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Boost for Pukeoware

Pukeoware School have had a boost to their sports programme after the ANZ Bank came to the party for their netball teams. PAGE


Fishers help Coastguard

Counties Manukau Sport Fishing Club members have thrown their support in behind the Waiuku Coastguard as part of the month-long Mayday Appeal.



Centenary celebrated

100 years of worship for the Waiau Pa Presbyterian Church was marked with a number of events over the weekend.



“Boom! … it just went up” Waiuku resident Jaimee Smyth was talking with a customer at the business where she works last week when they saw smoke rising over the township. Two minutes later, the young Waiuku mother was frantically racing home after a call to say there was a blaze in her driveway and flames were about to hit her house. “I thought I was losing my home,” she said, “it was the worst feeling of my life.” The drama unfolded when a friend called through to the house to pass on a message. Parking in the driveway, the man lit a cigarette before getting out of the car, not realising that the vehicle was filled with fumes from a can of Avgas (racing fuel), which had been in the back seat of the vehicle. “He lit a smoke and, boom! Up it went,” Jaimee says, adding that the man had no time to even grab his wallet or any of his possessions

before the car was engulfed in flame. Despite burns to his arm, the man escaped with virtually no injury from the fire, but three homes nearby were at risk of being burned by the large flames erupting from the car.

“We were very lucky,” Jaimee says, “if it had been windy it could easily have caught the houses nearby.” The vehicle, which had been parked further up the driveway, rolled back down as the flames ate through brake and handbrake cables, Jaimee says, eventually coming to rest against a fence, which promptly caught fire as well. Members of the Waiuku Volunteer Fire Brigade, as well as police, attended the scene and their speed contained the blaze. “The brigade was there very quickly, God, they’re great,” Jaimee said. The fire came just days after the New Zealand Fire Service used the example of a Waiuku house fire to warn of the dangers of unattended ovens, now, Jaimee says, another reminder might be due. “Don’t light a smoke when you’ve got a can of race gas in the back seat,” she says drily.

Tuakau man hospitalised after home invasion L SCHOOLS SUPPORTING LOCA

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An investigation is underway into an incident in which a 36 year old man received stab wounds and a serious head injury at a private address in Jellicoe Road Tuakau on Sunday. The man was discovered by a family member at approximately midday and taken to



Middlemore hospital where he was placed in intensive care. CIB attended the scene and are continuing with their enquiries. The property remained cordoned off from all access overnight. Acting Detective Sergeant Lee


Warden of Counties Manukau Police says the investigation is still in its early stage of enquiry.” It is too soon to determine the motive for the attack and Police will be conducting at thorough investigation,” he says. “We are interested in hear-


43 QUEEN ST, WAIUKU • PH 235 9711 • SAT: 9 - 4 • SUN: 10 - 3

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ing from anyone who may have any information relating to the incident.” Anyone who has information should call Police on 09 261 1300 or 111. Information can be provided anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.





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The announcement yesterday that Auckland Mayor Len Brown has been given a 3.4% pay rise, taking his salary to around $260,000, is ironic in that this is around the same percentage increase that many ratepayers are finding will hit their household rates this year. Of course, those same ratepayers, on average, had a wage increase of less than 2% this year, and chances are we, unlike the Mayor, didn’t cost our employers a quarter of a million dollars for an independent review into our activities. Reportedly, the Mayor has agreed to put $40,000 towards the cost of that review, but ratepayers (his employers) still pick up around $200,000 of the bill. But what really made me raise my eyebrows at our Mayor’s windfall was that the Remunerations Authority saw fit to increase his salary by more than that given to his councillors. Councillors’ have been given 3.3% as a rise this year, still substantially more than the rest of the private or public working sector, but slightly less than the Mayor. Yet Len Brown was missing in action for weeks following the scandal of his affair, his SkyCity room upgrades, his use of council premises and telephones for personal activities, and the massive cost to ratepayers for council spin doctors and the disruption to council activities while the investigation was going on. Pay rises are to be expected for public sector employees, and they are able to distance themselves from the decision because it is set by a supposedly independent body. But I wonder what message it sends when that Authority says the Mayor deserves more of a rise than the councillors, when those councillors have been covering for him at events and functions while he ducked for cover.

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ACROSS Nobleman (4) Cover-up (9) Undressed (4) Discover (4) Genuine (4) Image (4) Unlikely (10) Achieve (10) Resound (4) Chase (4) Excellent (4) Dissolve (4) Colleague (9) Daze (4)

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DOWN Boredom (5) Wireless (5) Shellfish (6) Workroom (6) Jug (4) Found (9) Speech (9) Pool (4) Pain (4) Sea-bird (6) Light (6) Box (5) Frequently (5) Run (4)


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Quote of the week! Humour is perhaps a sense of intellectual perspective: an awareness that some things are really important, others not; and that the two kinds are most oddly jumbled in everyday affairs. - Christopher Morley

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Cats - an introduced predator It is with reluctance that I correct a schoolboy however earnest he may be. Sam from View Rd School, you attribute comments to Gareth Morgan, comments he never made. If you really want to know what he did say (and thinks) visit his Website Cats To Go. Otherwise you are maligning a well respected economist who has poured much of his own money into clearing rats and mice from several Antarctic Islands. Facts should matter to a schoolboy. Here are a few. The Lighthouse keeper on Stephens Island used to watch his cats hunt the flightless Stephens Island Wren and did nothing about it. That bird is now extinct – as are all our flightless wrens. Most species of our native birds have already been exterminated on the mainland.

Our earth is 4.6 billion years old. When you have never been exposed to a predator it takes thousands of years to develop strategies to cope. Those of us who try attracting native birds to our properties find their introduced predators follow them. The property owner thereupon becomes obligated to be responsible for someone else’s cat. That someone is irresponsible by allowing this to happen. Sam you have the beginnings of a great school project here. A suggestion. Start by reading Moa The Life and Death of A NZ Legendary Bird By Quin Berendson. It will take you into a new world. Honestly. Bruce Brownlee. Waiuku.

