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West Auckland is $8 million better off from TTCF Grants


Last days before Don Oliver applications close


High tea celebrates Janet Clews 50 years in local government


Westgate Store brings new era of convenience


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West Auckland is $8 million better off from TTCF Grants More than 430 West Auckland organisations benefited by more than $8 million between them from donations made by TTCF during the 2013/14 financial year. This was all money TTCF raised in West Auckland premises owned by The Trusts, and returned to West Auckland.

"Very few communities in New Zealand have this opportunity where trustees elected by their community make recommendations to a gaming society about where these funds are best used to benefit West Auckland", says Simon Wickham, Chief Executive of The Trusts. "This is another tangible benefit of The Trusts in West Auckland."

The biggest single beneficiary was the Lopdell House Development Trust which received $1.425 million from money raised in The Trust area. A number of schools and other educational institutions also received grants of over $100,000 with Rutherford College in The Trust’s area, getting $198,000.

“Because we own the premises, we can select the organisation that will operate gaming machines. That enables us to set very high expectations in terms of the integrity of the operations and also in terms of the level of funding that is returned to our community.

Other beneficiaries receiving more than $100,000 in The Trust's area were: Northwest Community Services Trust $250,000; West Auckland Hospice $200,000; the Plunket Car Seat scheme $184,000 and the Croatian Cultural Society and the Waitakere City Stadium Trust which owns The Trusts Arena received $100,000 each. Avondale College received $104,000 and the Avondale College Early Childhood Education Centre $114,734; Kelston Boys High received $107,000, the Lopdell House Society was given $105,000 and Ecomatters Trust $133,000.

"TTCF is our presently preferred operator and it returns close to 99 percent of its profits to the community. In the last year, that meant that 438 sporting, cultural, community and educational institutions including schools, early childhood centres, kindergartens and play centres, shared $8,192,939 between them," Simon says. The full list of donations can be seen in Our West online at

The Auckland Philharmonia was granted a total across both areas, of $134,790, Waitakere Auckland City Brass $63,000 and Waitakere West Auckland Basketball $64,000. Many other organisations received grants of $10,000 and more, and more still benefitted from smaller grants of up to $10,000. There were a total of 134 grants made to different organisations in the Portage area and 304 in the Waitakere area.

Portage Licensing Trust

Waitakere Licensing Trust

These graphs show the distribution of TTCF grants to the Portage and Waitakere Licensing Trust areas.

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A three year strategy to take the Northern Mystics back to the

top of the ANZ Championship

important thing. With sustained hard work and effort, the results will follow. As a famous golfer once said; “the harder I practice, the luckier I get.” In high performance sport these days, there are so many things that need to be taken into account and brought into line, that it was always going to take two years and possibly three, to remake the Mystics into a championship contender. The team has stuck with its high energy, and inevitably high risk, style. Other teams go for being impenetrable on defence; the Mystics are fast, creative and unpredictable. It’s a style where everyone has to be instinctively aware of what the other players are going to do next and put themselves in place to do their bit to take the play forward.

The Northern Mystics reckon they have put the worst behind them in 2014 and are looking forward to much improved fortunes in the years ahead. As they head for 2015 on what they believe is the upswing, but without a major sponsor yet in place, they need their fans more than ever to drive the team forward on-court and to help the cashflow off-court. Every team in the world has its low points. The great teams understand that. They hate it and take the humility and the lessons that it brings. They also use it to light new fire in the belly and fight their way back to the top again, better and stronger than they were before. They don’t do it alone. Their committed fans are in for the long haul with them. Loyal in the bad times and loyal in the good. That goes for The Trusts too, as fans and sponsors. We’re still in there with the Mystics and we want every fan in West Auckland to do the same. After hitting rock bottom in 2013 the Northern Mystics, like all top teams that fall on bad times, have picked themselves up and mapped out a three year strategy to take them back to the top. The year just completed was better than the year before even after the confidence rocking demolitions by the Vixens and the Magic in the first two rounds this year. For a while it felt like the nightmare of 2013 had rolled on into this year and really rocked the team’s confidence and so it took courage and hard work to come back from a shocker of a start to the season. Already the results are showing. “Marked out of ten, I’d say five out of ten for results but eight for effort” says CEO, Julie Paterson. At this stage, one year into a three year strategy, the effort is the

