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If you are about to explore into the internet marketing, you should have come across people who work online from home as affiliate marketers and are making good money monthly. There is this misconception that affiliation is just some kind of a scam which promises you a get rich quick formula. Although it is the fact that there are many people out there who are trying to cheat your money, there are still many other websites or blogs which provides you with very good and real information on affiliate marketing. So how does an affiliate marketer earn his income? Well, to put it simply, you work some sort like a salesperson who sells somebody else's products. An affiliate marketer profits by driving traffic from his or her own website or blog to the merchant's website where the sales will be pitched. When the sale goes through, the affiliate marketer will earn by getting his or her commission from the merchant. There are in fact, many advantage of working as an affiliate marketer. oSince you are selling other people's product, you do not have to go through the hassle of manufacturing your own products. oYou don't have to store or ship the products. oYou need not worry about how the customers are going to make their payments. oSupports for customers are normally done by the merchants. oSuitable for newbies in internet marketing. oAlthough it is the usual practice, affiliation does not necessary require your own website or blog. As mentioned, affiliate marketing is some sort similar to a salesperson's job, differ only with how the two usually work. For example, if you were to walk into a mobile phone shop, you would most probably be approached by a salesman who would display his salesmanship talent to convince you of buying that mobile phone. Likewise, in affiliating marketing you will also need to convince your visitors to click on your link to the merchant's website and you may also need some persuasion skills to do so. However, unlike a salesperson, you don't have to approach your customers or meet them face to face to spend time convincing them. You simply placed a banner of the affiliate product, write some articles to promote the product or even write a review on the product and published it on your website. All these pitches will not only work for you once or twice but many times to different visitors to your sites. Depending on the affiliated products, some affiliate marketers actually get paid from simply driving traffic to the merchant's website. Some affiliate programs also pay their affiliates when visitors from their sites signed up and joined the mailing lists. To work online from home as an affiliate marketer can be a route to success. If you are new to

internet marketing, you may like to consider this line because of the advantages. If you are someone who is persistence, patient and creative enough, I am confident that you will be profiting from affiliate marketing in no time.

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==== ==== For more on internet, mobile, and affiliate marketing, check this out! ==== ====

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