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If you are involved in internet marketing, you will be interested in getting traffic to your sites. You might have heard about many traffic methods. 'Free traffic methods' is a phrase often mentioned in internet marketing literature. How easy is it to get free traffic to your sites and how effective will it be? If you have been told by some marketers that you can get free traffic from a few clicks of a mouse, you will easily dismiss such claims as hyperbolic. Since people who suggest free traffic methods often dramatize their methods by making exaggerated claims, their ideas do not evoke much credibility. But this does not mean that free traffic methods do not work. They do. But they will work under certain conditions and within limits. If you understand the parameters which will determine the effectiveness of free methods, you will know which method will be suitable for you. Here are a few commonly used free methods: 1) Article marketing: This is a method which is universally recommended. If you can write articles about a topic relating to your website, using proper keywords, then you have a good chance of your website getting some visitors if your articles are published. You may be led to believe that writing articles is the easiest thing in the world. Some marketers will seek to teach you strategies to write effective articles. You need to understand that writing articles requires three things: some knowledge about the topic, ability to write clearly and some serious effort. There may not be many people possessing all the three traits. You may be able to gather information for your articles. But writing requires at least some practice. You need a lot of patience to succeed as an article writer. 2) Creating Blogs: This can be easier than article writing because blogs being your own sites, you can publish what you want. There is no need for your post to be approved. But unlike an article which will be read by at least some people, blogs may not get visitors unless you popularize them. You will have to use services to ping your blogs. 3) Forum Posting: This is considered a quick and easy way to get traffic. All you need to do is to find some forums relating to the topic of your website, become a member and post appropriate comments. You can add the URL of your website to your signature. But Forum marketing can be the most difficult for the inexperienced since you may not be able to create appropriate posts. There is a danger of your being removed from the forum if you are suspected of spamming.

Learning to write articles can be one useful way to get more free traffic to your website.

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