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Giving Back a million times


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Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards for outstanding achievements in sport Now is the time to be making your nominations for the people, competitors and non-competitors, who you think should be honoured at the 2013 The Trusts Sport Waitakere Sporting Excellence Awards. Nomination forms can be obtained at For more information please email or call 966 3120. Entries close at 5pm on 1 October and The Awards will be presented on 22 November at The Trusts Arena. There are two categories of Awards and both recognise competitors and the selfless and often anonymous coaches, officials and volunteers who turn out week after week, year after year, to help other people participate on their chosen field of dreams. “Both groups, the athletes and the supporters, are equally essential to the successful delivery and growth of sport in West Auckland, and to the contribution sport makes to our social well-being,” says Lynette Adams, CEO of Sport Waitakere. “Having champions, especially international champions, is wonderful but they are just the tip of a very large iceberg. For the vast majority, sport is about taking part which leads to health, fitness and social well-being. It’s about learning about ourselves and developing social skills, team work, taking the rough with the smooth and enjoying healthy fun, pleasure and feeling good about ourselves in a world where it is too easy not to,” she says.

“It is only right that we should all help to acknowledge the achievement and contribution of everybody involved in West Auckland sport. It all helps to build community, well-being and tradition, and that very special spirit that makes Westies not just proud achievers, but also one big family,” he says. Past winners have included such nationally and internationally known athletes as Olympic Gold Medallist Mahe Drysdale, discus World Champion Beatrice Faumuina, All Blacks Mils Muliaina & Kees Meeuws, Commonwealth/Olympic Games Swimmer Melissa Ingram, Kick-Boxing Legend Ray Sefo, New Zealand cricket’s outstanding batsman Martin Guptill and Rugby 7’s star DJ Forbes. The Awards fall into two broad segments, Sporting Acknowledgement Awards and Sporting Excellence Awards. The Sporting Acknowledgement Awards recognise significant contributions made to their sports in West Auckland, by administrators, volunteers and/or competitors.

Coaches, officials and administrators also very often bring high levels of skills. “They must know rule books, be fit and know about how to motivate and build strength and fitness. They must know how to operate equipment or provide first aid. Administrators must keep good records, manage the finances and run organisations. At the elite level experts get paid heaps for these skills; at the community level they’re delivered free by people who also have a day job,” Lynette says. The Trusts have become naming right sponsor of the Awards, now in their 17th year, taking the place of Unitec which has withdrawn as naming rights sponsor after five years. “I am very proud that The Trusts have taken up the opportunity to support this essential, unique and iconic event,” says The Trusts CEO, Simon Wickham. “We have set ourselves the task of “Giving Back”, in as many effective ways as we can, to the public of West Auckland who own The Trusts and expect us to be good for the community,” he says.


The 2012 Sporting Excellence Awards

Pio Terei - MC for the evening rd member Linda Vagana, Sport Waitakere Boa

Sporting Excellence Awards have 14 categories plus a supreme winner is chosen from among the category winners. The categories are:

Jimmy Tailor and Narel le Quinn from West Cit y Holden with Rico Bearman from Wa itakere City BMX Club, winner of the West City Holden Junior Sportsman of the Year 2012

• Sportswoman of the Year • Sportsman of the Year • Masters Sportsperson of the Year • Junior Sportswoman of the Year • Junior Sportsman of the Year • Official of the Year • Club of the Year • Coach of the Year • Maori Achievement • Pacific Island Achievement • Administrator of the Year

Chief Executive Lynette Adams, Sport Waitakere

• Volunteer Service to Sport • Team of the Year • Youth Leadership in Sport (a new award in 2013). The winners will be chosen by a panel chaired by Simon Wickham, deputy chair of the New Zealand Olympic Committee (and CEO of The Trusts). Other members of the panel are legendary netballer and former Silver Ferns Coach, Yvonne Willering ONZM, Julian Rathael sports editor of the Western Leader and Fay Freeman who is both a business consultant and a member of the Council’s Devonport-Takapuna Local Board.


