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Home Based  Business:  Success  Or  Failure?   By  Steve  Duval  

Starting Your  Home  Based  Business     •  In  Today's  modern  world  more  and  more  people   are  now  starting  a  home  based  business  to   supplement  their  income,  some  even  go  on  to   quit  the  day  job  and  work  full  time,  but  the  sad   truth  is  that  most  are  doomed  for  failure  and  lose   more  money  than  they  actually  make,  but  why?  

•  The truth  is  that  when  people  start  searching   for  a  home  based  business  on  the  internet,   they  come  across  so  many  websites  offering   an  online  business  stating  make  money  within   hours  of  signing  up,  most  of  the  time  this  is   just  not  true.  

•  One of  the  most  important  things  that  most   people  tend  to  miss  out  on  is  training  or   mentoring,  you  need  to  know  how  to  run  a   home  based  business.  

•  To be  successful  with  your  business  you  need   to  find  a  good  sponsor  or  mentor   •  who  can  show  you  the  ropes,  the  do’s  and  the   don’ts’s  so  to  speak.  

•  To be  successful  with  your  business  the  most  important  task  you   need  to  learn  is  how  to  market  or  sell  your  products,  whatever  they   may  be,  without  customers  you  have  no  business.  A  very  good   example  of  this  is,  say  you  put  up  a  website  offering  10  Bars  of  gold   totally  free  to  the  very  first  person  to  respond  to  your  to  website,  if   no  one  knows  that  your  website  exists  then  no  one  would  take  you   up  on  such  a  fantastic  offer.  This  is  where  a  good  mentor  can  put   you  right.  

So how  do  you  find  such  a  person?     This  is  what  I  Did.  

•  I went  to  Google  did  a  search  for  the  business  or  niche   that  I  was  interested  in,  I  spent  many  hours  going  over   many  websites  trying  to  get  as  much  information  as   possible,  information  such  as  what  was  on  offer,  what   would  you  get  if  you  decided  to  join  up.  I  then  picked   out  five  sites  that  I  thought  were  right  for  me.  

•  They were  all  offering  full  training  on  how  to   get  your  new  home  based  business  off  the   ground,  not  one  of  them  were  claiming  you   would  make  money  straight  away  but  with   some  basic  training  you  should.  

•  I then  went  back  to  Google  and  did  a  search  on   the  person  who  was  promoting  the  business   opportunity,  I  wanted  to  find  out  who  they  really   were,  how  long  they  had  been  involved  in  the   business,  what  were  people  saying  about  them.  

•  I then  narrowed  my  search  down  to  two   people,  and  the  reason  was  they  had  a   contact  number  that  I  could  call  and  talk  to   them  about  the  business.  

•  Once I  made  contact,  I  asked  question  such  as,  if   I  join  up  to  your  business  how  will  you  help  me   get  started,  what  sort  of  training  do  I  need  to  do,   how  long  will  it  be  before  I  start  to  make  money,   also  If  I  get  stuck  will  you  be  there  to  help  and   advise  me.  

•  These are  just  some  of  the  questions  you  should   ask,  my  advise  is  write  everything  down  so  you   don’t  forget,  ask  as  many  question  as  you  can,   and  if  they  are  willing  to  answer  all  your   questions  then  you  know  you  should  be  OK.  

You can  normally  tell  just  by  speaking  to   someone  what  they  are  like   if  they  are  just  using  a  sales  pitch,  then  I  personally  would   back  out.  If  they  are  not  pushy  and  invite  you  to  think   about  the  opportunity  and  give  them  another  call  when   you  are  ready  then  I  would  consider  this  business.  I  would   then  try  to  find  other  people  who  are  working  with  this   person,  just  to  get  an  idea  of  how  they  are  doing  working   with  this  person.  

•  So if  you  are  thinking  of  starting  a  home   based  business  don’t  just  jump  into  the  first   opportunity  that  you  find  that  claims  you  will   be  making  money  within  hours  of  joining,   because  the  sad  truth  is  you  probably  won’t.  

•  Do your  research,  don’t  rush,  take  your  time   and  I  am  sure  you  will  have  success  with  you   new  home  based  business.  

Steve Duval  

Home Based Business: Success Or Failure?