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Are You Using The Hot New Social Bookmarking Service PINTEREST For Business? This article is a small tidbit on how Pinterest can be used for business. To learn more, register for a free webinar by the Practical Social Media University on using Pinterest For Business this coming Tuesday night, February 28th at 6:15p PST. Do not miss out on this special Social Media Training event!

Online pin board site Pinterest has had explosive growth in the last year, and now rivals Twitter for referral traffic (sending traffic to other sites). Pinterest continues to grow exponentially making it an important destination for small businesses. But how can you use Pinterest to support and market your products? Pinterest has been brilliantly created a system to categorize peoples interests based on “boards” that people can “pin” pictures of items they would like to showcase or purchase. These boards are broken into specific labels such as “Art”, “Food”, “Wedding Dresses”, and similar categories. As a business owner, Pinterest allows you to find people who have created boards that tailor to your product. If you are a personal trainer specializing fitness programs then you can search for users who have created a “health” or “exercise” boards and add them to the list of users you follow. Pinterest essentially takes all the legwork out of finding your target audience with their innovative sharing method. Due to the fact that Pinterest allows you to incorporate live links with any posted photos, you can also now drive traffic back to your website. All posted pictures can be tagged with a link that will direct users to a specific page, which in turn will provide more opportunities for people to browse your site. If a user is satisfied with your product and service they will be more prone to “re-pin” and recommend your product to their followers who most likely will share the same retail interests that your customer does.

Pinterest also has search options that will direct you to members based on their geographic location. This will allow you to directly market your products to people who are only a few miles from your business. Marketing to a specific demographic based on interest and location is something that traditional marketing analysts spent thousands of hours and dollars on before social media sites. Now with the help of Pinterest you can market to a very specific audience with just a user account and photos of your product. Please click through here to find out more information about Social Media Classes from the Practical Social Media University.

Social Media Courses Tip: Pinterest for Business  
Social Media Courses Tip: Pinterest for Business  

Online pin board site Pinterest has had explosive growth in the last year, and now rivals Twitter for referral traffic (sending traffic to o...