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Unit 4 Growth and Evolution

Brief: To make a new Bridge Specification: Using the theme of growth and evolution, I’ve chosen to design a bridge. It will need: - Self sustaining energy source. - Shops - Resting areas - Sight seeing areas -

Purpose: The purpose of the bridge will be for the public to gain access to another location as well as socialise as a walk through where they can experience a new route to the destination. It will be a lot more open to use. Function: Changing public view of multiple personalities is my main focus on this bridge. A bridge is a structure for people to not only cross but get to other places quickly. Some bridges are a place to view such amazing sights for tourists and get across to different areas or want a bit of excitement in their day to day life or just a space/ location where they can have a break or enjoy sight seeing. Location : I want it to stand out and be the best bridge/place for people to cross, so it'll be located on the river Thames. Reasons being it’s a very suitable structure with a lot more depth which will allow a higher contrast between the other surrounding structure's near by.

Fidalga studio The ceiling for the bedroom creates a separation feel to the room therefore the room gives privacy and a sense of coordination. On the other hand, the room doesn’t make you restricted and too compact as the downstairs is reasonable spacious.

The area is a confined space that creates an atmosphere that a small compact space can be used in such a way that it wouldn’t look small at all.

Drawings of multiple Point Perspectives

These are different drawings shown, each of the picture has drawing is. The one on the perspective and the one on perspective.

of point perspectives. As its own title showing what top left is a one –point the right is a two-point

Three-Point Perspective This particular drawing hardly used when drawing normal buildings as this type of drawing is only recommended when drawing sky scrapers or drawing streets from end to end. This is a three-point perspective drawing, it is genuinely difficult to draw but it definitely exercises your drawing skills.

Block Inspiration/ Experimentation

These were some of the block I used for inspiration for some bridge ideas

Block Inspiration/ Experimentation

Santiago Calatrava designs bridges that are unique to the geometrical shapes of the world, the structure he designs are all about standing out. In the pictures above i have created some models that have a unique but stable structure, within the structure of my model holds a certain structure that prevents my model from collapsing.

Santiago Calatrava - Bridge in Dublin

This is another model that shows another type of structure that would help in designing the right and stable build within the bridge, this model contains some string to show some function and future ideas in terms of strength and the geometric structure of the building.

United States Air Force Academy

This is the United States Air Force Academy, it had an amazing geometric structure that is anonymous to its surrounds as the building is tall and wide based and different to it environment. I have made some models of the building using my own structure of origami and through Google Sketchup .

Secondary Research: Cathedral of Brasilia These buildings with rather sharp facets are extremely eye catching. The shapes are also repetitive. I used simple paper folding techniques to achieve this design, as a way of reflecting on these fantastic churches.

Final Idea And Exam Design

Bridge column This is a CAD model of one of the columns of my bridge design, I really like had the model came out on computer. I used Google Sketchup 14 to make this model. The programme was able to hold my whole bridge in a full sized scale.

In these two pictures, it shows a a column and a section of the column where the turbines would fit i when the bridge is built, it also shows the inner structure of how the turbines would be placed within the column.

This is my final model i made during the exam, this model is ‘ONLY’ a section of my bridge; it shows how the layout would be like when the bridge is built. The piece in the middle represents 1 in 8 columns that hold the bridge up. The number of columns may vary due to the different widths of different rivers.

The floor plan of the bridge will be able to withstand the weight of small shops and restaurants, and will have two bicycle lanes going both directions as well as walking paths to get cross the bridge.

Exam prep Unit 4  
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