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Home Based  Business   Success   By Steve Duval

What is  success  in  a  home  based   business?     O If you have been dreaming about starting

your very own home business and 100% believe that you will have success, then the chances are will become very successful, but if you have just a little doubt then you may not succeed. The main point is you have to believe in yourself in whatever you do.

You have  A  choice!  

The first  thing  you  need  to  do  before   setting  up  a  home  based  based     business  is  research,     is required of you to O you need to find out what have success, if you have no knowledge of running a business either online or offline, then you need to find out what’s involved. Find out as much as you can, because some people believe that just by signing up or buying a business they will make loads of money and be very successful, unfortunately that’s just not true.

To have  success  you  have  to  learn   the  ropes   O you need to study, it’s a little like going back

to school, you study a certain subject and at the end of the term you take an exam. Success is a little like that. To have a successful home based business you need to find a good sponsor, one who is willing to mentor you throughout the learning process.

O What most people don’t relies is we all have

success built into us from birth, but most of us just don’t know that it’s there. you have to brush away the cob webs and expose it, that’s where a good sponsor or mentor comes in, they can show you the way.

O Most of us, as we start grow get set in our ways

it’s call programming, and as you get older we don’t like to change, that’s called the comfort zone, so because of this program most of us will never enjoy the benefits of success. The program is something like this, off to school get a good education, then once finished try and find a good job, Get married have children and then the process starts all over again with the children. It’s the same all over the world.

Change is  possible  for  all  of  us,  but   only  a  very  small  percentage  do   change,  but  why?   O It’s that program again   within us or the comfort zone. When you have a family you want the security that you believe you have in the everyday job, so change is not an option. the truth is now days not very many jobs have the security that that we believe they do, you only have to watch the news to see what’s going on in the world today with all the companies closing or laying workers off.

Success has  many  meanings    to  different  people,   O you may be very good at lets say for an

example, building a word-press blog, to someone who cannot do this, you are a success, but to you it’s easy because you have spent time learning how to use wordpress, you may have a friend who is learning how to drive, but because you can drive you are a success so success has many meanings big or small.

O To be successful with a

home based business, you need to set goals, nothing over the top, small ones to start with, once you achieve you goal then move on to the next one and so on, each one you achieve becomes a success for you. That’s where a good sponsor comes in, look on them as a tutor or teacher, just like the days when you were back at school.

O If you really want to be successful in your

home based business, then start to believe in yourself, don't forget you have a choice.

Steve Duval  

Home Based Business Success The first thing you need to do before setting up a home based business is research,

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