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Search Engine Optimization School Wouldn’t it be great if there was a school that we could go to that taught us small business, overworked entrepreneurs how to use the basics of search engine optimization? There is plenty of great places that you can search for online, but none that say here’s what’s important to know, here’s how do do it without knowing how to CODE and here are the tools that you’ll need. We can show you how to implement SEO basics in a way that anyone can tackle and not get flustered! Since it is really so easy to do, i’s also amazing to us how some of the biggest companies and respected brand names around don’t even use great search engine optimization practices! is one example! You think that SEO school would have been taught to somebody over there! Here’s the good news. We have a webinar that is 100% dedicated to teaching the overworked, soloprenuer to not only learn the basics of SEO, but apply them easily…just ONCE! That’s right, after you learn the top best practices, you’ll see how easy they are to apply over and over again. Most SEO strategies are things you configure once and then they keep on working for you from there on out! Our webinar is a must-see for any business wanting to meet new prospects! The best news is that it doesn’t take a team of people, specialized expertise or anything tricky at all. The tools are free. You just need to know how to use them.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization School So Important? There are roughly 16 billion searches a month that are conducted in this country. This is the greatest opportunity for any business since people are typing in keywords to the search engines that identify themselves every day as a high quality prospect looking for what you have to offer. If you aren’t in the search rankings, you are invisible to your rightful share of those 16 billion searches. Sound like an opportunity you don’t want to miss?

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Social Media Courses: Search Engine Optimization School