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“Mogul’s methodologies and processes have enabled me to focus on the core business doing what I do best: the acquisition and development of new projects. Mogul helped us to source and secure significant equity in one of the worst capital environments in recent history. The amount of time that Mogul has saved me is invaluable.”

Caleb Roope

CEO, The Pacific Companies

SERVICES Overview Mogul Advisory Group enables developers to build affordable housing by ensuring that they receive the funding they need to succeed. Affordable Housing (LIHTC) Consulting Business Advisory Development Due Diligence and Financial Modeling Funding Investor Relations Marketing Communications Recapitalization Restructuring Mogul has assembled a talented team of in-house experts, advisors, and strategic partners with specific industry knowledge. Together, we offer a rare blend of knowledge and specific industry experience in capital markets, law, tax, business valuation, and many more that enable us and our resources to offer a diverse range of services to address all areas of your business, and provide a comprehensive solution that will secure your business for years to come.

“John, Mogul’s CEO, leaves no stone unturned and he is ruthless on follow-through. He also knows how to prioritize tasks and focus on the most important elements. As a result of his efforts, we received multiple offers for our complex project.”

Jean Pierre Boespflug

CEO, Tamarack Resort, December 2009

Project: Restructuring and recapitalization of $300 million in liabilities

WHO we help Developers to increase profits, to reduce costs and fund projects, and to restructure their organization. Investors to reduce the cost of due diligence by simplifying the due diligence and modeling processes, and by automating communication processes between all parties. Syndicators to reduce costs by simplifying the due diligence and modeling processes between syndicators and developers.

WHAT we do •

Increase transparency and efficiency of investor communications

Lower transaction costs for all parties

Help fund affordable housing projects

Freely publish and provide access to the direct investors and capital sources with which we work


Mogul secured over a half-dozen direct 4 and 9 percent, urban and rural, investors for our clients in 2009-10.

Mogul helped secure $100 million in equity for one of the largest affordable housing developers in the western US.

Mogul secured 2010 commitments and indications of interest exceeding $200MM for our client’s affordable housing projects.

2010 SCOPE •

Work with only 8 new clients in the coming year

Fund 20 new affordable projects in CA and other states in 2010

Create a sustainable living environment for 3,000 people in the next 18 months

Why choose MOGUL? •

Unlike brokers, we align our objectives with those of our clients and provide sound advice; and then, unlike consultants, we execute the plan for them

We do not make a profit unless our clients do

Clients who work with Mogul harness our realworld, practical experience

Developers and investors that spend more than 20 hours a week working with capital sources, and/or working on due diligence, pro formas, and/or with tax credit applications: •

Lose 500 hours each year in opportunities to develop new business

Lose 500 hours each year in opportunities to focus on asset management and other strategic areas of the business

For a fraction of the cost of those lost 1,000 hours, we can help restructure your organization or projects, reduce costs, increase profits, and make sure affordable housing projects are funded.

HOW we help By providing capital, personal guarantees and credit support where appropriate, better processes, and affordable housing-specific architectural, construction and development services, Mogul ensures that developers have the funding and organizational structure they need to succeed, in turn, making lowincome housing projects happen.

Typical solutions Mogul can DELIVER: •

Position your company or project to attract the right kind of capital

Set a clear and actionable funding and marketing strategies

Prepare the business for growth, joint ventures, or scale back

Develop reusable, scalable sales models and processes

Increase revenues through partnerships

Expand your company into new markets and territories

Deliver real, measurable, cost reductions

Identify how to prepare the business for funding, growth, or exit

Save internal costs in time and resources by outsourcing some due diligence and related funding activities to us

Improve board and investor communications and relations

GETTING on track Starting with Mogul and getting your company on track is simple: 1. An initial CEO meeting to establish scope and requirements for both parties 2. Stakeholder interviews to accurately assess the company’s current situation 3. Steps to develop and execute a new or existing business plan To schedule a consultation, call us today at (208) 859-7057. w w w. M o g u l A d v i s o r y G r o u p . c o m 410 East State Street Eagle, ID 83616 (208) 859-7057

About MOGUL Mogul is a restructuring and recapitalization company serving the general business sector, and providing specialty services to the affordable housing sector. Origins of Mogul •

Our group has more than 30 years of collective experience in multi-family and affordable housing real estate.

Our group has planned and delivered more than 29,000 market rate and affordable housing units in the last 30 years.

CEO, John Belluomini founded our group 4 years ago with the vision of providing affordable housing that instills a sense of community, loyalty and purpose. He has seen this vision actualized as a result of Mogul’s and Mogul client accomplishments in 2009.

ADVISORY Board With a collective experience sourcing and managing more than $50 billion in transactions in the past 25 years, our advisory board is comprised of finance veterans, and some of the most experienced participants in real estate development and corporate America. As respected professionals, their industry knowledge, work experience, and proven success in the areas of finance, hospitality, affordable housing, and law to name a few, make them integral resources to the Mogul team and to our clients. John Belluomini — CEO, Mogul Advisory Group Howard L. Feldman — CEO, BK Financial Services David Mysona — CEO, Blackstone Technology Bob Taunton — Executive VP, A10 Capital Robert J. Webb — Senior Hospitality Partner, Baker Hostetler

Mogul Advisory Group  

Mogul Advisory Group Corporate Brochure

Mogul Advisory Group  

Mogul Advisory Group Corporate Brochure