Something for everyone at Steel and Wheels With regards to the article by Mrs Adrianne Hawkins regarding her disgust of the timing of the Steel and Wheels event: I don’t know how anybody could be disgusted with this event, what a great family day. My mother attended last year’s event and was disappointed she was unable to attend this year due to a prior engagement. There was something for everyone on display or for sale. As for the comment regarding the aero display, obviously this event was undertaken by highly trained pilots using highly maintained planes, the chances of one of these craft crashing into your house is very unlikely, (yes accidents do happen but we can’t go through life expecting the worst of everything) and as for the helicopter and planes being in the same air space at the same time, I watched the entire air display and did not at any time see the helicopter in the air at the same time. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Steel and Wheels committee and Sharlene Druyven for their time and effort in making Sunday such an enjoyable family event, what a great way of getting

families together for a day. I spent a number of years living in a small town in California USA and was involved in organising similar events and never did I read any negative comments with regards to timing or noise , families would come together and thoroughly enjoy themselves. These events help develop town recognition and make people aware that life does exist outside the big city areas May I suggest that next year Mrs Hawkins if you want to have a boring quiet day that you go somewhere else for the day. Go Waiuku and lets see more of these sort of events happening. Mike Taylor Waiuku

The Post Newspaper received many letters and emails regarding the Steel and Wheels event. Space restrictions do not allow us to print them all, but a selection of them have been included in this week’s edition on page 6 - Editor

Fantastic event was notified well in advance Jeez, I’m sick of moaning people in my home town of 62 years who squeal about well-organised, fantastically-run events here. Most come from the city to get away from a wife-cheating mayor, mowing road frontages (big deal), airport plane noise, motorsport noise (every weekend for months), rock concerts, traffic lights, violence etc etc. They should appreciate the effort Sharlene

How Airshow to solve Sudoku!

Druyven and her hard-working team do to put on these most wonderful events for our great community. Many hours of organising go into such detail for them to run smoothly and were advertised well in advance. Congratulations Sharlene on an event I hope to see again next year. John Rack (Mr) Waiuku

a special treat for 90-year-old

What a shame someone had to moan about the planes going over on Mothers Day. FillThe the organisers grid so that of the Wheels and Steel day didrow an and amazing every every job, good on them! Not often is there anything on in Waiuku 3x3 square contains - we have the digits 1 to to 9travel miles to anything decent, and to get that amount of people into town is just great. We were visiting our parents too Solution No.1342Day and Poppa was delighted to for Mothers 6 4 go 3 outside 7 2 8 5to1 watch 9 the planes. 7 5 8It6 brought 1 9 3 2 back 4 memories of war days 6 8 5 7 interesting 1 9which 2 4 3were to listen to. 4 2 6He 5 7 1 it. 9 loved 8 There 3 is no way he would be 5 3 7 8 4 1 6 9 2 well enough to travel to any sort of war plane 9 8 1 2 6 3 4 5 7 display show at 90, so this was a special treat 3 1 9 5 7 2 8 4 6 8 6 5 3 9 4 2 7 1 2 7 4 1 8 6 9 3 5

to watch free from his back yard! Just a pity the roads were all dug up but next year that won’t be the case so this event can only get better. Perhaps some enterprising people with a bit of money will see the potential Waiuku has to develop and we can get some more interesting retail shops into town, or even a market place in the old new World building would be great for tourists from the train. At the moment walking from the train past that run down thing is a bit embarrassing for the town. J Hyland Pukekohe

Victorious Faith – His Word

What is Faith declared to be? Hebrews 11:1. Is Faith necessary? Hebrews 11:6. Is just believing truth sufficient? James 2:19. From whom does Faith come? Romans 12:3, Hebrews 12:2. What is the basis of Faith? Romans 10:17. How does Faith work? Galatians 5:6. Real Faith Hebrews 11:3. Abrahams experience Hebrews 11:8. Is it relevant to the redeemed? Revelation 14:12. What about Works? James 2:20. Faith-fruit James 1:3. Relationships and Faith Galatians 3:26. Faith-action, 2 Corinthians 5:7. Faith-Prayer James 1:6. Faith-Protection

Visit -

Ephesians 6:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:8. Faith Chapter Hebrews 11:33-38. Faith-Victory 1 John 5:4. Purpose of Faith 1 Peter 1:9. “Give diligence,” Peter pleaded, “to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: for so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Precious assurance! Glorious is the hope before the believer as he advances by faith {AA534} Advertisement for more info



Budget means benefits for Hunua Last week’s Budget announcements are great news for local residents, says Andrew Bayly, the National party candidate for Hunua. “We have around 20,000 local families who will be better off through cuts to ACC levies, and free doctor visits for children aged 13 and under will mean a better, healthier younger generation in our region,” Mr Bayly says. “The children and families package will provide even more support for early childhood education for the 5,000 Under-5s that are our area’s future. “Extending paid parental leave is another feature of the Budget, which will have a positive impact on our families. I am delighted that this National-led government is also focussing on tertiary education, with almost $80 million being put into reducing costs for tertiary courses in science and agriculture. “My vision for our electorate is ‘Growing Hunua, Stronger Local Communities’, and this Budget goes a long way towards growing our district,” Mr Bayly says. “Transport to and from Auckland gets a boost, thanks to a $375 million interest-free loan which has been dedicated to improving

Andrew Bayly our local roading networks.” Mr Bayly says other Budget announcements will mean benefits for locals from every part of the electorate. “Whether you are from Beachlands, Clevedon, Pukekohe, Clarks Beach, Waiuku or anywhere in between, the announcement that ACC is on track to cut levy costs, potentially offering big savings for close to 20,000 local families. “Our rural landscape is close to my heart, and it is great news that there will be $25 million in funding to invest in research and monitoring and preventa-

tive measure for Kauri dieback, along with $20 million for freshwater management, including helping communities with wetland creation. “The Franklin region has a large number of wetland areas and has been at the forefront of riparian planting. Kauri dieback is a significant issue – three different trees in the Wattle Bay area have been identified as carrying the pathogen, and although the Hunua Ranges so far appear to be disease-free, this funding is vitally important for the region.” Mr Bayly says his vision of ‘Growing Hunua’ is underpinned by five key strategies: making sure Hunua’s voice is heard loud and strong at Auckland Council; ensuring our region, and our communities, get the infrastructure we need; having access to good health services, provided locally; promoting our growers, farmers and the equine industry; and creating an environment where our businesses can flourish to create local jobs. “What makes our region is strong communities, communities that are self-supporting but that also provide support to each other. Last week’s Budget delivered for New Zealand – and it delivers for Hunua.”

