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The Walk By: Steven Bechtold

“Come on Max, lets go for a walk!” said Sam. He told his mom he would be right back. Sam takes his dog down the street and around to the Australian dog park where he usually goes. But this time Sam was feeling adventurous. He knew the mall was only ten minutes by car from his house. He knew that it couldn’t be too far away so he decides to try to walk there to get the shoes he has been wanting for a long time.

He notices that the way he has been walking for the past 15 minutes wasn’t the way to the mall. He freaks out and yells, “HELP! I'm lost!” Then it becomes evening and his dog Max runs away when Sam wasn’t looking. He is now alone somewhere in Australia.

Sam is up all night hiding under a playground slide at a park he came across. He is scared and worried about his mother who was expecting him hours ago. He is overwhelmed and exhausted. At about 3am Sam falls asleep under the slide.

It is finally morning and Sam hears children playing on the playground. Then he hears something he has feared for all of 3rd grade, the school bully Michael. Michael pushes and taunts him until Sam runs back the way he came from.

At home Sam’s mom sees Max at their front door whining and barking. She thinks that the dog might know where her son is so she grabs her stuff and walks out the door. They have been walking for 10 minutes with no sign of Sam.

Sam is relieved when he sees his mom and gives her a huge hug and promises never to wonder off ever again. His mom leads him back to their house.

Sam’s mom sits him down to talk to him about the seriousness of what he just did, and tells him never to go anywhere without telling her where he is going and to always ask.

Sam is grounded for not letting his mom know where he went. He understands why his mother is mad at him. In the end Sam feels like he is going to be a more responsible boy.

The End

The Walk  
The Walk  

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