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Social Media Courses

Social Media for Business: Don’t Know Where To Start? You are in the same boat as almost every other entrepreneur on the planet. In fact, the number one reason why small businesses don’t use social media is because they don’t have any idea of where to start. Until now, there have been no effective formal training programs. Every social media expert is self-taught to a certain extent. Additionally, the world of social media changes every single month…or even day! There are constantly new companies, technologies and updates to existing social media opportunities. So much so, that it can be a tremendously daunting task just to sift through it all, let alone understand what to do about it. At The Practical Social Media University, we never start companies out where you will quickly get in over your head, or where there is a relatively significant time commitment required. It is popular among so-called social media ‘experts’ to recommend Facebook, Twitter or blogging right away. However, these are all highly participatory social media tools that require significant time commitments. That means that, in general, you need to put a fair amount of time into them to really reap the benefits. Because we understand the lifestyle and needs of the true small business entrepreneur, we would never recommend those opportunities as places to get started. Used in certain ways, these tools most definitely offer tremendous opportunity for small business owners, but are NEVER where we would recommend a small business owner get started. We have taken the world of social media for small businesses, and sliced it into chewable, do-ityourself bites that are all arranged in priority order. We make sure that you are not only doing the things that will work hardest for you with the smallest amount of your time or resources, but also the things that will lay the foundation for your online campaign. Our founder Steve MacDonald firmly believes that anything we recommend must first be filtered thru a return on investment analysis for the business, balanced by the degree of difficulty and time requirements necessary for success. What this means for you is that anything we recommend will provide maximum business results with the least amount of time or dollar risk possible.

Facebook and Twitter may be the media darlings, but they will eat up your time and still not work at their full potential if they are used as one-off tactics. We don’t even recommend getting involved with Facebook until the 8th webinar in the PSM University’s Getting Started Series. We want you to start out making the wisest choices for your time, budget and success. It just so happens that there is plenty of low hanging fruit to generate new leads without a big time commitment or budget! The PSM Webinars will start you out with extremely powerful strategies that can take you less than half an hour to implement, especially if you know what you need to do from the start. We are small business entrepreneurs first, marketers second. This is an important distinction since we don’t recommend anything unless it makes sense for an extraordinarily busy entrepreneur to implement. The end result is an online university that uses highly visual, straight talk, with no industry jargon. Recommendations that just makes sense. If you would like to explore what social media can do for your business, then please click here. We have step-by-step, do-it-yourself articles and webinars waiting. The enrollment is strictly month-to-month, and costs less than one small tank of gas! No contracts! If you act now, we’ll also give you a free copy of the entrepreneur’s GET IN THE GAME Guide, a $179 value. Please click through here to find out more information about Social Media Classes from the Practical Social Media University.

Social Media Courses: Social Media for Business: Don’t Know Where To Start?  

You are in the same boat as almost every other entrepreneur on the planet. In fact, the number one reason why small businesses don’t use soc...