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Waiuku man joins forces with McCaw Waiuku’s Chris Kitcher joined forces with Richie McCaw in a head-to-head battle against Sir John Kirwan as the rugby greats competed in a boot camp for the country’s rescue helicopters last Wednesday. The showdown involved two hours of physical and mental challenges that the chopper rescue crews deal with on a daily basis to help raise awareness of the service during the Westpac Chopper Appeal this month. Chris was one of 12 recruits selected to take part in either Team Kirwan or Team McCaw after registering in a nationwide Facebook Competition. Both teams were put to the test with challenges such as helicopter underwater escape training (HUET), CPR drills, rope climbing, a simulated winch rescue swim, 3.3km run and a stretcher run. “It was such an awesome day and I was so happy to be a part of it,” he said. “It was good to experience what the chopper crew do in training; I expected they would have to put in hard work and it definitely lived up to that. I also loved being in Richie’s team – and didn’t want to let him down.” Sir John Kirwan said the boot camp was a way ordinary kiwis could get a taste of the commitment required by chopper crewmembers. “It was full on and testing and we were definitely put through our paces,” Kirwan said. “I think both teams left with respect for what a hardworking and vital service the rescue helicopters provide

New Zealanders. “We were pushed outside of our comfort zones and had to work together as a strong unit which is exactly what the crewmen do with every rescue.” In the end, Team Kirwan won 4 – 2, winning a dinner with JK and Richie at a local Auckland restaurant. Contributions to fund-

raising for the local chopper service can be made at any Westpac Branch or online at Below: Team McCaw (with Chris in the front row on right). Bottom; Chris Kitcher (far left corner) carries Richie McCaw on the stretcher run challenge. Photos by Ross Land.

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Pukeoware netballers banking on a win

Aussie plea to readers over family mystery One of the Post’s many overseas readers of our online edition is hoping local readers can help her solve a family mystery. All Helen Mason knows about her grandfather is that his name was Johnny and in 1943 he served with the Royal New Zealand Airforce as a Sergeant. Her grandmother has never told her family what Johnny’s last name was; all they know is that he was killed in action. Helen says the only other information she has is a photograph (left). She hopes someone may recognise him or have some other information. If you recognise ‘Johnny’ you can contact the Post Newspaper on 09 235 7835 or email Helen’s email is

Franklin’s youth want ban on legal highs Local youth councils in South Auckland, including the Franklin Youth Council, think the government needs to be more proactive in ensuring the recently banned synthetic highs under the Psychoactive Substances Act Amendment Bill do not return to the shelves in their communities. The youth leaders from across South Auckland feel that the government has not listened to local communities, particularly the young people, and many underestimate the severity of the risks these products create. “These products were supposed to be of low risk, yet they have caused huge problems for communities around New Zealand. How can we be sure the Ministry of Health regulations will prevent these problems from returning?” says Olivia Leckner, Franklin Youth Advisory Board Chairperson. Her views echo those of other young leaders: “Over the past three years we have seen the devastating impact these synthetic highs have had on our people and our community.

With this temporary ban we need to seriously consider if we will allow this damage to continue,” says Sam Fuaivaa, Otara-Papatoetoe Youth Advisory Panel Chairperson. “We don’t know enough about these products and their impacts on people’s health or their communities, but we have heard of countless cases of young people getting into serious health and financial problems because of these drugs,” says Howick Youth Council Chairperson, Mackenzie Valgre. Auckland Council is currently developing a Local Approved Products Policy in anticipation of the approval of some products, however the youth councils believe there is no appropriate place for these shops in their community. “We know we aren’t the only young people who feel like this and hope this encourages other youth groups around Auckland and the rest of New Zealand to engage in this issue,” says Jason Mareroa, Papakura Youth Council Chairperson.

Pukeoware School Netball Club scored big last week after receiving a $1000 ANZ Netball Grant towards kitting out their top side, of five teams from the sports-mad school. The grant, which includes playing uniforms, balls and bibs, will replace the team’s old, miss-matched gear. Coach Brian Crum says the grant is a real boost to the team. “Approximately 80 per cent of the girls at Pukeoware School play netball. The pride they have for their school and the game is phenomenal. The new kit will definitely be a boost to their self esteem which will have a positive flow on effect to parents and the Pukeoware community.” This year ANZ is awarding $100,000 of netball grants to help clubs, schools, social teams and fans around the country get more from their favourite sport. Smita Kanwar from ANZ Waiuku says the bank launched the programme in 2012 to help Kiwi netballers achieve their goals.

“The ANZ Netball Grant Scheme was set up to support all levels of the game, from social teams who play for fun, through to aspiring professionals. “There are more than 200,000 netball players around the country and we know many of them struggle to get the most from the game due to a lack of uniforms, gear or equipment. We want to help change that. “Pukeoware School has an impressive number of students involved in netball this season with five teams on the court each week. We hope the new gear will help practices and games to run smoothly.” To apply for an ANZ Netball Grant visit Applications close 03 June 2014. Above: ANZ Waiuku manager Smita Kanwar and Alan Mead, ANZ National Youth Programmes Manager, try their shooting skills against some of the youngsters from Pukeoware School at the Waiuku Netball Centre.

