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How To Protect Your Kids During Divorce

Be Authoritative When you are going through a divorce you must never let your grip over your kids to be loose at any point. Be authoritative to your kids but not autocratic. It would help to clear out any sort of confusions in the minds of the kids and make sure that you communicate with them.

Give Them Some Info Let your kids know that you and your partner are splitting up due to your personal differences. You should tell them that the personal differences are “adult matter� and beyond the scope of their understanding.

Comfort Your Kids Don't EVER let your kids have the feeling that they are the reasons for your divorce. Always tell them that they are very precious and both you and your partner love them and will always love them.

Don't Belittle The Other Parent Never try to get one up over your partner in front of your kids. Your kids will start disrespecting you both. When your kids reach adulthood they would realize themselves the reasons for your divorce.

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How to protect Your Kids During Divorce  

Protect your kids during divorce and let the problems trouble them.

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