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Comparison Between Sciphone I68 4G And Iphone 4G iPhone 4G is on hot sale for several months, thousands ofpeple are attracted by its charming appearance and multi-function. To get aiPhone is a symbol of fashion. However,other people are annoyed by the high cost of the application of iPhone. Theyprefer to get other mobiles which are high similar to iPhone 4G. This is a considerate opinion for them.While enjoying iPhone 4Glife, they avoid high payment of the application. Sciphone i68 4G is one of this “iPhone 4G economizer�. I spent 4 hours in internetcollecting the paramter of Sciphone i68 4G. I do compare it with Apple iPhone 4G. Now share it to readers Appearance.IPhone 4G display isa 3.5 inch high resolution TFT screen with 326 pixels every inch. It isconsidered to be the perfect retina display. Apple claims it is the sharpest,most vibrant, highest resolution phone screen ever. However, Sciphone i68 4G is built with 3.2 inch 240*320 pixels 16M TFT touch screen. Easy to tell thedifference between them. Cost.Apple iPhone 4 8G in America is $299USD. Additional cost is added to the price for different country. For example,it totally costs about 950USD in Asia. Themarket price of Sciphone i68 4Gis about 80USD. It is why somebody prefer Sciphone i68 4G. Application.we can use Micro TF card in Apple iPhone 4G. Franchiser binds them for sale. We have to paysome money every month for application. Sciphone i68 4G can be use with both micro TF card and normalmobile card under a adapter. Apple iPhone 4function * Facttime * Retina Display * Multitasking * HD video redording * Carema * Home screen * Folders * Phone * Mail * Safari * IPod * Photos * Voice contron * Mesages * Maps+compass * Keyborad * Search * App store * Iturn store * Accessories * More features * Form the app store * I move * I books Sciphone i68 4G Hot Spot * MTK6235 platform, 64Minternal Memory * 3.2 inch steel touch screen, wear-resistant * Dual SIM Card Dual Standby * WIFI * Bluetooth, Java Extended Application * Gravity Sensor * MSN * MP3/MP4 with High Quality Sound Decode Chip * FM plays without Earphone

* E-Book * Dual Cameras * Compatible with Nokia Battery BL-4C * Quad Band Unlocked GSM 850/900/1800/1900 * Muti-languages: English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Turky, Russian,Polish, Dutch, Italy, Czech, Norway,Turkey,Persian, Hebrew, Greek, Swedish, Deutsch. With Java application, there will also be extended applications for Sciphone i68 4G, a kind of Semismart cellphone. I want to compare the function one by one, but it isreally a burdensome task. If anybody wants more info about the parameters ofiPhone 4G andSciphone i68 4G, you canleave a comment. I will reply later. iphone 4 news

Comparison Between Sciphone I68 4G And Iphone 4G