The Trusts Art and Sculpture Awards - a top national arts event Entries are open for the 27th annual The Trusts Art and Sculpture Awards, the longest running arts awards in New Zealand that, with 450 entries last year, have clearly established themselves as one of the prestige events on the national arts calendar. The Awards are unique because they are open to all and allow amateur and lesser known artists the opportunity to show their work alongside that of some of the most established artists in the country. On top of that, there’s the possibility of being an award winner in a major art event. Entries to the Awards, which are organised by the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council (WCCAC), close on 16 September and the Awards evening is on 3 October 2013. First place is now worth $4,000 and the successful artist gets to keep their winning artwork to sell which, being a winner, is likely to command a premium price.


The paintings can cover various media and content such as oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. There are 10 cash/voucher prizes to be won. Entrants in the painting (Art) category may enter work in Still Life; Landscape; Portrait or Figurative; Abstract; Looking West and Our People Our Place. The Trusts Sculpture Award has a first prize of $2,000 with 6 other cash prizes. The Sculpture Award is an open category with restrictions on size and weight. The Awards represent a huge challenge to the small WCCAC team which spends around 600 hours creating a 650 square metre exhibition in Shed 2 at the Corban Estate Arts Centre.

Waitakere Central Community Arts Council creative outlet for every West Aucklander If you're a creative, artistic or 'crafty' West Aucklander, you should check out the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council (WCCAC). With annual membership costing just $25 for individuals and $30 for families, (thanks to support from The Trusts, Auckland Council and other sponsors), WCCAC is very much an affordable operation run by, and for the community. Based in The Studio, beside the Corban Homestead at the Corban Estate Arts Centre, WCCAC offers classes, open studio sessions, space for tutors to rent and deliver classes and outings. New co-ordinator Diane Costello, herself an accomplished photographer, stresses that WCCAC is open to everybody, all ages, men and women, and all levels of artistic ability. “People come for their own reasons. Some want to be taught, some just want to practice their art or craft in the company of other creative people and not necessarily in the same discipline”, she says. Members are of all ages and at all stages in their journey into art. Some members are serious about their art from the beginning. Others are keen to establish if they have any artistic ability and a number know they are creative but need to be directed on technique. The Studio is a fantastic environment for those seeking the company of likeminded artists and the Open Studio sessions are the best environment for these people. They may be as interactive as they wish or if they prefer quietude, that too is an option.

Presently, the programme includes the open studio sessions and tuition in drawing and painting, watercolour painting, untutored Life Drawing and even Chinese painting for beginners. But Diane sees almost unlimited opportunities for expansion. The open studio sessions are for anybody who wants to practice their art or craft but don’t necessarily want to be taught. One woman, skilled at embroidery, comes to work in the company of other creative people. Throwing pottery isn’t possible at the centre, but one potter comes to develop skills in painting pottery. Furthermore, if whatever you want isn’t on the programme now, the centre will either add it or, they’ll find ways to assist you in another way, possibly by referring you to other teaching studios, but offering you the opportunity to be part of open studio sessions. The facilities are also available to tutors who wish to offer courses of their own.

West Auckland art students in hunt for major tertiary scholarship Around 30 entries in New Zealand's most significant secondary schools art scholarship, are on display at Unitec until 29 August. The scholarships, organised by Lopdell House Gallery, were open to any secondary school student living in West Auckland, irrespective of where they go to school, and entries can be in any artistic discipline. Top prize in the TTCF funded event is $5,000, which is a significant sum for any New Zealand artist not just a secondary school student, says gallery director, Lesley Smith. The prizes are specifically for paying the fees for tertiary study (in any discipline). The art department at the winning student’s school will receive $500. The exhibition, in the Library foyer, Building 1, Unitec, has been curated by a former Unitec student, now working for Lopdell House Gallery. “Unfortunately, the display can only be for a brief, two week, period because many of the students need their work back for part of their final assessment,” says Lesley.


The Tag Out Trust - the front line in the battle against graffiti vandalism

Tagging may be on the increase again in West Auckland after an 18 month lull, but the team at the Tag Out Trust say this is predictable and they’re doing everything they can to curb the trend. The anti graffiti effort is being led by Terry Davis, Tag Out Trust’s Community Services manager who is having considerable success in stopping tagging and turning at least some young offenders around. With tagging often being a gateway to other crime, every tagger who changes his or her ways is one less who’s going to feature in the court records and arrest statistics in the future. Terry has a keen understanding of both the minds of the young taggers and also the families they come from. He employs a wide range of techniques to battle the blight of tagging, working with the Ministry of Justice, CYFS, the Police and at the whanau level. Decoding tags is one way of identifying taggers. Tagging is a form of boasting, or it can be a way to lay claim to “a patch of turf” and there’s not a lot of point in doing it if people don’t know that it’s your work. As a result, being able to decode the tags can lead directly to the taggers or their friends. Restorative justice plays a significant role in Terry’s work as does mentoring, preventative work with primary school age children, working with families and programmes such as Neat Streets and Adopt a Spot.


