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IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY A doctor is not just a professional but he is a professional who is in constant service of humanity .His profession combines both physical and psychological treatment. Care giving, comprehending the patient’s problems and feelings, nurturing the patient’s deep desire to live and eliminating all the negative intentions within the patients, all these come under the same roof of doctor’s chamber.

Dr Javad Peirovy in Toronto is a quality healthcare solution provider. He takes into account both the physical and mental health of a patient. He is also a master in providing relief to an addicted individual. He has created a very inclusive environment where the patients are in a close proximity with their family members. Dr Peirovy aims at a reunion of the patient with the day to day environment and the community as a whole.

He is a well-trained and experienced family physician who believes in preventive care is to deal with minor health issues. He does not believe in encouraging small problems and turning them into major ones. Dr Peirovy is constantly interacting with a range of specialists to give the most sophisticated medical care to his patients. His treatment includes lifestyle changes to slow down and cure various health problems .The doctor has very special and lifetime relationship with his patients. He does not believe in expensive treatments and medical bills and never delays if a patient needs treatment from a specialist.

The family is integral to any treatment prescribed by the doctor. The family is the support system whose encouragement and constant support helps the patient realize their true potential and rekindles their desire to live and not just to exist. The patients who indulge in drugs are totally cut off from the entire family system, friends and the community as a whole. Regular counseling, proper application of medicine and instilling confidence in the patient is the apt thing for the doctor to advice.

Dr Javad Peirovy believes in five values and essentially follows them: Inclusive treatment, family centred treatment, clinical excellence, accountability and commitment to community.The doctor creates an atmosphere of trust around the patient which heals him from inside .He is constantly experimenting with the state of the art amenities and advanced medical solutions. In case the patient is suffering from acute depression and facing physical and psychological absurdity Dr Peirovy will take care of the situation and suggest ways and methods to get over the problems.

The doctor keeps a long term vision in his mind while treating his patients. His vision brings together quality medical instruments, in-depth analysis of any disease , excellent prescription of medicines and absolute and non-stop family support. His method of treatment in collaborative, innovative and based on the model of moral and ethical medical practice . The doctor’s clinic is a fantastic platform for self-discovery and planning . Dr Peirovy is such a trusted figure that patients and their family is always willing to engage in the process of selfdiscovery. He helps patients revive from almost a vegetative state. Contact Info: J. Peirovy Medicine Professional Corporation 500 Sheppard Avenue East, Ground Floor Toronto, Ontario,M2N6H7 Telephone: 416-644-5561 Fax: 416-644-5564 Email id - Web:

In the service of humanity  
In the service of humanity : A doctor is not just a professional but he is a professional who is in constant service of humanity .His profession...