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Scare-mongering, pseudo-science or valid concern? A public meeting this Thursday in Waiuku is claimed to be an opportunity to educate the public about the dangers of wireless technologies, according to organiser, high school teacher Joey Moncarz. “What is often forgotten is that cell phones, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies have never been proven safe,” Joey says. ““As a high school teacher, I’ve been troubled to see students addicted to cell phones and schools installing Wi-Fi without any thought to the health implications. Elsewhere in the world, especially in Europe, governments have been warning their citizens to

limit cell phone use and advising schools not to install Wi-Fi. Thousands of scientists, doctors and teachers have been passing resolutions calling for stricter controls. These warnings are based on a growing body of evidence demonstrating the negative health effects of the microwave radiation emitted by these technologies. The dangers are even worse for children and teenagers, as their bones absorb more radiation and the possibility of cancer increases with earlier use.” Joey’s message however, is not backed up by the Ministry of Health, which says in the Ministry’s view, the installation of WiFi equipment in schools

does not pose a health risk to staff or students in the areas where it is used. New Zealand’s Science Media Centre have also made comment about some of the claims made by people who say there is a risk from ‘radiation’ from electronic devices, saying much of the supporting material cited has been taken out of context, and that there is little evidence of risk from WiFi usage. However, Joey Moncarz says this public meeting aims to give the community a greater understanding of what actions are being taken around the world, and will feature a presentation by Electro-Pollution Consultant Paul Waddell on

what the actual dangers are, why the New Zealand guidelines need to be re-thought and the different ways the public can reduce their exposure to these forms of radiation. “There will also be plenty of time to ask questions and have a discussion. We would welcome the participation of educators and public officials. “When there is smoke seeping into a movie theatre, there must be someone who is first to yell, “Fire!” Someone must stand up and interfere with everyone’s entertainment to alert them to a potentially lifethreatening situation. That is what Paul and I are doing,” he says.

A ‘grand’ way to help out Coastguard Two local groups with a focus on boating and safety on the water came together in Waiuku yesterday as part of the Coastguard’s fourth annual MayDay fundraising appeal. Counties Manukau Sport Fishing Club members have donated $1000 to the cause, which raises money for the Coastguard’s volunteer training programme. This year alone, over 2,400 volunteers will give more than 307,000 hours of their time and rescue more than 7,000 people on behalf of Coastguard, the charity that provides New Zealand’s primary maritime search and rescue service. Chief Executive Officer of Coastguard New Zealand, Patrick Holmes explains, “Coastguard units nationwide will be fundraising during the whole of May, and donations to the MayDay Appeal will help us ensure we can continue to provide our volunteers with the skills they need to tackle lifethreatening situations on the water, and bring Kiwis home safely. CSFC president Karl Sutton said it was a great opportunity for local groups to support each other, adding that the club has many members who have been


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helped out by Coastguard over the years. “We have around 700 members, and around a third of those are children, so it’s great to know Coastguard has got our back,” Karl said. The club encourages all boaties to become Coastguard members, and says it’s ‘cheap insurance’ for the services the group provides. “Both Coastguard and CSFC share the same ideals,” Karl says, “it’s about water

safety, boating education and enjoying the water safely.” Above: Karl Sutton, president of the CSFC, hands over a cheque for $1000 for the Coastguard Mayday Appeal to Nigel Griffith, vice-president of Coastguard

Waiuku, and Coastguard volunteers Craig Benjamin and David Smyth. To donate to Coastguard’s appeal, go to https://www.

192 KITCHENER RD, MILFORD • PH. 09 486 4558 6 RYAN PLACE, MANUKAU • PH. 09 262 3768 20 MOORE ST, HOWICK • PH. 09 537 3133 102 KING ST, PUKEKOHE • PH. 09 238 5457 84 1ST AVE, TAURANGA • PH. 07 578 9178 374-376 GREY ST, HAMILTON • PH. 07 856 2056 570 POLLEN ST, THAMES • PH. 07 868 3498 MAIL ORDER ALSO AVAILABLE: BOX 46 PUKEKOHE (ADD $7.50 P&P) OR PHONE 09 262 3768

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How to come to Jesus

There are so many formal patterns to becoming a Christian, “The Roman Road,” which are the steps taken from the book of Romans, and many other ways are available. Still the bottom line is to look at Jesus Christ and then see the huge difference that there is between you and Jesus. You see that just about everything Jesus is, well you are the complete opposite. It is as plain as the nose on your face, as the saying goes.

The solution is to come to Jesus, just tell him

that you are the opposite to him and you want to be in the same pattern as he is, please wash away your sin and change you into his image, or to just make you like him, a real Christian.

Others may offer all sorts of potions, ceremo-

nies or have external displays, but the reality is that it is an inside job, of the heart, or who is actually in control of your life, is it selfishness and you or is it now Jesus Christ. In Revelation 3:20

it says “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Now in Hebrew thinking a Door and a Decision is the same thing. So Jesus is asking you to make a decision for him and to let him be in control of your life and it will be more fantastic than you could every have dreamed, but in the exact pattern of what you would have chosen, well that is if you could see the end from the beginning. That is what Faith is all about, just trusting Jesus to do the complete makeover, and it will be in your exact style.

Do not wait until you are good enough, that will never happen, as the old Hymn said “Just as I am.” One must come to the foot of the cross as you are, and let the changes begin and let Jesus make the changes as he is the expert at making the very best out of you, for you, he is a master craftsman, so just jump on in and trust him. Here is a great quote I found. What assurance here, of God’s willingness to receive the repenting sinner! Have you, reader, chosen your own way? Have you wandered far from God? Have you sought to feast upon the fruits of transgression, only to find them turn to ashes upon your lips? And now, your substance spent, your life-plans thwarted, and your hopes

dead, do you sit alone and desolate? Now that voice which has long been speaking to your heart but to which you would not listen comes to you distinct and clear, “Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest; because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.” Micah 2:10. Return to your Father’s house. He invites you, saying, “Return unto Me; for I have redeemed thee.” Isaiah 44:22.

Do not listen to the enemy’s suggestion to stay away from Christ until you have made yourself better; until you are good enough to come to God. If you wait until then, you will never come. When Satan points to your filthy garments, repeat the promise of Jesus, “Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.” John 6:37. Tell the enemy that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin. Make the prayer of David your own, “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7. Arise and go to your Father. He will meet you

a great way off. If you take even one step toward Him in repentance, He will hasten to enfold you in His arms of infinite love. His ear is open to the cry of the contrite soul. The very first reaching out of the heart after God is known to Him. Never a prayer is offered, however faltering, never a tear is shed, however secret, never a sincere desire after God is cherished, however feeble, but the Spirit of God goes forth to meet it. Even before the prayer is uttered or the yearning of the heart made known, grace from Christ goes forth to meet the grace that is working upon the human soul.

