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Who are Birthrite and what’s all the fuss about?

Formed in the industrial heartlands of the Black Country, the band was originally called The Naz, featuring two keyboard players, a guitarist and of course vocalist/lyricist Erazamus Voss. After Jonny Zygen (guitar) joined, the band forged a new direction, dropping keyboards for the edgier metal tones and adopting the new moniker of Birthrite. The search for a bassist began. Enter Statik. After 6 weeks of rehearsals he performed with the new line-up at Busby’s (West Bromwich), his first ever live gig. The latest addition to the lineup came last year in the form of our new drummer Doktor Coggenbolt. In the early years, people wondered how to categorise us as a band. We didn’t fit neatly into a specific genre. Whilst our audiences were entertained, we probably left them all a bit puzzled. Since then, many more gigs have followed. Roll forward a few years and we find our genre : Steampunk.

Erazamus Voss

Jonny Zygen




Doktor Coggenbolt



It’s the fusion of modern technology, with that of Victorian science fiction, style and ettiquette. A fast growing movement in the world of art, design and fashion. We’d found our genre and with it, began to develop an image that more fully describes us to our audiences. Having an image has opened up a lot of avenues, including the upcoming production of a video that we’re sure our fans will appreciate. We’ve also provided the music for, and appeared in a vampire film series called “Blood & Bone China”, directed by Chris Stone.

“If It Ay Bost, Dow Fix It!” Our debut CD featuring 9 original tracks. 1 Is There Anybody Out There 2 The Wanderer 3 Bullet Soldier 4 Ordinary Life 5 Hey Girl 6 Square Dance 7 You Take Me Down 8 Goodbye Happiness 9 Look to the Future

But what is our sound? CONTACTS:

Vocals Erazamus Voss 07970 624821

Guitar Jonny Zygen 07979 460972

Bass Statik 07855 719540

Drums Doktor Coggenbolt 0781 7699556

It’s an eclectic take on punk rock, fused with prog rock/neo-classical flavour. As you read this you should be hearing samples from some of our original songs. If not then there’s been a tech hitch! So visit the official website to hear more songs, read the lyrics - and visit the Birthrite shop! Our musical Influences include : David Bowie, Yngwie Malmsteen, Reeves Gabrels, Tin Machine, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, System Of A Down, Steve Vai, Loudness, Vow Wow, Sex Pistols, The Clash and Roxy Music. Pretty varied, we’re sure you’ll agree. We’re gigging regularly around the Black Country at a venue near you, but we are now looking to reach across the UK. We are appearing live at the UK’s biggest Steampunk festival in Lincoln in September.

Birthrite Press Info  

Information about the band "Birthrite". Incuding biography, sound clips, band members, the Steampunk genre and official website.

Birthrite Press Info  

Information about the band "Birthrite". Incuding biography, sound clips, band members, the Steampunk genre and official website.