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Social Media Training Tip #7

Blogging For Business With A Plan If you are reading this Social Media Training post, then you are to be congratulated! That means you are actively taking an interest in what is one of the most crucial social media tools (blogging) that you have at your disposal. I loved the Fast Company article that came a couple of years ago on The Ten Commandments of Social Media, with #1 being “Though shalt blog, like crazy.” To find out more why blogging is so important to your business, check out our Blog Training series home page. As much as blogging is so important, it is also one of the most wasted social media tools as well. Too many small business entrepreneurs work extremely hard at their blog, but their blog isn’t working very hard for them. Why? They don’t have some of the fundamentals down! The fundamentals require that you have a brand strategy, that leads to a target audience definition, which feeds into a content outline and finally your keyword selections. You need a PLAN. If you don’t have a plan worked out (and by the way, you only have to do the plan once), then you are probably working really hard at putting up blog posts that are quite random, and actually confusing Google as to what your site is all about. I had a good friend that recently just went back into a good portion of his blog posts and started updating them with a well-considered keyword strategy that DOUBLED his blog’s traffic in a matter of days. He is now getting well over a 1,000 more site visitors a day as a result. Blogging can be crucial to your business, as long as you have your fundamentals in place. Don’t make the mistake of going forward on a social media, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other marketing effort without having your fundamentals down first. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time on wasted efforts. This is one of the most importantsocial media training tips to remember. Please click through here to find out more information about Social Media Classes from the Practical Social Media University.

Blogging For Business With A Plan