Your heavenly Father will take from you the garments defiled by sin. In the beautiful parabolic prophecy of Zechariah, the high priest Joshua, standing clothed in filthy garments before the angel of the Lord, represents the sinner. And the word is spoken by the Lord, “Take away the filthy garments from him. And unto him He said, Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change of raiment. . . . So they set a fair miter upon his head, and clothed him with garments.” Zechariah 3:4, 5. Even so God will clothe you with “the garments of salvation,” and cover you with “the

Your platform to share your news, views and ideas...

Amazed over complaint as thousands arrived I am amazed that you had a complaint from a reader (Adrianne Hawkins (Mrs) in this (last) week’s Post about the ‘Steel and Wheels’ day because it was held on Mothers Day! If the mother who complained had gone to the town centre she would have seen, (based on the estimated total number of people there), thousands of mothers and husbands/partners/fathers with children and grandchildren who were so obviously enjoying themselves. In my opinion it was a perfect day to spend outdoors with family enjoying the fantastic atmosphere that pervaded the town all day. The flying display was most spectacular and, for many perhaps, the highlight of the day. I know that everyone who was around where I was standing stopped and watched the display in awe.

The helicopter rides were so popular the pilot was obviously happy to keep going for the pleasure of those wanting a ride. The musical entertainment was great, and the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” dancers showed plenty of energy. All the stalls and shops providing food and other goodies seemed to be doing a great trade and, the woodturners were kept so busy making spinning tops for the kids they hardly had time to stop for lunch! All in all it was a great day and Sharlene, the Town Manager and her team are to be warmly congratulated. If any change were to be made the only suggestion I could make is could we have another on Fathers Day please! Peter Steele (Mr) Waiuku

‘Oldie’ already looking forward to next year In answer to a letter written by a Mrs Hawkins in this week’s Post, I wish to say in no uncertain terms that I was proud to be a resident of Waiuku on Sunday, 11th of May. The event ‘Steel and

Wheels’ was well run and added a rare bit of spice and excitement to Mothers Day. It was thrilling to sit on our deck and watch the aerobatic aeroplanes from Ardmore. Also all the cars were spectacular, shining in their

superb paint jobs. Sharlene, you and your team are to be commended for all your efforts for this town. Long may you reign. Another oldie, looking forward to next year. Jeanie Jones, (Mrs) Waiuku

Town looked great, atmosphere fantastic I would like to comment on Adrianne Hawkins letter (13/5/14) concerning her disgust about the Steel & Wheels day in Waiuku. I do not understand how anyone could have been disgusted about any aspect of this well organised, thoroughly enjoyable day. My husband and I attended the event and were proud to be from Waiuku, the town looked great, cafes had set up outdoor tables and chairs, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Yes, the helicopter was in the air at the same time as the planes doing the wonderful aerial display, but certainly NOT in the same air space (these are professional pilots). Yes, the planes are old, but so is the Glenbrook steam train – old does not mean unmaintained and dangerous! Yes, the helicopter is noisy, but what a fantastic day it would

have been to fly over our beautiful town. Yes, there is a rest home close by, but to the best of my knowledge there have been no complaints from any of the residents. At the last car event that was held in Waiuku, several of the people that displayed their cars arrived at the rest home to offer free rides around Waiuku in their beautiful cars; my mother went in one of the cars and had a ball. As far as the day being held on Mother’s Day,... so what!! I saw lots of ‘mothers’ in the town accompanied by family. Congratulations to the organizers and everyone who took part in this event, long may it reign, you made us proud to be locals. Sue Parmenter. Waiuku

No danger from skilled pilots and airworthy planes robe of righteousness.” Isaiah 61:10. He will bring you into His banqueting house, and His banner over you shall be love. (Song of Solomon 2:4) “If thou wilt walk in My ways,” He declares, “I will give thee places to walk among these that stand by”--even among the holy angels that surround His throne. (Zechariah 3:7.) “As the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.” Isaiah 62:5. “He will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in His love; He will joy over thee with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17. And heaven and earth shall unite in the Father’s song of rejoicing: “For this My son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.” {COL 205-7} Why not come home to God right now, his arms of love are opened wide to receive you.

We find strength and truth in His Word, His Word Alone...

Visit -

THE POST NEWSPAPER, MAY 20, 2014 for more info

In response to the articles (Disgust in timing of Steel & Wheels) I would like to congratulate the organisers in staging a fantastic event, the fact that it was Mothers Day did not prevent anyone enjoying the day if they so wished. I felt the flying displays were absolutely fantastic and as far as I could see were not dangerous at all, the pilots are very highly skilled and the aircraft although old would have been lovingly restored and totally airworthy. Waiuku is a small town and needs these

events to bring exposure to our town. I have been to all the Steel & Wheels events and it is growing and getting better every year, this year was a huge step forward. I feel that the lady that wrote the articles needs to get a life, the event is only once every year and if it really troubles her she needs to get out of town for this one day. Here’s looking forward to next years event, hopefully bigger and better. Jim Fordyce (Happy Waiuku resident) Licensed Agent REAA 2008

2903 Awhitu Road, Awhitu

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A Horse of Course on an 8 Acre Lifestyle What are your property needs? This gem may be your answer. 3.2Ha (8 acres) approximately of gently sloping land. North facing, warm and sunny. Built about 2005 and with ‘one lady owner’ this home is extremely well cared for. It appears ‘near new’ in fact. Brick construction, steel profile tiled roof, aluminium joinery all add up to low maintenance. A well designed three bedroom home of 131m2.

Open home: Saturday 2-3pm

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Slip-up for candidate

Christine Greer, Labour’s candidate for Waikato has had a mild setback at the outset of her political campaign for the upcoming election. Christine has her left foot in a moonboot and is sporting a pair of crutches. “I have been delivering a lot of leaflets,” said Christine, who slipped Wednesday afternoon on the pavement and sprained her ankle. “Don’t worry”, said Christine, ‘I will be out and about in the towns of the Waikato electorate, and my team will be coming to a letterbox near you, soon. “I can rise to the challenge. Adversity makes you stronger,” said Christine, as she faces up to electioneering in a big way.