The trick, says Julie, is to be able to do this with precision. Instinctive, creative plays are not the same as “Hail Mary” plays. They are built on highly skilled individuals learning how to work to each other’s strengths and instincts. That takes relentless practice and high pressure game experience. Inevitably, success also depends on having a settled squad and culture. But management still has to keep its eyes on the future and be nurturing youngsters to step in and gradually ease their way into being first line players by the time the current “guns” are ready to hang up their bibs. Nurturing youth is almost three dimensional thinking. The coaching and other staff have to be aware of where the younger players are in their development, understand their personalities and what motivates them and then provide programmes to bring them through, all the while bearing in mind where they will fit in, and how to give them the game time that will give them confidence and the team confidence in them. How to manage the senior squad to ensure that it reaches peak as a settled squad with depth and yet have the courage to make room for the younger talent, is equally complex. Older players have a use-by date of which, in many cases, nobody is aware. Some players may have an eye on a date in the future, others will simply know that date when it arrives. At this stage, Julie is not aware of any potential retirements but when they come, as inevitably they must sooner or later, the Mystics are looking to keeping faith with the present squad and its youth talent, rather than imports, to take the team into the future. But the team is hoping the fans will step up too. So come on West Auckland, when the memberships go on sale soon, get in there and “show the Mystics your love.”

Congratulations Maria Tutaia! Congratulations to captain Maria Tutaia, the second Mystics' player after Laura Langman to play 100 ANZ Championship games. Maria reached her “ton” in the Mystics' 13th round match against the Fever. Two times Grand Finalist, Maria played 31 matches for the Magic between 2008 and 2009 including the 2008 Grand Final loss to the Swifts. She has played 68 matches for the Mystics since joining in 2010, including the 2012 Grand Final.


The Trusts become Associate Sponsor of `The Don Oliver´ The Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation is delighted to announce that The Trusts has joined them as Associate Sponsor. The Trusts has long supported 'The Don Oliver' and this year decided that it would increase its contribution in a variety of ways including a monetary contribution, regular publicity in Our West magazine and assistance with other costs.

“This associate sponsorship is yet another example of The Trusts ‘Giving Back’ to the West Auckland community and it will help us very significantly, to increase the contribution that 'The Don Oliver' makes to young Westie athletes,” Dai says.

“Having the support of The Trusts has always been very important to us both in terms of being able to run our annual fundraising dinner, but also over the last year in introducing our new 'Don Oliver Workshops' that are open to all young West Auckland athletes,” says Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation (DOYSF) chairman, Dai Bindoff.

He said that The Trusts were one of a family of sponsors who have loyally supported the Don Oliver Foundation over many years.

With The Trusts it’s very hard to tell where one lot of support begins and another ends. For example, Simon Wickham, CEO of The Trusts spoke to our last workshop attended by more than 30 young athletes, on the subject of how to get selected. “Nobody understands that better than Simon who is the chairman of the independent selection panel that chooses our Don Oliver Scholars each year. He is also chairman of the New Zealand Olympic Committee selectors and they choose all the athletes who will attend summer and winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games.”

“These organisations are examples of the extraordinary generosity of spirit that you find in West Auckland. They know that their contributions are making a real difference to young West Aucklanders, and that is what they want to see, and why they stay with us. “The people who give their support and the athletes are the ones who have built a track record of success second to none in New Zealand and we, The Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation, have the privilege of being the channel through which the support flows to the athletes,” he says.

