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Glendene West Liquor Exceeds Expectations “It has exceeded our expectations”, that was the delighted response from Mark Clayton, Retail Operations Manager for The Trusts, when asked about the first week of trading in the newly transformed Glendene store. Glendene is where the West Liquor brand made its first appearance in mid September with its smart, modern, store layout featuring colours and graphic images of the west. Both customers and staff hailed it as a major success. “One week isn’t long enough to track the hard statistic but, in terms of customer response, it has certainly exceeded my expectations”, Mark said after the first week of trading. Mark said he’d stood in the shop watching customer’s faces and asking them how they liked the new store. “Every one of them said they really liked it”, he said. Deputy manager Wendy Storey confirmed this impression when Our West decided to take a look. Female customers seem pleased with the new layout which is light, airy and attractive as well as feeling comfortable and safe. As a real bonus, one customer in a wheelchair complimented staff because he can now use the store completely without assistance, which is important for people with disabilities. The construction works at Glendene West Liquor were completed on time and within the strict budget allocated to the transformation. Four more stores will get a major makeover between now and Christmas, watch out for transformations at Swanson, Te Atatu, Kelston and Avondale.

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What's Happening in West Auckland


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The Good Times Guide


Spring Liquor Specials


Swanson Village Wines & Spirits Along with the new West Liquor brand now showcased at Glendene, we have just launched the first of our Wines and Spirits stores at 705 Swanson Road. The new Swanson Village Wines & Spirits store is now open! Wines & Spirits are specialty stores selling wine, spirits and beers. There is an emphasis on wines in particular, giving customers a more extensive wine selection, promoting new and established wines with tastings and meeting the wine preferences of the local community. These stores will also promote craft beer, a segment rapidly growing in popularity. The need to cater for discerning beer drinkers who appreciate the subtle differences of hop and style is apparent. We see quality beers being produced in many varieties and the knowledge of craft beer consumers is following similar paths to that of wine aficionados.

New Zealand Bowls Open shaping as World Class Event The Trusts New Zealand Bowls Open at Henderson is shaping up to be a big event in 2012, and perhaps one of the most prestigious national events in the world. Organisers are expecting to at least equal last year’s 264 entries in the men’s singles and 127 for the women’s. Nine entries this year in pairs and six in the triples of the recently introduced disability section, have already matched last year’s field and organisers are hoping for an increase to 12 for the pairs and 10 in the triples. While the Black Jacks won’t be playing, they’ll be in Australia for the World Championships in December, White Squad and Development Squad players will be at Henderson. These are the next two levels down from the Black Jacks and given that the national side is regarded as the best in the world, these two squads also feature some of the world’s finest players. To add further zest to the competition, prize money has been increased to $35,000 making this one of the key tournaments in New Zealand. The Round Robin qualifying tournament will be played from 8 to 11 November and The Trusts New Zealand Open will be played from 11 November to 16 November. The Trusts is proud to be able to make a difference for both New Zealand and West Auckland Bowls and the sport’s thousands of followers

Mystics score Aitken The LG Mystics, heartbreakingly close to a place in the final of the Trans Tasman netball competition this year, have secured former top national coach Ruth Aitken for the 2013 season. Aitken is expected to be a temporary appointment after regular coach Debbie Fuller decided to step down as head coach. It’s hard to make an impression in just one year but if anyone can take the Mystics to next year’s championship it’s the coach who took the Ferns to the top of the world.

Congratulations LG Mystics from a very proud 'local' sponsor.


