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Some people dread the idea of a delayed flight but you will not feel that way if you were delayed in Gatwick Airport. Gatwick airport is the largest international airport in London. You are assured of world-class service but there are a lot of circumstances which can lead you to stay longer in the airport. If you are stuck in Gatwick airport, don’t despair and just enjoy the opportunity to explore a few of Great Britain’s best attraction that you can visit within one hour. Architecture If you are into architecture, building designs and other artistic forms, you might already know of some great sites to visit just a few minutes away from Gatwick airport. By taking a train ride to Victoria station, you can already marvel at a lot of famous sites and buildings such as the London tower and other museums. There is also the Royal Pavilion in Brighton which is very different from the rest of the architecture in Britain because of its Hindi influence. British Shops You can also take a peek at the numerous shops that are unique to Britain. There are various classic shops in the back alleys of the capital city which stood there since post-war times. You can dig in to a selection of the local flavors and more. Brighton also has a street full of shops that are worth visiting. You can go to North Line to experience the numerous shops that you will find that reflects the richness of English culture.

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British Novelty Attractions The third type of attraction that you can visit near Gatwick is London’s novelty tourist spots. We are all familiar of the old architecture that London has to offer but not all people who have been to London before have experienced the many novelty tourist attractions in the country’s capital. Among the up and coming tourist attractions, two stand out which are the London Eye and the Madame Tussauds. the West Sussex’s local bars can be a good plays to hang if you will be staying for a short time. There are a lot of choices along the town of Horley.You can get a good English meal, have a moderate amount of beer, immerse yourself in the English culture, and be off with a taxi to Gatwick airport. All these spots are just a couple of minutes away from the Gatwick airport.there are actually loads of other sites, activities and destinations near Gatwick airport that you can enjoy if you have time. It’s all on you if you want to sulk in the airport or have a little fun looking around. With this, staying a bit longer in the Gatwick airport is no longer something dreadful and annoying.

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A Guide for Stopovers in Gatwick  

Gatwick airport is the largest international airport in London. You are assured of world-class service but there are a lot of circumstances...