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YouTube Training Webinar

Additional Marketing Strategies For Your YouTube Video (Annotations) And Channel Customization Techniques What You Will Learn • •

Learning how to use YouTube’s 5 different annotations Adding more SEO to your videos

Adding more interactivity to your videos

Creating a fully customized YouTube channel

Taking advantage of all the SEO value in your channel


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This YouTube Training webinar is going to cover the exciting area of YouTube annotations. Never heard of it before? No worries! Annotations are ways of adding searchable text and interactivity to your YouTube videos. You can insert speech bubbles, titles, areas that are spotlighted upon roll-over and more. Not only can they help with adding depth of knowledge to your videos, important SEO backlinks and references to other important URLs (i.e. your blog), but also to better search engine optimize that particular video. For very little effort, there are some all around great advantages to using YouTube annotations. You will also learn in this video how to fully customize your YouTube channel (where all your videos are aggregated). Your channel not only says a lot about you and your business, helps to present your videos more professionally, but can also add SEO value to outside sites while helping to cross-promote your other social media properties (like Facebook) at the same time.

These are easy or one-time strategies that you’ll WANT to know for your business!

This webinar plays for about 29 minutes. You may have to wait 30 seconds to a minute for the video to start playing. Also, it can be very helpful to view the webinar all the way through once and then keep it up in another window to refer to while following the recommendations. Enjoy another segment of your YouTube Training! NOTE: Others that have watched this webinar also liked the webinar on “Advanced SEO Strategies That Will Help With Search Rankings For Your YouTube Videos And Your Blog!”

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This YouTube Training webinar is going to cover the exciting area of YouTube annotations. Never heard of it before? No worries! Annotations...

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