$10,000 for writers on offer Auckland Mayor Len Brown has announced that he will establish an Auckland writers’ grant worth $10,000 per annum to support emerging and talented Auckland writers. The Mayor will convene a group from the literary sector, with a view to making the first grant in 2015. It will be open to writers based in the Auckland region, with the first two years funded from the Mayoral budget. Speaking at the Auckland Writers Festival, the Mayor said his intention is to give emerging and talented writers from Auckland an opportunity to develop their work for a broader audience. “I hope that this will be a good complement to national awards such as the Michael King and Katherine Mansfield prizes, and the range of grants from Creative New Zealand. “There is no shortage of great literary talent in our region and I am keen to encourage efforts to support and develop this talent.”

Be pampered by Fluffy Ducks Situated on the sunset coast of Waiuku, Fluffy Ducks Pampering offers a range of pampering services for men and women to relax and have their cares and aches massaged away. Sue, an enrolled nurse with 30 years experience, is also qualified in Relaxation Massage with Reflexology, through the New Zealand College of Massage, and in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. Sue also has training in Palliative Care Massage and a Diploma in Health and Human Behaviour from the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. Sue works from her rustic lifestyle block high on the hills away from the stresses of day to day life, an area described as an environment with a special corner for clients to relax in. Using only Tui Balm waxes Sue offers a range of wax mixes that you can choose from to introduce aromatherapy to your massage. Sue welcomes everyone, whether you are a woman wanting to relax after the kids have driven you up the wall or a workman with a sore back - “work boots are as welcome as high heels!” she laughs. A new service offered at Fluffy Ducks Pampering is a shorter version of a relaxation massage. The chair massage focuses on your shoulders, arms, neck and back, and has traditionally been the massage offered in cor-

porate environments to employees since it can be done over clothing. However in the private setting of Sue’s massage room, Fluffy Ducks offer this same massage with your upper body unclothed but seated on the chair. “During the thirty minutes your heads rests comfortably on a cradle looking down while your torso is fully supported by the chair. This allows access to your back, shoulders, neck and arms. You keep your clothing on your lower body and are nestled in their chair with towel draping to ensure your comfort and privacy. Just like a full body massage your muscles in the target areas are worked with Swedish massage strokes,” Sue says. Other services include Reiki, a Japanese treatment said to promote healing. It is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us. It originated from Buddhist beliefs and healing practices. Along with relaxation massage and Reiki, Fluffy Ducks Pampering also offers foot massage, based on the principles of foot reflexology and involving applying pressure to key points in the foot. Clients receive a foot soak to de-stress ahead of getting a foot massage, making it an ideal after-work luxury. For further information phone Sue on 09 235 256, on mobile 0274 682 227, or visit the website on

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Massive ‘thank you’ due to community

The Week Ahead Thurs 22ND – Wed 28th may X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (M) Daily 2.30pm (2D), 5pm (3D), 7.45pm (2D)


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Waiuku Town Centre Manager Sharlene Druyven says a huge ‘thank you’ is due to the Waiuku community, businesses and the thousands of people who made the 2014 Waiuku Steel andWheel one of the largest events Waiuku has ever seen. “With an estimated 20,000 attending and over 280 exhibits from all over the country it was definitely one to remember and was great publicity for the town.” Sharlene and Vanessa commented that the day went off pretty much hitchfree, although a large amount of cars couldn’t get into the event area due to Auckland Council Health and Safety requirements, which stated that after 10.00am every vehicle had to be static inside the event cordon. “We apologise to those vehicle owners and hope they come a little earlier for next year’s event,” she said. Sharlene also thanked the “fantastic Steel and Wheels

committee, who spend hundreds of hours making this event happen. The logistics of running an event of this magnitude takes a huge amount of work and all of these volunteers give up their precious time gratefully to bring this great event to our town. I couldn’t do it without you all so thank you so much,” she said. “We would also like to thank The Kentish Hotel for helping with the Lions Charity Funding, Waiuku Post for sponsoring advertising, Waiuku Lions, Knight and Dickey and their volunteer drivers for supplying their trucks, TV Short Contracting and Waiuku ITM for the signage and the logs, Super Liquor for sponsorship of the V8 chainsaw, the businesses that were involved in the token promotion, the Rangers, Groovit Hip Hop Dance Crew, Red Hot Cheerleaders, Gubbs Dragster and the Nostalgic Dragsters for the fire-ups, Waiuku Line Danc-

Sharlene Druyven ing Group and Luke Ennion with the feature car ‘The Little Menace’ and all the other volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the day a success. Sharlene also thanked the people that gave a gold coin donation to go towards attractions for next year’s show. “Unfortunately there are huge costs associated with

Milestone for Matakawau It is sixty years since the dedication of the Church of the Holy Rosary in Matakawau, and this will be celebrated this Sunday, May 25. Since its opening in 1954, the church has been continuously in use, Mass being celebrated there on the last Sunday of every month, Easter Day and Christmas Day. Organisers say all are welcome to the celebration of the 60th Anniversary - practising Catholics, those who once were Catholics, Christians of other denominations, people of other faiths or none. “If you have never been inside a Catholic church, come anyway and help make it a day to remember,” organisers say. “Right from the start, the Catholics of the area had great relationships with those of other faiths - in its early days, this church was used by the Anglicans and Presbyterians, before they had their own buildings and the present parishioners would really like to continue with good relationships with non-Catholics.” The celebration will start at 11am with Mass, which

I developed stubborn belly fat that I never had before. Doctors and other professionals said it was due to menopause, and gave me lots of terminology, but no solutions. I was devastated, as not only did the fat look awful, this kind of fat on your belly is wrapped around your organs which can cause heart disease and cardiovascular failure. But today, thanks to Body Solution Paris, I have my flat stomach back. I can close my jeans again, and am relieved that fat around my organs is not threatening my life anymore! Caroline - a 48-year-old

Parishioners gather at the church’s opening in 1954. will be celebrated by Father Brian Lange, and there will then be a shared lunch. “Bring a plate of fingerfood and drinks to share - we cannot offer you tea or coffee as our water tank was stolen a while back, so don’t forget something to drink and a drink to share.” The anniversary is a chance for people to realise how hard travel and communications were in this area in the past. Such roads as there were, were scarcely worthy of the name and it was easier to get to Onehunga by boat than to Waiuku by road. Meetings for worship were held in people’s homes, then later in other-purpose halls, and the priest used to come on horseback.

