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28th October, 1971 Mr. Bill Glennie,. msidem S College ot ConBnrece, Holburn Street,



Dear Mr. Glennie, Wehim! arr meeting for 2.3Op.m. on Tuesda;y2nd ot November, in the UniYersity S•• C. Offices, in order to discuss the possib ties of an"Aberdeen Students Union" (I.e. instead ot .oining a National Union the Aberdeen Colleges ould put moneyinto a 1 al organisation). Wehave inVited along Ian illiland (President College of Education Jean Finlllil' ( nt R.G.LX. , and a University Representative. I would be very pleased if you could poasiblly if not I sould you a report of what goes on.

Yours s



( President)

attend this reetingJ

Letter - 28.10.71 - Aberdeen SRC to Aberdeen College of Commerce