New artist Karen Sewell of Auckland with her painting “Runway”, winner of the 2011 The Trusts Art And Sculpture Awards

New Era For The Trusts Art And Sculpture Awards The Trusts Art and Sculpture Awards, formerly the Waitakere Trust Art Awards, entered an exciting new era this year, with a new name, a better reward for the artist, and an increase in the numbers of artists entering. Major factors in the growth were last year’s decision to allow artists to keep their winning work whereas previously the winning piece had been acquired by the Trust. Dropping the acquisitive aspect means giving the winner the double benefit of the $4000 cash prize and the opportunity sell the winning piece. The response was immediate and some 400 pieces were entered into this year’s event, further enhancing its stature as one of the major art events in New Zealand. After 25 years, the Awards are one of the longest running Art Awards in New Zealand, The Trusts Art and Sculpture Awards are a national forum which offers the many hundreds of local artists the opportunity to showcase their talents alongside some of the best in the country. The Trusts have been sponsors since the beginning although the event was previously known as the Waitakere Trust Art Awards, incorporating the Lincoln Green Sculpture Awards. The 400 entries this year needed 660 square metres of exhibition space at the Corban Estate Art Centre.


“Brazier From Hell” by local artist Andrew Hall was second in the 2011 Lincoln Green Awards”

Megan Carter, Coordinator of the Waitakere Central Community Arts, Council said the decision to increase the prize and drop acquisition made a big difference. “This really opened up the competition because artists would not enter a work they valued at $7000.00 if the top prize was $4000.00.”

"We get to see some extraordinary works submitted every year, but I think the new award structure really attracted some fierce competition. It just keeps getting better." Megan says Lynette McKinstrie, President of the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council is also thrilled with the development. “We were very proud to have achieved 25 years of celebrating the arts here in West Auckland. This show goes from strength to strength, with local business support, and hundreds of volunteer hours involved. Now we are looking forward to seeing our artists promoted and celebrated on a whole new level, “she says.

Muriwai Surf and Community Complex to open debt-free in December

The Surf Club at Muriwai nestled into surrounding bush

The magnificent new, multi purpose, $5.5 million, national-standard-setting Muriwai Surf Club building is on track to open debt free in December this year, says club chairman and project director, Tim Jago. The development, named The Surf Club at Muriwai, is a bold future vision that sets a new standard for surf lifesaving clubs in New Zealand. It is also a multi-purpose community centre offering a local “home” to a variety of sport, leisure and interest groups. The size and sophistication of the life guard facilities recognises that Muriwai is already the busiest surf beach in New Zealand and those demands will only increase with population growth, creating a requirement for quality facilities that will serve well into the future. Meanwhile, its all-purpose community character acknowledges the fact that Muriwai Beach has a significant local community. It is a major regional venue for a range of water, beach-related and educational activities, and a significant tourism destination attracting around 1.3 million visitors annually. With this as back-drop, it made sense to future-proof the local facilities by incorporating the wider community needs with those of the Surf Life Saving Club, into one outstanding regional centre. Included in the major groups that will be based here alongside the surf club, is the 240 member Muriwai Sport Fishing Club. The new building has a state-of-the-art lifeguard operations wing with members’ clubhouse, sufficient storage for all club assets, a club lounge, and several outdoor social areas. A purpose-designed emergency medical station will be shared with the local First Response group while the dedicated class room/teaching facility will support surf Life guard training and school / educational groups undertaking field trips to Muriwai. There is bunkroom style accommodation for 40 people, a community lounge for up to 120 people, seated dining for 200+ in a theatre style configuration which can be increased to 300 if the wide-span doors are retracted to make use of the excellent indoor/outdoor flow.

There is a catering-standard main kitchen and kitchenettes in the lifesaving wing and club lounge and the layout enables the facility to be used by three or four groups at once. Further emphasising the community nature of the facility, Muriwai Surf Life Saving Club chairman, Tim Jago, this year initiated “The Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service Alumni”, a community support group that is targeted to raise $250,000 for club purposes. Tim Jago says the response has been excellent in the month since the launch of the “Alumni” with at least 15 pledges totalling $25,000 already committed and growing. Membership is open to any supporter, whether a club member or not. Ordinary membership is by annual donation of $100 to $1,000; Charter membership is open during 2012 to people donating $1,000 or more. Anyone donating $5,000 or more will be recognised with emeritus status or as a “Fellow” of the club. The Trusts Community Foundation Limited (TTCFL) is one of the key supporters and funders of this magnificent facility proving, yet again, the value of the distribution of gaming machine funds in the local area for the benefit of the communities where they are raised. TTCFL and The Trusts are different organisations, but TTCFL gaming machines operate in The Trusts venues throughout West Auckland. These are mainly used by our customers, West Aucklanders - and TTCFL has a practice of returning 99% of available funds raised in West Auckland to West Auckland. Their grant funding decisions take into account recommendations made by the Elected Members of the two West Auckland Trusts (The Trusts) on grant applications made to TTCFL for funding for West Auckland community activities.

