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annslee stevenson


university of cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Class of 2013 Cincinnatus Scholar, Dean’s List centennial high school Valedictorian, Class of 2009 Vice President of National Honor Society Varsity Swim Team, 2005-2009, Coaches Award

co-op history


software Revit, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, Vectorworks, Adobe Creative Suites, Microsoft Office manual Rendering, Collage, Modeling, Site Analysis, Presentation, Design Process interests Swimming, Hiking, Kayaking, Art, Board Games

work history 614.562.5304 900 greenridge road, columbus, oh 43235 3d group, inc. March-May/September-December 2011 Columbus, OH Full service architecture firm; aided with conceptual and schematic design phases. Prepared contract documents with AutoCAD and conceptual deisgn renderings with Revit.

columbus recreation and parks Summer 2008-2010 Swim Lesson Instructor for daily children’s swim lessons. Worked with beginning children and adult swimmers. Worked as a Lifeguard with team of other guards.

personal work

professional projects

terrace park

literary center

tectonic studio

site studio


site extension

The new museum and lodge at Fort Ancient serve as an extension of the site. Acting as an appendix, the new buildings add to the historic site without taking away from the natural beauty of the Native American mounds. Pushing the building outside of the sacred enclosure created by the mounds leaves the character of the original site unchanged. Placing the buildings below and outside of the mounds creates a new experience for visitors, who must experience the site, the mounds, the land before they stumble upon the museum and/or lodge. The simple geometric addendums contrast with the natural landscape within which they reside. The simplicity of the forms allow the buildings and land to be seperate distinguishable elements but easily coexhist. Addition without subraction will allow the site to be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.

view looking south, revit model, photoshop rendering

contours/vegetation/water diagram, photoshop

site plan, illustrator

lodge section, illustrator

view from river, revit model, photoshop rendering

museum section, illustrator

lodge perspective, revit model, photoshop rendering

museum perspective, revit model, photoshop rendering



floor plans, illustrator


linear spine

This project began as an abstract exploration of a linear organization scheme. After the scheme was organized, we were given the program-an urban elementary school. Going off of the linear scheme, this model developed into a tectonic elementary school with a mechanical spine connecting the seperate spaces and creating a circulation corridor. This linear elementary school weaves itself into an existing urban fabric, becoming the new backbone of the city armature.

hybrid drawing, photoshop

plan, illustrator

model photos, bass wood & mdf

perspective, rhino model, photoshop rendering

library spiraling


Reading, writing, community, books, people: all are important parts of a literary center. Taking all of the different functions housed within the center, I designed several different pods, each housing their own specific fuction. These pods shoot off a central circulation tower that leads to all of the functional spaces and houses an observation deck at its highest level. For a variety of views, sequence, and compostition the pods stem off at differing levels and are varying shapes and heights. Visitors can come read a book in the reading space, eat lunch in the underground plaza, or attend book club in the meeting area. Whatever their need, this literary center is a place for people to come and celebrate the written word in the diverse community of Clifton.

streetview, revit rendering

top: floor plans, illustrator bottom: model photos, chip board

section, illustrator & photoshop

terrace park


As presented by community members, Terrace Park Elementary School is not only a source of education, but also the central hub of the community that thrives in its secluded and seemingly trafficless neighborhood. Three main focal points that quickly became obvious were the use of the outdoor space for learning, community gathering, and of course play. Initial concepts were formed around these three “nodes� informing the shape of the space both in 2 and 3 dimensions as well as the patterns formed by the neighborhood on a much larger scale. These nodes became points derived from geometric interpretations of the site. Through the use of congruent circles, the boundaries of each node were designated in appropriate areas. This complex geometry then became a source of topography, combining a sloping accessible area with intricate pushes and pulls to form series of terraces along the site. Over top of this geometric plan, the pathways formed from the neighborhood traffic were laid and naturally harmonized with the rigid topographic plan. Intersection points on the path fell beautifully on key intersections of circles and diagonals, creating an undeniable unity between the neighborhood and its new school. This connection will reinforce the strong tie among Terrace Park and its residents.

site plan, illustrator & photoshop

professional 3d


During co-op I was responsible for both AutoCAD drawings as well as Revit models and renderings for client presentations. For some projects I would do the drawings from schematic design all the way through to the construction document phase. The house plans I have included are one such set, in which I saw the project through from site analysis to the construction phase. For Revit models and renderings, I created family, designated materials, and produced renderings for the client. I did various types of projects in Revit ranging from restaurant renvotions to residential additions.

All drawings and renderings courtesy of 3D Group, Inc.

professional 3d

site plans and elevations, autocad













NEW R.R. 2868





floor plans and structural plans, autocad



graphite pencil drawing

graphite pencil drawing

paper collage

top: paper collage bottom: watercolor

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Annslee Stevenson Portfolio  
Annslee Stevenson Portfolio  

Annslee Stevenson Portfolio