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Tips for Managing Your Facebook Newsfeed Last September, Facebook rolled out the “subscribe” button, a useful tool that many Facebook users are unaware of how to utilize. In this Facebook Training post, we’ll shed some light on what the subscribe button does and how you can use it for your small business. If you are friends with someone on Facebook, or if someone has opened their profile to allow subscriptions and you subscribe to them, you will get this person’s updates on your news feed. Perhaps the most important application of the subscribe button is utilizing it to customize your news feed to appear on your screen exactly as you want it to. Every subscription that appears on your news feed can be customized to your liking. By clicking on someone’s profile and the subscribe button on it, you can choose what type of updates come through for that particular person. For example, let’s say you want to use your personal Facebook page strictly for business, but you start getting friend requests from old friends who clutter up your news feed with games and photos. With the subscribe button, you can set updates for these people to not include “games” or “photos”; or you could turn all status updates off completely. Similarly, you can modify potential or previous clients’ subscriptions to suit your needs, whether they are to see more or less from them. Coupled with “lists”, the subscribe button will give you maximum control of your news feed to allow you to more easily prospect potential clients and keep in touch with loyal ones. And if you aren’t already using lists, let this serve as a reminder! Right next to the subscribe button on each person’s page is the “list” button. By default, everyone is listed as “friends”. But by creating lists, you can separate your friends, business partners, past customers, potential customers, etc. and view updates exclusively by those lists. Going through all of your Facebook friends and adding them to specific lists and updating their subscription settings may sound like hard work, but it will pay huge dividends when your Facebook home page is a well-oiled machine for your small business!

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Social Media Courses Tip: Tips for Managing Your Facebook Newsfeed