The thought of a Catholic church on the Peninsula was first discussed in 1938, and a committee was formed for the purpose of raising money for a church building. A site for it was donated by Mr. L.A. Kemp, and a committee formed to arrange for the building of a church. In 1938, these building committees were chaired by Mr. J Aspin, Snr – who passed away in 1951 so never saw the church completed and dedicated. The priest at that time was Father John Kirrane, who retired in failing health in 1959 and died in 1966. He is buried in Panmure Catholic Cemetery. The church was dedicated and opened by the Right Rev. Monsignor Cahill, V.G.

running an event of this size and we want to keep it free if possible so everybody can enjoy it. “Thank you to those who donated prizes for the facebook promotion and other prizes: South Auckland Tours for the trike ride, HFT Aerospace for the MASH helicopter ride, Zerene for the Aromatouch treatment and GVR for the family passes. “We still have some Steel and Wheels wine and beer glasses, beer coolers and stickers ranging from $1 to$5 each. Please come into the Information Centre if you would like to purchase some,” Sharlene added. “The Waiuku Business and Development Association are proud to organise and bring you these community events and want to remind you that these are made possible by you all supporting your local businesses so remember to ‘Shop Local’ and support the growth of our town.

Found items at station Waiuku Police are holding a number of items found recently. They are also holding items belonging to Tioriori Poutapu, Fuea Vimahi and Clayton Tawhio, who are asked to contact the local station. Items found in February were an Apple iPhone, (Kitchener Rd), and a sum of Vietnamese money, (Bowen Street). From March are a Stihl hedge trimmer (owens Road), a purple skateboard and a half-size Raleigh bike, (Waiuku Estuary), a black helmet and gloves, (Court Street), an Action BMX Bike, (Massey Park), a Samsung Smartphone, (Karioitahi Beach) and a skateboard on Racecourse Road. From April there is a Nikon F50 camera, (Sandspit Reserve), a Nikon SLR Camera and Case (Corner Beach and Glenbrook Road), and an LG Black cellphone, (Riverside Drive).

Hartmann House

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The Roadworks are almost over! To celebrate, Waiuku New World are helping out as the new rates bills come out, by offering two great prizes just for shopping!


Spend $250 or more on your grocery shop this week and be in to win one of TWO prizes of $500 in New World Grocery Vouchers!* Promotion runs from Monday May 19 to Sunday May 25. *$250 purchase does not include tobacco products, gift cards or Lotto.

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New showhome close to opening in Waiuku

Property WoF for your rental home? Landlord groups have raised concerns about the possibility of a mandatory inspection process, with charges of up to $200 per visit, after the results of a rental housing ‘warrant of fitness’ field trial were released last week. More than 140 rental properties were given the once-over by home assessment experts in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin earlier this year. The pilot aimed to test whether draft warrant of fitness (WOF) checklists and methodologies were practical for landlords, assessors and tenants. The field trial has not resulted in the immediate issue of a WOF for each home, but organisers described it as ‘an important step towards standardising methodologies and checklists to ensure the credibility of any national WOF scheme.’ The rental housing WOF field trial involved the Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin councils, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) and the University of Otago, Wellington. The trial tested a range of criteria that could potentially be included in a housing WOF. It aimed to identify aspects such as average assessment times and how to best communicate results to landlords and tenants. A spokesperson for the steering group behind the WOF survey trial, Dr Julie Bennett from the University of Otago Wellington, says work is now underway to tweak the WOF checklist. “We have received good feedback from landlords, tenants and the assessors and we are now going back to look at the checklist and criteria to make sure we have a robust and usable housing WOF for the rental market.” Some of the key information gathered from the field trial included that 36 per cent of the homes that went through field trial would pass all of the draft WOF criteria with relatively minor fixes ($50 - $150 worth of materials/hardware perhaps). Items attracting most of the attention during this testing phase included whether houses need a ‘fixed’ form of heating such as a heat pump or a wood burner in order to ‘pass’ the WOF. Auckland Mayor Len Brown says, with a third of New Zealanders living in rental accommodation, the trial has underscored that a rental housing WOF system would be highly useful to potential renters. “The work so far shows real progress is possible in our efforts to ensure tenants have healthy and safe homes and that landlords maintain good minimum standards.

If you’ve driven around Waiuku’s Harbour Crest Drive area lately, you might have noticed a flurry of activity. NZ Home Builders have constructed homes in this area for clients and now they are close to opening their new show home at number 41 Harbour Crest Drive. NZ Home Builders say they pride themselves on being the one stop home building specialists and that it is their number one goal to make your building project hassle free from start to finish. They have a range of building options, from a seamless design and build service, complete ‘turnkey’ home and land packages to a range of standard plans. They can also offer advice on property subdivision, investment properties and portfolios. If you have struggled in the past to get your vision to fruition, they would love the opportunity to let their in-house design team work through your brief and budget to establish guidelines for building your home. They can then take this plan and convert it to a finished home, with everything complete right down to the landscaping and clothesline. And if you don’t already have a section in mind they can go the extra mile

to source a site. They pride themselves on building to an excellent standard and say its all covered by a seven year Master Builders Guarantee. The team at NZ Home Builders say they know it can be a mine field of red tape when it comes to subdividing an existing property, however it they add it can also be one of the safest and easiest ways to make money in property. “With the help of our experience and expertise in this area, why not develop the under utilised portion of your property into a valuable piece of land with a quality home, that will not only increase your property value but give you a regular income?” they ask. The company says NZ Home Builders was created as a response to the lack of streamlined, cost-effective building processes available to investors and developers. One of their key objectives is to help clients build a successful property investment portfolio. They aim to assist you in achieving maximised cash-flow and equity, while at the same time building homes that will produce good capital gains. After building a home for Franklin-based high profile jockeys Opie Bosson and

paper for a showcase of Opie and Danielle’s home along with stories and images of other homes that NZ Home Builders have completed recently. And also an invitation to attend the grand opening weekend of their new show home.