Don Oliver Workshops help young athletes reach for their dreams The new 'Don Oliver Workshops' being held monthly are open to all young West Auckland athletes, not just Don Oliver Scholars. They are designed to help young athletes understand all of the things they need to know if they’re to succeed in their sport. The next workshop is all about doping; why not to do it and how to avoid doing it by accident by taking some substance that is in medicine or food. In the May Don Oliver Workshop, The Trusts CEO, Simon Wickham opened the eyes of 30 youngsters to the demanding skills of getting noticed and getting selected. Simon pointed out that when selectors have to work their way through dozens of applications, whether it be for funding or to become an Olympian, applicants had to find way to be noticed and “tell their story” in a way that grabs the selector’s interest. To demonstrate this art, he challenged everyone present to go and tell “their story” to someone in the room, who they didn’t know. It was an interesting and eye-opening exercise for the youngsters and adults alike. Results, results and results are the key driver because in the end selectors have to look at whether or not this person has a track record of results and consistent improvement that is worthy of attention. He noted how these days it was harder than ever to break into Olympic, World Championship or Commonwealth Games selection and even harder to convert selection into a medal. The only real starting point was to achieve the results that say that you deserve to

be selected and that you are better than the next best. “Don’t just aim to qualify. The qualification standard is the minimum that’s required. Aim above that,” he said, urging his audience to believe in themselves and to think in terms of “BoHAGs”, otherwise known as “Big Hairy Audacious Goals”. He also told them to follow the rules on the application form. “Writing ‘see attached’ and then writing an essay on a separate piece of paper” was a very good way to get put in the “maybe” pile rather than the “yes” pile, he told them. Previous workshops have covered sports nutrition and learning how to reward sponsors and deal with the public in a variety of ways including social media. Simon Wickham tells young athletes "how to get selected" at May's Don Oliver Workshop

Last days before this year's Don Oliver applications close Young West Auckland athletes are being urged to get their applications in for a 2014/15 Don Oliver Youth Sport Foundation Scholarship. Application forms and terms and conditions can be found at or hard copies can be obtained from Michael at Sport Waitakere. Applications close at 5pm on 30 June. Scholarships are open to promising young West Auckland athletes in any sport, who are aged between their 14th birthday and 21st birthday (both days inclusive) at the time the applications close on June 30 this year. Applicants must have their permanent home address in the area served by The Trusts (from New Windsor to Kumeu), and may not be elite or professional or semi professional. "The point about the home address is important," says Alan Parry, DOYSF deputy chairman. “We understand that many athletes need to live and train away from their home; young cyclists having to train at either Invercargill; or now Cambridge are a good example. However, if they still have their home address in West Auckland, they still qualify.” Applications can come from individuals, their friends or family, their school, club or coach and really should include support from their coach, club, school or regional or national sports organisation.

After ensuring that the applicants meet the criteria for selection, the DOYSF passes them to the expert, independent selection panel that comprises Simon Wickham, Chairman, Gael Nagaiya convenor of selectors for the Silver Ferns and Ross Dallow, international coach and leading sports administrator. The selectors will be looking for youngsters with the results, potential and character to join the next generation of national and world champions, and Olympic or Commonwealth games medallists. In the 16 years since 'The Don Oliver' was founded there hasn’t been a New Zealand Olympic or Commonwealth Games team that hasn’t included a past or present Don Oliver scholar. This year at Glasgow, the potential gold medallists include Lauren Boyle, one of the top women swimmers in the world, and a former Don Oliver scholar. Other champions supported by 'The Don Oliver' have included Melissa Ingram, Tyla Nathan Wong (a member of the New Zealand women’s world champion sevens rugby team, and also the national touch squad), Carl Evans a world champion sailor and Alexis Pritchard our first woman Olympic boxer.

Don Oliver Dinner on the 29th of August Tickets will soon go on sale for the annual Don Oliver Awards and Fundraising Dinner, scheduled for 29 August at the Genesis Room of The Trusts Arena. The dinner has been a major attraction on the West Auckland social calendar for many years, where each year’s “class” of scholars is announced, past and present scholars tell their stories of treading the world stage, and a first class speaker entertains. Last year’s speaker, former All Black icon Eric Rush, had the audience in stitches with his humour laden account of growing up poor in Northland, coming to the big city and ultimately touring the world. This year’s speaker will be the one and only Billy Graham, one of our most renowned and successful motivators of young people.