Neat Streets and Adopt a Spot are ways to empower people to reclaim their neighbourhoods. Empowerment in showing people that they can make difference and will be supported

is very powerful, says Operations Manager Carl Bryant. The key, he says, is finding someone who will lead.

Restorative justice means that taggers who are caught are referred to Terry and made to remove the graffiti. A hard and tedious task especially if it's their own handiwork that the taggers are removing. It is also an opportunity for Terry to get alongside young offenders and earn their respect. Working with whanau can also be a winner, “but only if the families buy in”, says Terry. Many do and that offers very real prospects of achieving lasting change. Age is an important factor in preventing youngsters picking up the tagging habit. Typically there’s a four to five year window between about 12 years of age, (when children might start experimenting), and 17, (when they’re not likely to start). Accordingly, Terry will work with primary schools, getting the children involved in community pride projects which might include cleaning up litter in neighbourhoods or perhaps painting approved murals. These and community clean up days, are invaluable and between 80% and 90% of the kids are still “on message” for some years afterwards.

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Giving Back a million times Around $1,000,000 that's what we've budgeted to return to the community in the form of sponsorships and gifts to the community and rebates to clubs. This is a magnificent way to start keeping our promise, made last year, with our goal to significantly increase our “giving” to the community. It was why we adopted Giving Back as our slogan. This is just a start. Our revitalisation programme has been successful in its first year and we’re expecting the returns to keep on increasing. This of course, is the benefit of having publicly owned licensing trusts. Unlike supermarkets and other private liquor businesses, we don’t have to pay dividends to private shareholders (some of whom may be overseas), we pay dividends to the community itself. We haven’t yet worked out how we’re going to spend all that extra money but one notable addition to our portfolio is the magnificent Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards of which we are now naming rights sponsor. We’ve also signed up to be naming rights sponsor of The Trusts Arena for another 10 years, helping to keep that magnificent facility so affordable that anyone can use it for as little as $5 (for adults) and $3 (for children) for casual court hire. These sponsorships stand alongside other flagship relationships such as, The Trusts Portage Ceramics Awards and The Trusts Arts and Sculpture Awards - both of which are the biggest of their kind in New Zealand. We have renewed our commitment to The Trusts New Zealand Bowls Open, The LG Mystics and Waitakere FC, and to the West Auckland Business Awards.

The Trusts also provide rebates to private clubs in West Auckland that have bars and/or restaurants. Naturally if you join a club you expect that your liquor costs will be cheaper than you’d pay in a public bar. Yet the clubs often rely on profits to fund club activities and charity. Our rebates, as a liquor wholesaler, make that possible. All in all we currently support more than 200 organisations and activities, large and small in the West Auckland area. You can count on that list getting bigger with an extra $750,000 in the budget! We’re very proud of our commitment for the coming year; we don’t believe any other business organisation in Auckland and possibly New Zealand, is more involved in supporting its local community than The Trusts in West Auckland.

Thanks for reading. Kind regards



icons west of the

West Auckland/Waitakere has produced an extraordinary number of extraordinary New Zealanders - men, women, families and companies - who have been unique, outstanding and yes, that much overused word, 'iconic'. We will profile one of them each month.

Beatrice Faumuina The accolades keep coming for "Queen Bea", Beatrice Faumuina ONZM, who now has a Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award acknowledging her as one of six of New Zealand's outstanding emerging leaders.

Two years later she was fifth in the World Junior Championships and in 1994 took the silver medal at her first Commonwealth Games, at Victoria, Canada.

The Award recognised Beatrice in her role as CEO of the Best Leadership Academy and Charitable Foundation. The Academy operates in partnership with Auckland University to provide post graduate courses for outstanding emerging leaders of Pacific Islands heritage, that blend business leadership and entrepreneurship.

