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Facebook Training: Why Start A Facebook Group?

Social Media Courses Tips: The Top 5 Reasons Why It Makes Great Sense For Small Business Part one of this article series covers the reasons why any small business or solo entrepreneur should consider creating a Facebook group. The second part addresses the best practices regarding how to start a Facebook group! Stay tuned for part two. One of the most useful and unique Facebook Training opportunities involves online marketing strategies with Facebook groups. In fact, I just recently sat next to a successful entrepreneur on a plane ride who had seven Facebook groups up and running for her business. This article outlines the top five reasons why it makes sense to start a group for your business; and, it explains precisely how you can benefit! Reason #1 – Involvement With an online prospecting campaign for your business, you want to connect, build a relationship and then start adding value that leads prospects to becoming a customer or client further down the path. That “path” may take some time to travel for your prospects. So what is your strategy to keep them involved and interested in your business? You need an active way to get them and keep them involved with your business. Facebook groups are a great solution. Your groups can be made up of all your best prospects! Each prospect has been identified to have similar needs and you, as a business, can provide a solution(s). So what happens when you get a bunch of them together into a group? Not only can you start helping them, but they start to help each other! The group turns into a way that your business is supplying value to them, building a relationship with them, and involving them regularly with your business. Sound like a pretty good strategy for your prospects? Reason #2 – Community When you build your group, a community forms. Wikipedia states this about communities, “In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks and a number of other conditions may be present and common.” This is the special sauce that creates bonds, interactions, and the desire to help one another…all within a branded Facebook group that you created, offered and now oversee. It is quite

simple to see how groups can add value on an ongoing basis from within the community itself. Reason #3 – Targeting Part of the beauty of these groups is that there can be more than one group or community formed around your business. Remember the small business woman who had seven Facebook groups? You may have unique target markets that should each have their own group. You may want to have a group for customers or clients as an ongoing retention strategy. The opportunities are limitless depending on how you run your business. Reasons #4 – Learning You may think that you know everything that you need to know about your business, your prospects, customers and their needs. However, what if you had a live, interacting group of them that you could watch and monitor? You can listen to how they interact, what they struggle with and how they help each other. Then, you can add in lots of questions to help you understand their needs and preferences. Plus, I guarantee you’ll be more in the know for current events around your industry, as well as nuances and updates. You will always learn from your group(s) as long as you have the intent to listen and learn! Reason #5 – Efficiency This reason is the one that will get you hooked on Facebook groups! You don’t have to spend a ton of time on them. If created properly, with enough participants, they can run themselves for good stretches of time! Because people love to learn and provide help themselves, most questions get answered by the group itself! You need to stay involved to spur things along now and then or answer a specific question or two. But 95% of the interaction and value should ultimately come from the group members themselves! What a great marketing strategy! Conclusion It is pretty hard to find a marketing program that takes such little time to manage, adds so much value to prospects and/or customers, and takes just a few minutes to set up! Be sure that you have enough group members to invite into the community initially. The group dynamics start to really kick in with at least 20-25 people to start. Then, your group can continue to grow from there! Please click through here to find out more information about Social Media Classes from the Practical Social Media University.

Social Media Courses Tips: The Top 5 Reasons Why It Makes Great Sense For Small Business  

Part one of this article series covers the reasons why any small business or solo entrepreneur should consider creating a Facebook group. Th...

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