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INTRODUCTION ∆ Now it is the time to get more response from your viewers and clients, so each and every business needs website even for small business also. ∆ Any tiny business website will play a big roll for the overall growth in the business, just because if your website’s design is responsive and eye catchy look.

INTRODUCTION ∆ Design trend is varied day by day.

∆ Other than that specific people like some particular thing in their website like fade in effects and grungy effects in background.



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Single page web design Eye catchy icons Responsive layouts Fixed header Infinite scrolling Social media badges Web typography

SINGLE PAGE WEB DESIGN ∆ If we search on internet to take guide line for web design and development then you can find 7 out of 10 sites have a single page design. ∆ This concept is already their since world wide web came in existence. ∆ But now this design get more attractive reviews from customers.


EYE CATCHY ICONS ∆ Previously we used icons with light color and background, but time is changed now. ∆ Audience want more clear and eye catchy icons. You can place your icons small but more clear with bold color and so it will highlight in your web interface.


RESPONSIVE LAYOUTS ∆ First let us know what is Responsive layouts ? ∆ Responsive means quick to respond or alert or open or approachable. ∆ When any user come to your site, your layout must be quick to respond according to user’s search term.

RESPONSIVE LAYOUTS ∆ The main thought behind responsive layout is your site must be supported to computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones and any other device may exist in future.


FIXED HEADER ∆ Why we use fixed header? ∆ It is the trendy style, but now it raises day by day. ∆ User can navigate quickly from one page to another. If they scroll down more than 3 page, then they don’t need to scroll to the top and make your website spat free.


INFINITE SCROLLING ∆ Infinite means boundless scrolling. ∆ You can find many examples on internet, but the most famous is or, who get the great popularity among users.

SOCIAL MEDIA BADGES ∆ Social media is the place where you can place your products or services in front of buyers. ∆ There are some video sites like youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and pinterest, pinspire for image submission and for social bookmarking.


WEB TYPOGRAPHY ∆ Typography is the style to arrange words in no specific manner. ∆ Use different, but simple and easily under stable fonts for users. ∆ Mix the web font in such a way that your final image will be more gainful for your website appeal.


THANK YOU ∆ With the use of this free template you accept the following use and license conditions. Not for commercial use. ∆ The template can be used freely by private persons. In case of questions for commercial usage please get in contact with us.

Responsive web design trends for 2013  

Design trend is varied day by day. Other than that specific people like some particular thing in their website like fade in effects and grun...

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