A gold medal followed at the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealths of 1998, and she secured her place as one of New Zealand’s greatest athletes with a second successive Commonwealth Games gold medal four years later, at Manchester. In between she made her second Olympics at Sydney 2000 and in 2002 won the IAAF World Cup in Athens. She led the New Zealand team as flag bearer at the Athens Olympics, and proved she was still a force to be reckoned with, throwing 64.45 metres for seventh place.

Sir Peter Blake Trust CEO, Shelley Campbell, said that this year’s award winners have demonstrated “a significant contribution to future proofing New Zealand society”; and that “women, Maori and Pacific leaders are assuming key leadership roles in greater numbers than ever before and achieving remarkable results.” The Sir Peter Blake Award adds to “Queen Bea’s” ONZN (Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit), her status as a four times Olympian, four times Commonwealth Games competitor with two golds and a silver, a world championship, a Halberg Award, New Zealand Athlete of the Year (twice) and New Zealand Thrower Of The Year. Off the field, she was a member of the New Zealand Olympic Athletes’ Commission, Athlete Ambassador for the International Association of Athletics Federations and Ambassador for the Special Olympics. Outside of sport she is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and semi-finalist in Dancing with the Stars. That is an already exceptional record of achievement for a woman who is not yet 40. Beatrice Faumuina set 11 New Zealand discus records over her career, which began when she burst into prominence in 1990 by taking her first New Zealand title as a 16 year old.


A year after staking her claim to international recognition at Victoria, she became the first, and so far only, New Zealand woman to throw the discus beyond 60 metres, almost guaranteeing her selection for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. A year after Atlanta, she became world champion with her greatest throw, a massive 66.82 metres and ended the year as Halberg Award winner.

After four successive appearances, she bowed out of Commonwealth Games competition after an injury-affected fourth place in Melbourne 2006. Two years later she attended her fourth and last Olympics at Beijing. Even so, this was not quite the last hurrah. After skipping the 2009 World Championships to concentrate on the exams for her Bachelor of Business Studies, she left discus throwing on a winning note the following year, with the gold medal at the Oceania Games and then stepped, apparently seamlessly, out of sport and into her role as the inaugural CEO of the Best Leadership Academy and Charitable Foundation. Having dominated her sport on her own terms for an astonishing 16 years, she has now already risen to the top in an entirely different field of endeavour, with every sign that her post sport achievements will be even more glittering.

Beatrice Faumuina, Icon of The west, The West salutes you

13 new 'Don Oliver' scholars The Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation awarded scholarships to 13 outstanding young West Auckland sports people, at its awards dinner in July, and looked forward to as many as nine past and present scholars representing New Zealand at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014. The scholars are all West Aucklanders aged between 14 and 21. They are chosen by an independent panel of experts: Simon Wickham (CEO of The Trusts and deputy chairman of the New Zealand Olympic Committee), chairman; Ross Dallow, a top sports administrator and international coach and; Silver Ferns selector Gael Nagaiya. The scholars receive a grant, membership at Arena Fitness and mentoring.

The scholars included one world champion in Tyla Nathan-Wong, who received the only Gold Scholarship.

A member of the world champion women’s rugby sevens team, Tyla (right) received her scholarship for Touch in which she also wears the Silver Fern.

The Silver Scholarships:

Benedict Chong Wong - Shot put; Lewis Hollows - Rowing; Michael Mincham - Swimming; Elliot Paerata Reid - Surfing; and Danielle Sutherland – Hockey.

Bronze Scholarships:

Elizabeth Cul - Diving; Thomas Kingsmill Waterpolo; Taylor Matthews - Javelin; Daniel Mettam - Motorcycle Racing; Brahm Richards - Wrestling; Adel Van der Walt - Judo; and Logan van Gils - Judo. Foundation Chairman Dai Bindoff said there could be up to a record nine scholars, five past scholars and four from the “Class of 2013/14”, in the New Zealand team in Glasgow next year.

L-R, Back row: Danielle Sutherland, Daniel Mettam, Taylor Matthews, Lewis Hollows, Benedict Chong-Wong, Logan van Gils and Adel Van der Walt. Middle row: Elizabeth Cui, Tyla Nathan-Wong. Front: Brahm Richards

Run for health and pleasure in the Waitakere Fun Run The Waitakere Charity Half Marathon and 11km Fun Run is back again for its 16th year on the 13 October, bigger and better than ever. As well as the half marathon and the Fun Run, organisers The Westy Trust have brought back the 2km Kids Fun Run introduced last year and the 21km relay which has three categories: adults and schools Years 5-8 and Years 9-13. The start finish is on the Douglas Track & Field at the Trusts Arena.

