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WA Ceiling Fixers: We Fix All Problems Concerning Roof Leaks! Did you take time to look up at the roof? Did you witness any stains or dark spots? Did you inspect the tiles of the roof? If not, you might be taking a big risk with your roof. Roof is an essential part of any house which keeps the entire house safe and secure. Keeping such an important part under negligence is something you cannot leave to chance. Now, what you need is, WA Ceiling Fixers!! We know your house is your priority, our priority is you and to fix your leaking roof!!

We, WA Ceiling Fixers will provide you with the best service for roof repair and maintenance in Perth for your home. Our roof repair services have lot to offer you, you are just a call away to get rid of all your worries regarding leaking roof.

Our experienced team will visit and investigate the extent of damage that has occurred due to roof leaking and will organise every possible measures which are required to repair your roof. WA Ceiling Fixers assure you to restore your roof to its original condition.

WA Ceiling Fixers, one remedy to all kind of roof leaking! We are roof repair specialists, who provide their customers with highest standards of Roof Repair Services in Perth. We fix everything such as repairing roof tiles, fixing roof leakage problems of all sorts, ranging from minor to major. So, don’t take any chance with your leaking roof, give us the chance to fix it.

Roof leaking to your house could prove to be an expensive affair than you think. To fix leaking roof at the earliest will be a smart move. Your house could be safe, secure and could look just fantastic, but all you need is to avail our services and you simply should not delay.

We have proudly We have proudly been providing ceiling and wall maintenance, restoration and repairs for Perth residential homes since 2003.

Whether you have a sagging ceiling, Gyprock repair, plaster glass repair or you need a small interior wall removed or one putting in, we have built a reputation based on quality, value and exceptional customer service. We can Scarify (strip hard plaster) walls and re-plaster with render or white set. We can rejuvenate your whole home, add or take away rooms and make it look like a new home.

This can be a great advantage if you are thinking of selling!!

We are a friendly family business and offer a one stop shop for the following services: Water Damaged Ceilings & Repairs

Gyprock & Plastering

Mould Removal

Ceiling Re-Strapping

All Real Estate Work

Ceiling Rejuvenation

Roof Repairs

Carpentry Services

Ornate Plaster Glass

Painting & Maintenance

Insurance Work

Ceiling Lifting

Visit for more info. Business Address 9 Paringa Rd Bassendean, Perth, WA 6054. Call Now! Phone: 0401 763 874/ 0418 908 426

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WA Ceiling Fixers: Roof Repairs Perth  
WA Ceiling Fixers: Roof Repairs Perth  

WA Ceiling Fixers offers you best in class service of Roof Repairs, Roof Maintenance in Perth. Fix Leaking Roof, Ceiling Insulation, and Gla...