It is another example of West Aucklanders helping West Aucklanders to make the West a special place.


Making a positive in the community we West Auckland Licensing Trusts exist to make a positive difference in the society they serve and since I took the job as CEO, we have been determined to build on the good work of the past, and deliver even more community value into West Auckland, in the future. I see the word “Trust” as meaning that our community trusts us to manage the sale of alcohol in West Auckland in the way that benefits the community most and contributes to the reduction of liquor abuse so far as we are able to do. They also want us to have a beneficial influence on the way gaming machines operate in the community. How do we know what benefits the community most? By doing research. We want to know what you are thinking, what you want, what you like and dislike, because that is the only way we can know if we are getting it right for the community. To achieve this we have UMR Research to undertake annual research for us to ensure we’re in touch with you, our community.

The other essential ingredient is to listen to what our community tells us. And we do. That is a reason that you don’t see a liquor store on every corner, or have liquor sold in dairies. The people of West Auckland don’t want that. They are also very pleased that as a result of having a relatively small number of retail outlets, our liquor-related problems are much smaller than in many other communities (some of which have people marching in the streets demanding what we already have – fewer liquor stores). Us listening is why you now see all our stores being completely modernised. Research showed you want modern, attractive, premises and women, in particular, want to feel valued, safe and welcome. We are now meeting those expectations along with world class standards of customer service and almost completely foolproof systems to prevent minors buying alcohol from us.


Unlike supermarkets, dairies and private liquor retailers, profit isn’t our sole reason for being in business. We are here to sell liquor responsibly and meet community expectations. To do that, we have to balance making an acceptable profit against achieving the greatest possible public good. We can do this because our profits don’t go into private pockets; they are re-invested in West Auckland, with part channelled back into the community in the form of grants and sponsorships for worthwhile causes and part re-invested in the business that serves you. Nevertheless, we do want to increase profits (responsibly) in order to increase the amount of funding we can return to the community to support worthy causes.

This is community accountability in action. Meanwhile, while West Auckland Licensing Trusts don’t run them, gaming machines are in our premises and therefore, the public expect us to be just as accountable on gaming as we are on alcohol - and we take that very seriously too. We don’t own the machines and we don’t distribute the funds that come from them, but we do decide which gaming society is allowed to place its machines in our premises. We have contracted TTCFL and have done so on the understanding that we expect them to be as responsible and accountable as we are. One of the most obvious side benefits is that in West Auckland, TTCFL generally returns 99% of all available funds raised in West Auckland to West Auckland, in the form of grants. The other great benefit is that our Elected Members are allowed to review the grant applications, received by TTCFL and make recommendations about which ones they consider should be granted. Because our

difference serve

did you know? 1. That Licensing Trusts were set up 70 years ago.  he idea was to let the public own the liquor T businesses in their communities and ensure that liquor was sold responsibly. It certainly works out West!

Elected Members know their communities very well, this system consistently provides excellent advice to TTCF and we believe, has resulted in the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people and communities in West Auckland. West Auckland has benefitted enormously.

2. The public control The Trusts.  ur trustees are West Auckland people O

This is an excellent model and hopefully, the politicians and political parties will be guided by it when considering the Flavell Bill which proposes to change the way gambling is managed. This Bill recommends passing the distribution of gaming machine funds to committees made up of representatives of councils, local social groups and iwi. The big danger here is that these new committees will make grants to support council spending, or to support their own causes, leaving crumbs for the wide range of groups that currently get a fair share of the available money but are not represented in the proposed committees.