If you'd like to get ahead of the rush and register interest in purchasing tickets now please contact Roxy at

Each year there is also an auction of memorabilia and other fantastic items and the event is conducted by the country’s leading MC. Tickets for the dinner are $149 each with a discount of 10 percent for a table of ten. This is a “must do” event and this year the organisers hope that our top woman swimmer Lauren Boyle will be able to join the gathering fresh from triumphs at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Proud Sponsors

2013 recipients at the Don Oliver Awards and Fundraising Dinner

High tea celebrates

'Queen Mother' Janet Clews' 50 years in local government

A group of some of Auckland's more eminent citizens, including Mayor Len Brown and Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, gathered for high tea at Waikumete Cemetery, to celebrate Janet Clews' 50 years in politics. Ooops. 'Public service'. Mrs Clews CNZM, QSO, JP was first elected in 1963, becoming the youngest woman councillor in New Zealand’s history at that time and signed off on her local Government career last year, after 50 years. In 1983 she became Mayor of Glen Eden (and West Auckland’s first and only woman Mayor), and in 1989 a Waitakere City Councillor. She held this position for 21 years from when the city was founded until 2010 when it was folded into the super city. Among many roles at Waitakere Council, she was chairman of the Finance Committee. She served in to last October as Deputy Chairman of the Waitakere Range Local Board. Most recently she has been appointed to Auckland Council’s Senior Advisory Panel which will support the needs of the cities older citizens. She was also a founding trustee, and one time president, of the Portage Licensing Trust of which she is still a member. She is also a director of West Auckland Trust Services Ltd, the commercial company that manages The Trusts various retail and hospitality businesses. In 2011 she became one of only 40 New Zealanders to be admitted as a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Tributes were paid by Mayor Brown, former Waitakere Mayor and now Waterfront Auckland chairman, Sir Bob Harvey, Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, Waitakere Board administrator and former community board member Sharon Davies and former Waitakere councillor and Waitakere Local Board chairman, Denise Yates. Ms Yates was one of a number who paid tribute to Mrs Clews with a poem. Sir Bob Harvey, who many years ago dubbed Mrs Clews the “Queen Mother of Waitakere”, quoted the ‘Dammit Janet’ song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He also said that as a Glen Eden resident and advertising agent, he had approached Mrs Clews when she was Glen Eden Mayor, and suggested changing the name of Glen Eden. “She told me to get out,” he said to laughter. She responded that, in fact, she had approached Sir Bob to come up with a new name and he had come up with Kaurilands, which couldn’t be used because Kaurilands was nearby but not in the borough. “My story was better”, Sir Bob quipped. “Your stories always are”, she retorted.

Janet Clews was accompanied to the high tea by her two surviving sons, Geoffrey and Andrew. In paying tribute to his mother, Geoff told the 65 guests that this was the second similar event to honour his mother and they were starting to be referred to in the family as “living wakes”. Mrs Clews lost her husband Ernie two years ago, after 58 years of marriage. The couple lost their third son David who died in 2007 after achieving international fame as a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon who separated conjoined twins. He was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Harry wins silver at World Veterans Tennis Champs 82 year old Harry Dye may well be one of New Zealand’s oldest competitive table tennis players and he was also the most successful recently, taking out the men’s doubles silver medal in the 80 - 84 age group at the World Veteran Table Tennis championships. Mr Dye who has been playing for 63 years teamed with Australian Geoffrey Nesbitt to take out the silver. His son Craig, reached the consolation final in the 40 - 49 year age group. Mr Dye senior wasn’t the oldest New Zealand player however; shading him by ten years was 92 year old Betty Thompson of Levin, who has been playing table tennis for 75 years! Auckland Sports CEO, Dr Sarah Sandley, a former New Zealand representative, was one of the semi-finalists, having taken up the game again after a break of 23 years. The mammoth event for 1,665 players from 59 countries was hosted at The Trusts Arena from 10 through 17 May. The 1,665 entrants, who included former World Champion Peter Karlsson, were divided across seven different age groups, with the youngest being 40 - 49 and the oldest age group being 85 and older. Taking advantage of being “at home”, 144 New Zealanders entered, with seven of them making the quarter finals or higher. The largest team was from Japan with 371 players who took home 48 medals in total, well ahead of any other country. The arena was a breathtaking sight even when it was empty, with 61 blue tables set on a red floor and separated from each other by black partitions.

