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Equivoque, Equivocal, 不确定的, equívoco, 紛

o, 紛らわしい, 확실치 않은, dubbelzinnigheid, equivoco, Doppeldeutigkeit không phân minh, tvetydig, óvissar, hindi maliwanag ang kahulugan, echivoc, dubbelsinnige, tvetydige, dvosmislen, samar-samar, двусмысленность, aequivoca, ασάφεια


equivocal equívoco


확실치 않은


い echivoc dubbelsinnige tvetydige


dvosmislen Doppeldeutigkeit

samar-samar óvissar tvetydig không phân minh






hindi maliwanag ang kahulugan

CONTENTS The Manor : History, Description, and Renovations LE MANOIR EQUIVOCAL Guest Rooms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In the near future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cultural activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Educational Project / Principal Target: School Children

止园 zhǐyuán

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Le Manoir Equivocal 止园

Introduction. The word Equivocal in every sense


Doubt is an interrogation that opposes certainty. Uncertainty covers itself in doubt and calls for interpretations. Doubt raises ideas and then complicates them.


flees from proof, it longs for questioning. By creating uncertainty and ambiguity, doubt keeps us hesitant, dreaming, and ignites our curiosity.

a place where the spirit wanders freely in nature, in a hitherto unseen landscape. In Chinese philosophy such a setting is thought to promote wisdom. Numerous Chinese intellects value the tranquility of nature because it allows one to escape from reality, thus nourishing the spirit and readying the soul for artistic achievement.

止园 zhǐyuán

A garden destined for rest,

A Farm Organic Agriculture

Earth’s Bounty

, Respect for Nature , Medicinal Chinese Plants , A Sense of Place

The Manor


Medieval Architecture


A Heritage in Transition

Available for Rent


, Blazing Hearths , Vast Proportions , Service Tailored to Your Needs , Dinners , Art Workshops , Conferences , Meetings





Medicinal Chinese Plants

Medieval Garden

, Pedagogic Workshops , Discovery

, Gardening , Sales

Discovery Workshops

Educational Projects

Chinese Cuisine












Tofu and Green Tea Production


Organic and fresh products from the farm



, Ancient Chinese Recipes

Artist Residencies Studios




, Free Expression , Dialogue , Encounter , Exchange

The manor is set on a small hill

overlooking a vast agricultural terrain of over 180 hectares (450 acres), currently being converted to organic production. It lies in the heart of Burgundy, a region in east-central France, between the towns of Beaune and Nuits-Saint-Georges . The manor is two hours from Paris and

one hour from Lyon by T.G.V.




Organic production


) wine lovers

Burgundy’s numerous charms attract tourists year-round. The region boasts prestigious wines, a rich history, and an impresive architectural heritage: the castles of Burgundian dukes, the abbeys of Cistercian monks, churches that date from the Roman era. Burgundy has long been a powerful economic and cultural force in France and Europe. Each year, the production and sale of the region’s renowned vintatges attracts tourists and wine-lovers from around the world.

Burgundy hosts a number of internationally acclaimed cultural events each year. Prominent among them is Beaune’s International Festival of Baroque Opera. Another is the grand festival of Saint Vincent Tournante, patron saint of winegrowers, which in 2011 will take place in the

manoir’s village of Corgoloin.

THE MANOR : HISTORY, DESCRIPTION, AND RENOVATIONS The manor dates from the 16th century [or 15th?] and is listed in the official register of French historic monuments. It was the property of Nicolas Rolin and his wife Guigone de Salins, founders of the Hospices de Beaune, one of the world’s best-known charitable institutions. Major renovations to the manor were completed in 2010. Today it is owned by Madame Mireille Lenoir-Senard.

The manor

The manor is a square building featuring barred windows and a tower with a pointed roof. Its spacious rooms have grand chimneys and soaring beamed ceilings. une élégante salle basse voûtée.