3. The Trusts don't "do" gaming.  he gaming machines in our premises are T

We must hope that the Government will look instead at the excellent Licensing Trusts model already in place, with local people making local decisions and decide to see it used everywhere. If it does - and strengthens the Gaming Act in a few places - we can have a superb and fair system that is geared to maximise the good and eliminate the bad.

elected by you every three years. They are accountable to the community. You can talk to them and you can vote them out if they don’t do a good job.

owned by a completely separate organization called TTCF. TTCF, a, Class 4 Gaming organizations that owns the pokies and distributes profits back to the community.

4. The Trusts aren't a monopoly.  eople say that we are but just over half of P the licensed premises in West Auckland are privately owned. They can be licensed to sell alcohol and to have gaming machines in their premises.

5. The Trusts can't stop others getting liquor and gaming licenses.  e have absolutely no say in either area. W This is the role of Council.

Kind regards to you all


6. There don't seem to be many liquor stores in West Auckland.  ur research shows that most West O

Aucklanders are happy that West Auckland has a relatively small number of licensed liquor retailers, compared to other areas in Auckland.


icons west of the

West Auckland/Waitakere has produced an extraordinary number of extraordinary New Zealanders - men, women, families and companies - who have been unique, outstanding and yes, that much overused word, 'iconic'. We will profile one of them each month.

Sir Graham "Ted" Henry Sir Graham “Ted” Henry, the world’s pre-eminent rugby coach, has a record that is unlikely to ever be equalled, and in some ways it all began in West Auckland - and Kelston to be exact. Born in Christchurch, Sir Graham came to Auckland to teach at Auckland Grammar then came west in 1982 as deputy principal of Kelston Boys High. In 1987 he became principal, a post he held until 1996. During this time the school excelled academically and in sport, creating an enduring respect for him that is manifest in many ways, not least in the fact that Henry House is named for him. And the affection is mutual. During this time also, Henry had been coaching the Auckland (NPC) side. In 1992 he was appointed head coach and for the next four seasons the team was the national champion. With the advent of Super Rugby and the professional era in 1996, Henry became coach of the newly formed Auckland Blues. They won the title in 1996 and 1997. Many now believed he was a “shoo-in” to be the next coach of the All Blacks which, by then, had failed to win two successive World Cups. The “experts”, however, thought differently and Henry departed for Wales. Henry was popularly dubbed “The Great Redeemer” as Wales rode the crest of Northern Hemisphere rugby for several seasons, a record that in 2001earned him the distinction of becoming the first ever non-British coach of the British and Irish Lions.


By now Henry was utterly unique in World Rugby and the All Blacks had failed to win four successive World Cups. His time at the All Blacks’ helm had come. What followed is one of the most successful eras in All Black history, the one blemish being ejected from the 2008 World Cup, a blemish erased four years later when the All Blacks won the Webb Ellis Trophy after 28 years in the wilderness. Since then, “Ted” Henry has been knighted but the world came full circle in a way, with the award of the 2012 Sir Geoffrey Peren Medal, Massey University’s supreme honour for a graduate who has reached the highest level of achievement in business or professional life or who has been of significant service to the University, community or nation. It is a reminder that Sir Graham Henry’s greatest contribution may always be the years teaching and guiding the young leaders of tomorrow and especially his achievements at Kelston Boys High. “Teaching,” he says, “is by far more important than being a rugby coach. You have a big responsibility in helping kids develop and you’re working with young minds. So, I think it’s a very important job. I was involved for 25 years, and I loved it - I got a lot of personal satisfaction out of it.”

Sir Graham Henry, Icon of the West, the West salutes you.

