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Blog Training Webinar Curriculum

The Top 10 SEO Blogging Tips - Everything You Should And Can Easily Do On Your Blog This Blog Training Webinar will teach you everything that you need to know to help create the best search engine optimization strategies for what to do on your blog! Helpful Links • •

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There are two camps of SEO work that you can do for your blog. This training is all about what you can do on your blog (on-site). The other half is what happens off your blog (off-site) that affects your blog’s ability to come up in the search engine rankings. Off-site techniques involve things like building links from other sites on the Web (see our Online Reputation webinar that contains great link building ideas) to your content, submitting it to online directories, integrating with other social networks, etc. These are all things that happen off your blog. For this training webinar, we are going to focus on the Top Ten ways that you can enhance your blog’s search engine ranking performance by how you structure and use your blog on an ongoing basis. It will become obvious as we go through this lesson that the Top 10 SEO tips will only work if there is a consistent keyword strategy in use on top of regular production of valuable content for your target niche. Content is always your number one most important search engine ranking factor.

In this webinar, we will take you through the entire list of Top 10 SEO tips as listed below: ① Site Titles ② Post Titles ③ Category Names ④ Post Descriptions ⑤ Tags ⑥ Image Titles and Tags ⑦ Content Highlights ⑧ Internal Linking ⑨ Sitemaps (To see more in this, go to the “Identifying And Installing The Top Priority Blogging Plugins” part one webinar) ⑩ Permalinks Please click through here to find out more information about Social Media Classes from the Practical Social Media University.

Social Media Courses Tip: Everything You Should And Can Easily Do On Your Blog