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Hunchin g, bending, and slouchin g are just a couple of the bad habits that we have all acquired over the years. They usually begin during childhoo d and follow us into adulthoo d, where the problems tend to arise. Unfortun ately, many of us are unconsci ous of these bad habits, which makes most of us likely candidat es for back pain. You do not have to have an existing health condition to have chronic back pain. You do not even have to be older in age. Back pain can strike at anytime, and at

any age. People who work behind a desk for a living may not realize it, but they are doing a lot of damage to their backs by slouchin g. As stated above, people tend to do this unconsci ously. Over time, an accumul ation of stress and strain is applied, and the damage is done. Other instance s in which everyday activities harm the back are when we stand. Slouchin g when standing without holding the shoulder s down and back in a relaxed fashion can put a lot of stress on the back and neck. Another

activity in which damage to the back is possible is when we sleep. A bad mattress can damage the spine's natural alignmen t, which can result in back pain. You might also feel the pain in your neck and shoulder s when sleeping on a bad mattress . When the back has been damaged , we may not feel it in the beginnin g, so we continue to practice the same activities as we always have, without correctio n. Pilates and stretchin g exercises were meant to correct the spine's alignmen t. This

type of exercise consists of a series of small, effective, and powerful moveme nts that will strength en those muscles that have come undone during the ebb and flow of everyday activities . You will be able to tighten and tone the buttocks, abdomin al muscles, and back muscles, increasin g your body's overall strength. At some time in the majority of all people's lives, they will experien ce some type of back discomfo rt. It is inevitabl e. We get used to slouchin g and poor postural habits, and they

catch up with us. In the most serious cases, disks become herniate d and sometim es, arthritis can develop. The alignmen t becomes crooked, and all functions of the body are put off. Talk about pain! Stiffness , numbing , tingling, and burning are just a few of the very real sensatio ns that people live with who suffer from back pain. Frequent doctor's visits are an all too common reality for a lot of folks as well. Getting rushed to the emergen cy room also is somethin g that is very

common in the horrible world of back pain. Pilates and stretchin g techniqu es can help to correct even the worst of back problems . Once the strength and alignmen t is restored, everythi ng else follows. Ultimatel y, you will become more consciou s and aware of your posture, and more in the know on how to relieve an onset of back pain. Thanks to Pilates, there will be no more medicati ons, doctor's visits, or pesky bouts of pain. Just a stressfree back in healthy, natural

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Your Everyday Activities are Contributing to Your Back Pain – Pilates Can Help  
Your Everyday Activities are Contributing to Your Back Pain – Pilates Can Help  

General everyday activities can lead to create bad posture which can cause severe back pain, Pilates can help to alleviate this.