The dovecote

The dovecote is a tower located in a corner of the manor’s ancient walls. It has a pigeon house on the upper floors and an elegant dome-topped room on the ground floor.

A stone wall

A stone wall links the manor to the dovecote, and the dovecote to the barn. A pathway is planned for the top of the wall. This loop will allow visitors to circulate freely among the three main buildings on the grounds: the dovecote, the barn, and the manor.


The barn

The barn is a spacious agricultural building with a simple and elegant facade that perfectly completes the manor’s courtyard.

The cellar

The cellar is composed of two large vaulted rooms in excellent condition.

GUEST ROOMS On top of the hamlet’s Moux’s hill, sits peacefully the soft pink manor dressed in smooth plaster and 15th century stones. Lined with a large barn, stone walls, a dovecote, and rolling ceral hills, with the turn of one’s head, you gaze strolls from Mont Blanc to the golden vines of Burgundy. After a long rest, the Equivocal slowly swings opens its thick and generous walls to welcome you where silence and mother nature stay infalliblty sovereign. This reborn piece of history persuades you to open wide your windows, smell the roses, and listen to the distant music of rustling rivers and leafs. Its elegant and spacious medieval chamber, marked by its majestic chimney, ensures authentic rest and comfort . The hamlet dwells in an ideal location within a stone’s throw from the grandest winegrowers’ domaines. It is but 10 km away from both the cities of Nuits-Saint-Georges and Beaune.

Spacious Medieval chamber Golden vines











Special events, round tables










RENTAL Le Manoir Equivocal’s main building and garden will be available for rental.

(Dinners, special events





Round tables





The commercial availability of Le Manoir Equivocal and its grounds will help create an open relationship with the public. This will allow the manor to forge strong relationships and networks with its neighbors and the local community.

Le Manoir Equ

reaping the lus

farmlands. In kee

cuisine and cul

Barn Residence : Selected Project Architectes

traditional Tofu wor

The barn is in need of renovation to facilitate

soy p

new functions and activities

Housing for the artists will be located in the barn

they can have access to their studios day and nig

The manor will provide them a comfortable and c


place where artists and the public can gather, re and reflect.

Le Manoir Equivocal will host Chinese and Western artists in its vast stone barn, adjacent to the manor. Visiting artists will have not only a place to rest, but also studios and spaces for events and exhibitions open to the public. Currently the building is used for agricultural purposes and houses a farmer in a fully equipped apartment.



Equivocal’s primary activity will be

e lush agricultural production of its

n keeping with its focus on China, its

d culture, the manor will also host a

u workshop that will exploit the organic

Le Manoir Equivocal will also organize Chinese culinary workshops.

soy produced on the farm.

barn so

nd night.

and cozy

er, relax

Fresh, natural and without chemical additives, the farm’s soy will be destined for the local market.

Garden. Medicinal Chinese Plants

A medieval medicinal garden is being planted behind the main building.

Educational Project / Principal Target: School Children

Dedicated to creative endeavors, this seductive company will act as a middle man between artists and a place, the public and art work. Its axioms of empowering individuals, broadening mind sets, and expanding sensory experience, will be guided via means of pedagogic gestures and acts. 

art and culture pedagogy education.






art work

The manor proposes art and culture pedagogy, education by means of fantasy and the discovery of new cultures.







All of these activities will create an ideal environment for discovery, research, reflection, and exchange between China and Europe.



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“I have a secret garden: China. My garden is the image of that country: vast and magisterial, with walls scarred by time. My garden shelters marvels. As in China, all things are possible, spontaneous, animated, shaped by the past and focused on the future.

All sorts of games are played here.

A childlike

atmosphere gives rise to dreams, arouses amazement. This garden is generous, bewitching and without taboos. It is paved with sparkling flowers and twining roots. Its inspirations are the evanescent fingerprints of ancient China, its thought and its wisdom. Superstition, spirituality, modesty, humility and grace pervade the nooks and crannies.



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