For details and on-line entry forms go to Some proceeds are donated to the North Piha Surf Lifesaving Club for the development of junior lifeguards, in return for the surf club providing the marshals for the run.


Wattyl Wall of Fame Athletes: Darren Liddell, Dennis Williams, Suzanne Timms (representing Chris Timms), Bill Baillie, Yvonne Willering, Beatrice Faumuina. In front: Tuna Scanlan. All acknowledged in the Vision Rentals tribute to the Wattyl Wall of Fame at the Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards 2012.

The West Auckland area has bred or nurtured an astonishing number and diversity of sporting champions, many of whom have stood at the top of the world in their sport. These outstanding men and women are immortalised in the "Wattyl Wall of Fame" in the Genesis Lounge of The Trusts Arena. Sir Peter Snell, Sir Murray Halberg, John Davies and Bill Baillie dominated world athletics in the 1960’s. Baillie and Halberg were West Aucklanders and the whole group trained together in the Waitakere Ranges and on our west coast beaches, under the legendary Arthur Lydiard who used his Titirangi home as their training base. Roy Williams, the 11 time New Zealand champion decathlete between 1956 and 1970, was of the same era. He was the gold medallist at the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica. On his day he was good enough for an Olympic medal, sadly he never got the chance to find out. Yet another is “Queen Bea”, Beatrice Faumuina, ONZM, Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award winner, former world discus champion, Olympian and twice Commonwealth Games gold medallist. Bruce McLaren is acknowledged. Runner up in the Formula One world championship in 1960, this former Westie was one of the world’s greatest racing drivers in the 1950’s and 60’s and the youngest (at that time) to win a Formula One Race. He created the McLaren racing team, which in the 1960’s, with Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme as drivers, so dominated the North American Can Am sports car series that it became known as the


“Bruce and Denny Show”. Although McLaren was killed in 1970 the racing team that bears his name, today ranks with Ferrari as the winningest team in Formula One. The late Chris Timms (and team mate Rex Sellers) won the yachting gold in the Tornado class at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and silver at the 1988 Olympics at Seoul. Chris was a founder of the Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation set-up to honour another Wall of Famer, Westie Olympian, weightlifter Don Oliver, OBE. “The Don” competed at three Olympic Games and won silver and then gold at successive Commonwealth Games. He was 12 times New Zealand heavyweight weightlifting champion. Some of the other outstanding West Auckland sports people to grace the Wall of Fame are Darren Liddell, Olympic weightlifter, Dennis Williams, Rugby League international, Yvonne Willering, Netball international and international coach, Black Caps batsmen Martin Guptill and Craig Spearman, and Tuna Scanlan former New Zealand and British Empire middleweight Boxing champion.

Awards out West Finalists have now been selected in two very different major events, the Westpac West Auckland Business Awards and The Trusts Portage Ceramics Awards. The Business Awards will be presented at a gala dinner at The Trusts Arena in October. For details see Meanwhile the winners of the Ceramics Awards, New Zealand’s most prestigious, will be exhibited at the Silo Park on Auckland’s award winning waterfront, also in October, with the awards evening being held on 11 October. For details see While taking the Awards to the waterfront over the last two years has brought them to a wider Auckland audience, next year they will return to their natural home in the new Lopdell House Gallery in Titirangi.

The Pallet Compan y, Westpac Suprem e Business Excellence

Award Winners 201 2

West Auckland Moon Festival Planning for the 10th West Auckland Moon Festival on the 21 September, at the New Lynn Community Centre suggests the event will be even bigger this year than last. The Moon Festival is celebrated throughout Asia in the northern autumn (hence the 21 September date). The event organised by the West Auckland-based Cantonese Opera Society and Auckland Council/The Whau Local Board, has been developing a distinctly New Zealand flavour. The traditions of Asia remain at its core but Maori, Pacific Islands, Scottish, Irish, Kiwi and Latin influences have expanded the programme in recent years. Plans for the day include closing Totara Avenue for food and craft stalls and children’s entertainment, two stages running throughout the afternoon and evening and a spectacular fireworks finale. Anyone wishing to participate can email Audrey Chan QSM at


