • Scheduling • Logistics • Estimating • Selections • General Conditions – Site Security, Cleanup, Utilities

Implementation Phases





Demolition Phase 7-10 Days

Rough-in Phase 10-14 Days

Finishing Phase 21 Days

Simulation Staging Safety Let’s Go Demo it!

Simulation Staging Safety Let’s Go Build it!

Simulation Staging Safety Let’s Go Finish it!

Film Documentary

Film Documentary

Film Documentary


Consultant Team

Subtrades Suppliers


Building Committee

Project Method of Delivery

Project Delivery: Solution Building Process


A very consultative process between the Building Committee, Consultant Team and the various Subtrades and Suppliers from each division.

Demolition Phase

– Define Scope of Work – Scheduling – Logistics – Implementation – Coordination – Simulations – Change Management Process

Rough-in Phase

7-10 Days


10-14 Days

3 Finishing Phase 21 Days

Notes / Sugesstions / Ideas:

The project construction schedule will be dramatically condensed in an “Extreme Makeover” fashion and it will be documented. Once the Building Committee has organized necessary trades and suppliers to participate a firm construction start date and schedule will be defined.

Scopes of Work The nature of this project and the building committee structure requires that defining scopes of work be a very consultative process between the building committee and the various trades and suppliers from each division who have chosen to get involved. As a trade or supplier you would traditionally be issued a scope of work to bid or propose on. In this case we are appealing to you to review the issued for building permit drawings accompanying this “Invitation to Participate” and this “Community Building Heroes Booklet” and bring forward solutions.


main floor iHuman new facility Participant Recognition iHuman Youth Society is a registered charity. Those that contribute to this project will be issued a tax receipt. Also, the iHuman Youth Society has various levels of recognition defined based on the value of contribution made. As a participant in this project your firm will be given profile as a legacy to the project once it is complete. Please review the iHuman Donor Recognition Table below.

2nd floor iHuman new facility


Reach out on an authentic human level to support your community and business legacy. iHuman is an organization grown from Edmonton’s giving spirit, creativity, legacy builders, and true community heroes. iHuman’s Extreme Makevoer is a chance to engage in something larger than us, as individuals. This project is not only about the future of youth who need a safe place to call Home, but about building upon your own business’ future and brand in Edmonton. Suppliers and trades on this project will connect with construction company leaders, on a business level, as well as on a human level in an opportunity to build relationships in a non-competitive environment, to improve chances of future bids, and establish a brand in an environment where the greater good speaks louder than all else. It is also a chance for business owners and managers to connect on a meaningful level with employees and partners. Come together to weave the fabric of a strong community and city, as well as that of your own team.

JOIN OUR TEAM ALL THE PIECES ADD UP TO SOMETHING GREATER THE SUM OF THE PARTS. By being a hero for a few days and donating your time, skill and resources – you become a hero to youth & community for life.


Heroes need apply.

iHuman never gives up on anyone. We never turn a youth down

Get the word out. This is a different kind of opportunity so please share this Invitation to Participate with your peers. Not only are we trying to do something great for iHuman and our community, we are trying to change the way our industry cooperates and rallies behind good causes. This opportunity is about iHuman, our industry, and our community. We need you involved.

Connect. The building committee encourages all interested trades and suppliers to attend the scheduled site visit/information sessions. However, if you have general questions or comments in the meantime please contact the Chair of the Building Committee: Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson Office: 780.484.1010 Email:

if you wanna be “All In!� please email us at:

All in! YEG  

8 page Document celebrating the contribution of Edmonton's Construction Team of Community Heroes - who have all agreed to help with iHuman'...

All in! YEG  

8 page Document celebrating the contribution of Edmonton's Construction Team of Community Heroes - who have all agreed to help with iHuman'...