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2012 World Roller Figure Skating, The Trusts Stadium

Waitakere Charity 11km Fun Run & Half Marathon, 8.00am, The Trusts Stadium

The Wild West Market, Te Pai Centre, Henderson

Albany Kindergarten Gala 4 Bass Road, Albany

31 Oct

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Greenhithe Spring Festival Collins Park

Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards, The Trusts Stadium

Hope & Possibility Fun Run, North Harbour Stadium

Inside the Orchestra – APO Open Day, Orchestral Action in West Auckland, The Trusts Stadium

Glen Eden Santa Parade, Glen Eden

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24 Nov

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Volunteer & Emergency Services, Open Day, The Lakes

Speights West Coaster Bethells Beach, Te Henga

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The Trusts Function Centre has the capacity and flexibility to host everything from small business meetings to banquets and conferences, private functions, seminars and trade shows for hundreds or even thousands of delegates.

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Experience one of the most successful & well established Quiz Nights in Auckland. Free to enter teams of 2-8, hosted by Simon McKinney. Register by 7pm.

Wednesday Pitcher Club Purchase 4 Pitchers and receive the 5th Free!

MISSING TIME DJ Karn Hall & guests laying down the tracks on Thursdays 9pm – 2am. Perfect weekend warm up with drink specials.

A Tribe Called West

DJ Manchoo & guests spin only the best Hip Hop & RnB. Fridays 10pm until late. The Good, The Bad, The Sexy DJs Alex Q, Doctor J, Elmo & Sunil with their most prized collections of House music. Saturday 10pm until late.

Richardson’s Tavern

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Every Wednesday night. Registration from 7pm, play starts at 7.30pm, $5 entry fee, $50 cash prize for 1st and $20 bar tab for 2nd place.

Monday Pizza Madness

Order any pizza and receive a complimentary Corona, available all day Monday. Tuesday Mussel Mania The best deal in West Auckland, half price mussels available all day Tuesday. Christmas at Origins Book your end of year function at Origins Restaurant now. Great options available including ten-pin bowling and dinner packages. Phone 831 0266 or email

$5 Happy Hour Enjoy $5 drink specials on selected beer, wine and spirits. Every day from 5pm to 7pm.

SOCIAL POOL COMP Comp played under standard ‘pub rules’ every Friday, registration opens 6.30pm, $10 Entry, cash prizes on the night, FREE Jukebox.

Beer O’clock Head to Miss Q’s for a cool beer at the end of the work day, $5 handles from 5-6pm, $6 handles from 6-7pm, selected beers only.

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Thursday $12 Mussels

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Happy Hour 5-7pm Enjoy drink specials on selected beer and RTDS, every day from 5 to 7pm.

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Study Break Bring in your Student ID (University) and receive $5 food & beverage specials. All day every day! Carlsberg Pool Night Every Thursday Night at 7:30pm. $5 Entry. First 16 paid play. Prizes for first and second place. $5 Carlsberg on the night.

Wednesday NPPL Poker Free to play, win cash and bar tabs and gain entry into regional competitions. Every Wednesday, starts at 6.30pm. Sign-ups close at 7.30pm.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Professional Karaoke Get your friends together and sing your heart out at West Auckland’s best Karaoke. Thursdays, starts 7pm.

Karaoke Karaoke with Wazza every Saturday. Come down and have some fun. Every Saturday from 7pm.



NITEOWL KARAOKE Hosted by Craig & Ivan, Saturday the 13th, this month’s theme HALLOWEEN, 4pm-8pm.


Tuesdays Believe It or Not - Quiz Bring your team, up to 5 people per team, free entry and bar tabs for 1st and 2nd Place. Every Tuesday, sign up by 7.30pm.

Free to play. Every Friday night from 7pm.

League played under World 8 Ball Federation Rules every Wednesday, registration opens 6.30pm, $5 Entry, Bar Voucher Prizes on the night, $5 Bar Voucher included with every entry.

Ladies Night Thursday

Family Night Kids Dine Free (1 kids meal free per adult meal ordered), Thursday between 5-7pm.


Live Bands Saturday 20th Saturday 20th October, 7.30pm start, FREE entry.

Local Reggae Band ‘Unknown Peace’, Friday the 19th, 8pm Start, FREE ENTRY - Bring Your ID’s!

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