West Auckland photographer pioneers new art form to international acclaim Deb Young, a member of the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council, has been named photographer of the year at the prestigious Pollux (photography) Awards in New York, as the result of an internationally unique collaboration with two other photographers she has never met.

1st prize in the photography section of the Members Exhibition went to Shona James.

The three, Mt Roskill’s Deb Young, American Fransico Diaz and French woman Agnès Courrault have formed a “studio” via the internet. This is internationally unique in itself but it has also spawned a new form of photographic art in which they combine images into one photograph which tells a story. Deb Young describes their art as seeing old things in new ways, in which people all over the world can communicate through visual language. A Young/Diaz creation, Innocence & Guilt Collaboration, won them the nomination as two of four “Photographers Of The Year” at the sixth Pollux Awards, which attracted 2,040 images from 380 photographers from 47 countries. This painting of the Opanuku Stream by This picture was also the Creative Winner at the recent Waitakere Central Community Arts Council (WCCAC) Members Exhibition. A companion piece, The Kite Collaboration was the Open Winner. This was the first year that WCCAC has included a photography section in the Members’ Exhibition, alongside original paintings. Six winning entries, three photographs and three paintings were devoted to Project Twin Streams.

Sandy Matheson took 1st prize in the painting sector of the exhibition.

The unique composite image created by Pollux International Photographers Of the year, Deb Young in Auckland and Fransciso Diaz in New York, linked only by internet.

Get active this winter Winter is a great time to get focused on your training and make positive changes to your lifestyle - and there are no issues with rain, wind or snow inside Arena Fitness!

$10 for 10 Days Trial Deal

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We are continuing the $10 for 10 days trial over June as we have had a large number of enquiries from potential new members who want to check us out before signing up to full memberships.

Arena Fitness has developed an exceptional 12 week program to transform your body.

May has been fantastic with a high proportion joining. Come on in and try us!

What are you waiting for?

Your program will focus on your personal goals, either to: 1. Lose body fat and tone your muscle  2. Build lean muscle and develop your physique. It is comprehensive, including personalised meal plans, weekly meetings for technique, motivation, support and measurement of your progress. A training and nutrition diary will be provided to note down workout progress and record your meal consumption. We will be all over your progress and will expect that you will be equally committed to creating your Ultimate Body.

Introducing Gold Club program that is open to all senior citizens 65 years and older. It is replacing our popular Cardiac Club. Our emphasis is on club members in a supportive and fun club environment. There are dedicated Gold Club training sessions at Arena Fitness on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 11am.

9.15am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every Gold Club Member receives a gym induction by one of our personal trainers. This includes an initial health and members receive a personalised exercise program and coaching. 


Your Ultimate Body is just 12 weeks away. Are you ready? Start date is 1st July!

Arena Boxing Academy The planning for the Arena Boxing Academy is well underway. We will have Auckland’s premier boxing academy with exceptional equipment and facilities. Dean Lonergan is providing strategic input, Kevin Barry has been intimately involved and Joseph Parker will be training at Arena Boxing Academy. We expect to open in late July.

There are regular social gatherings and outings organised amongst the Gold Club, a great environment and great fun!

Like our Facebook site ArenaFITNZ for regular updates and news on boxing classes and training options.

Pricing is either a Flexible Weekly Membership at $12.00 or Concession Card for 10 visits at $45.00.

Aysha Christensen Sales Manager Arena Fitness ph: 970 5212

For more information please contact:

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