Life is Great! Arena Fitness is West Auckland's premier gym located in the heart of The Trusts Arena, on Central Park Drive. “We are here to help you reach your goals, and support you in your fitness training in a positive, energised environment. From weight management to strength training, muscle toning to cardio training, our friendly and well qualified staff are here to help you plan and reach your individual fitness goals.” says Kirsty Salisbury, Sales & Marketing Manager - Fitness. “We offer something for everyone with our GX Group Fitness classes, a big free weights area, awesome top of the range cardio machines, plus a team of excellent Personal Trainers. Taking advantage of our extensive outdoor area including the Douglas Track and Fields, we run regular High Intensity Training programs (Team HIIT) and outdoor classes. There are loads of car parks so it’s really convenient and easy to use Arena Fitness.”

spring into

action Join Arena Fitness on a 12 month contract and you will pay no joining fee, receive a $25 Rebel Sport Voucher and also get a great welcome kit. And because it’s more fun getting fit with someone else, join with a friend on 12 month contracts and neither of you will pay a joining fee plus you’ll both get a $50 Rebel Sport Voucher and a welcome kit.

Arena Fitness has a great reputation as a fantastic gym, with excellent equipment, facilities and staff. It is also a non-profit organisation with a big focus on the West Auckland community. All profits that the gym makes goes straight back into the Arena to help subsidise community sports initiatives and maintenance of the great facilities at The Trusts Arena. Interested to know more? You can contact Arena Fitness on 09 970 5212, or visit

Be quick, this awesome offer ends 5pm, Friday 6th September, 2013.

Kirsty Salisbury Sales & Marketing Manager - Fitness


Off Peak $ Membership Just

It’s never been a better time to join your local fitness centre!

Per Week

A new membership option is now available for people who only want to visit Arena Fitness between 9am and 3pm weekdays. Our Off Peak Membership costs just $10 per week. It includes access to the gym area, our great range of GX Group Fitness classes, a free assessment and a customised training program.

Call us on 970 5212, email us at or drop into reception to check us out

What's Happening at The Trusts Arena! 17th August 2013

 uckland Rugby League A 2013 Premiership Grand Finals Day  uckland Rugby League 2013 Premiership A Grand Finals Day consists of all three Premiership divisions. This is an accumulation of 20 weeks of Rugby League with the best of the best on display. • Mandron Masonry Phelan Shield, kick-off at 11:30am • SAS Sharman Cup, kick-off at 1:15pm The Appliance Shed Fox Memorial, kick-off at 3:30pm • Additional entertainment throughout the day

27TH – 31st August 2013

Volleyball NZ National Club Championships

Hold your next full day meeting at Arena Functions for just $39.95 per person Why not consider Arena Functions at The Trusts Arena for your next meeting or function? There are a range of rooms that are perfectly suited for meetings, seminars, training sessions or events for 10 or more people. They have very affordable rates, with a day meeting rates that start at $39.95+GST per person which includes morning tea, a casual lunch and afternoon tea. For an off-site meeting for 10 people that lasts all day, including refreshments and lunch - it’s just $399.50+GST! There are real advantages of getting out of the office or usual work environment to focus on those important meetings or training sessions and The Trusts Arena is keen to get West Auckland businesses, clubs and associations using the Function Centre. “Arena Functions continues to invest in modern facilities and equipment. We are now installing interative whiteboards into the Canam Room and Heron Lounge so meeting goers have great resources to make their activities even more productive” says Simon Daly, Commecial Manager. “We are incredibly flexible and can arrange rooms to suit the exact needs of our customers, we have great resources to host excellent meetings and the pratical experience to ensure those events run smoothly.”

For more information contact Simon Daly on 970 5207 or email

Clubs from all around New Zealand vying to be the best in the country. Great entertainment and high energy action.

3RD October 2013

Waitakere City Charity 11km Fun Run & Half Marathon The Waitakere Charity Fun Run & Half Marathon provides something for everyone: an 11km walk or run or the challenge of a half marathon. While the half marathoners are very serious (some of them anyway) this is all about community and everyone having a go!

Our West August 2013  
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