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New Facebook Changes For Business Pages As you may have already seen when you’ve signed on to your Facebook business page, on March 30, 2012, Facebook is rolling out a brand new design for all pages. In this Facebook Training article, we’ll review the top changes that all small business owners should be preparing themselves for. Cover Photos Replace Landing Pages One of the biggest changes that have small business owners in an uproar is the removal of landing pages as all traffic will now go directly to your page’s wall instead of a landing page that you have created (like a welcome page as we have previously taught in the Univeristy). At the top of your page’s wall will be space for a cover photo with maximum dimensions that are 850 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Many small businesses used landing pages to add incentives for people to “Like” their page, and this won’t be allowed in cover photos; Facebook’s new rules don’t allow you to add discounts, contact information, or calls to action into your cover photo. Make sure you create an attractive cover photo that draws people in and conveys your brand’s message! Pinning Items to the Top of Your Page While you aren’t allowed to add deals or coupons in your cover photo, you will be able to have them near the top of your page thanks to Facebook’s new “pinning” feature. You can choose pictures or posts that you want pinned to the top of your page, and these will stay there above all new updates. Along with pinning specific items you want to draw attention to, you can also make specific items “favorites”, and this will stretch them across two columns to increase attention brought to them. Using favorites and pinning, you can customize how your page looks in an attractive and engaging way. You can also add “milestones” throughout your page, such as when you first opened your business and other important personal milestones you have reached. These will help flesh out your page and give people a better idea of what you and your business are all about.

Private Messaging To Fans and Other Businesses While reactions are mixed on the look and feel of the new Timeline-based design Facebook is rolling out, everyone across the board is happy with Facebook’s decision to finally allow businesses to communicate with their fans and other businesses through private messages‌although on a limited basis. Currently, if a customer posts on your wall and you want to communicate with them on Facebook, you either have to add them as a friend on your personal account (which they may not be comfortable with) or have the conversation in public on the wall; oftentimes neither of these options is nearly as attractive to either side as simply being able to private message back and forth! As of March 30, private messages from business to person will finally be a reality, on a limited basis. Individuals must initiate the one on one messaging, brands can then respond. This feature will allow you to build stronger bonds between you and your customers and give your customer service abilities the chance to shine. Please click through here to find out more information about Social Media Classes from the Practical Social Media University.

Social Media Courses Tip: New Facebook Changes For Business Pages