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Have you ever wondered which one is the better choice, pilates or yoga? This article will give you some insight into what each is so you can make up your mind. Pilates vs Yoga, which one is the better choice? Pilates. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates who was a gymnast in Germany during the earlier part of the twentieth century. It was originally developed for rehabilitation of injured soldiers returning from World War 1. It is a system which is meant to improve the whole body. From proper alignment, concentration, control, centering, breathing, precision to flowing movement. Its idea is to have the mind and body working as one. The Pilates method is using the mind to have control over the muscles so that without thinking the body would move with grace, balance and economy. There is a focus on core postural muscles. These muscles help keep the body balanced and in turn help support the spine. Breathing is part of the awareness in exercises and is believed to improve the circulatory system this in turn makes the body work better. Pilates improves muscle tone, abdominal and back flexibility and strength, stamina, concentration, body awareness and relaxation, and handling of stress. Yoga. Yoga is an ancient tradition of India, but has very much change from its original beginnings to what it is in the modern day western world. It is now one of spiritual enlightenment, postures and poses, breathing methods, eating a vegetarian diet and concentration among other things. There are many different types of yoga teachings. The main aims of yoga are to make proper use of joints that are either over used or used very little. Joints require lubrication and this is received from food that is eaten, so in yoga a vegetarian diet is preferred, but not always strictly followed. It uses the mind for deep concentration during times of exercise of postures and poses, along with this, breathing methods are part of the control of the body. There is a spiritual enlightenment for those who include meditation in their program, for others there is a calming, an improvement in self esteem and confidence. It improves stamina, concentration, strength and flexibility of muscles and joints, body awareness and relaxation, and handling stress. It might really depend on what an individual is looking for when comparing Pilates and Yoga as there is a great deal more to learn on these subjects. Anyone contemplating taking up either program, may be able to do some research and come to their own conclusion. Both appear to

offer a great deal in well being for the individual.

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Pilates vs Yoga - Which is the Best to Learn  
Pilates vs Yoga - Which is the Best to Learn  

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