Danielle Johnson, NZ Home Builders have announced that Opie and Danielle were so pleased with the build process and the end results that they have agreed to act as ambassadors for the company. See next week’s Post News-

Government says tariff removal will makes homes cheaper Duties on plasterboard, reinforcing steel bar and wire nails and tariffs on building products like roofing, cladding, insulation, paints, electrical and plumbing fittings will be removed temporarily to increase competition and improve housing affordability. “Reducing the costs of building materials is an important part of the Government’s programme to improve housing affordability,” Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith says. “Removing these duties and tariffs will increase competition and reduce costs, with an expected saving of around $3,500 for the construction of a

standard New Zealand home.” Commerce Minister Craig Foss says New Zealand is a small market for construction materials with limited competition for some products. “Reducing the barriers to competition ensures we have a more competitive market. “This reform will reduce costs for residential building construction with positive spillovers for commercial and industrial building,” Mr Foss says. The three-year suspension of antidumping duties on plasterboard, wire nails and reinforcing steel bar will be implemented by an amendment bill

to be passed under urgency as part of Budget 2014. It will take effect from 1 June. A bounded public interest test will be introduced into the Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act 1988 following a public discussion document and consultation on the detail of the amendments. From July this year, a zero concessionary tariff will be introduced on residential construction materials. It will be reviewed after five years. It will include roofing, cladding, framing, partitioning, windows, doors, insulation, plumbing and electrical fittings, kitchen cabinets and paints.

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Sheridan named as new power chief The Board of Counties Power has confirmed the appointment of local resident Sheridan Broadbent as its new Chief Executive, starting on June 3. With a background in the engineering, telecommunications and energy sectors, Sheridan joins the organisation having spent several years on Genesis Energy’s executive team. Most recently she was General Manager Strategy and Technology, where her accountabilities included driving the overall strategic direction of the company and leading the business development, IT, portfolio delivery and business improvement functions. Sheridan’s previous experience includes a role as Executive General Manager of Downer EDI’s Australian telecommunications operation and General Manager of Downer EDI Engineering in New Zealand, leading a team of over 1200 staff in service delivery for the mobile and fixed telecommunications networks of Chorus, Vodafone and TelstraClear. Sheridan’s early career also includes management roles with Telecom New Zealand, Compass Communications and Ericsson Communications. Sheridan has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and has graduated from the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School. She lives in the Franklin region and is a Counties Power customer. Pukekohe based Counties Power operates the electricity distribution network in the southern part of Auckland City and northern Waikato, serving 38,000 consumers and operating over 3,000km of lines. The company says it is looking forward to substantial growth over the coming years from both new residential and industrial consumers.

Thieves steal memories while local family sleep A Waiuku family is hoping local residents may have seen, or heard about, a number of electronic devices which were stolen from their home while they slept earlier this month. On Sunday, May 5, in the early hours of the morning, thieves entered the house the family were renting in Waiuku, climbing through an en-suite bathroom window while they slept, ebfore stealing a number of items. Among the stolen goods were Sony laptop, an Ipad, a Kindle, two Panasonic cameras, three cell phones, wallets, a handbag, two hard drives along with various SD cards including those still in the cameras. “Thankfully no violence was involved but we would like to ask the community of Waiuku and Pukekohe to be on the lookout, particularly for the hard drives and laptop which held all the photos and videos of our three grandchildren and

years of work on our family history,” Rob Roden said. Two of the cell phones were retrieved from the grounds of Keith Hay at Drury on the Sunday evening, thanks to good Samaritan Barry Walker of Keith Hay Homes. On Friday, May 9, the wallet and handbag were discovered on the rail track, probably thrown from the bridge on Beatty Road, Pukekohe, Rob said. “A big thank you to Daniel, who was working the track at the time and took the time to contact us. “Fortunately we did have serial numbers for some of the items and these are now logged on the Police stolen property database along with the original manufacturer’s.” Rob Roden says the family would love to get their photos of their grandchildren, as well as their family history back, and ask anyone with any information to contact their local police station or the Post Newspaper.

Promiscuity and more in Onewhero A new comedy musical featuring Penny Ashton is coming to Onewhero’s OSPA theatre in June. Follow the fortunes of ‘Miss Elspeth Slowtree’ as she battles literary snobbery, her mother’s nerves and ‘Cousin Horatio’, all armed with superior wit, blushing countenance and generally being quite bright, you know…for a girl. Balls will be attended, crosses will be stitched and manners will be minded, all with not one ankle in sight. Miss Ashton has stolen Jane Austen’s best lines to bring this musical to life. “Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can.” Featuring classical music reworked by Robbie Ellis and lyrics by Ashton, Promise and Promiscuity delivers Penny Ashton unchaperoned to the provinces. The show is on Saturday 7 June from 8pm at the OSPA Theatre on Hall Road. Tickets are available for $20 from River Traders, Tuakau.

Osborne Realty Ltd - licensed real estate agent (REAA2008)

EXECUTIVE LIVING ON ANNIESTON $649,000 Open Home: Sun 12.00 – 12.30 pm 9 Annieston Place

new listing


216m2 3-4 bedroom home on 1500m2 in one of Waiuku's best streets. Beautifully landscaped gardens lead down to a lovely tranquil duck pond maintained by Council. Two living areas open out onto paved areas sheltered by archgolas. Truly a property you need to see. View online: ID osbh792

Julie Quilty Mobile 0272 292 243 A/h 09 235 9324

11 Bowen Street, Waiuku

Ph 235 7139

This Wednesday instore demonstrations @ Gary Pyes 10am - 1pm Sunbeam Super Rep’s - Kerry & Vanessa er

show you the Sunbeam Pressure Multi Cook Sunbeam Slow Juicer


Get your Masterchef cooking!!


43 QUEEN ST, WAIUKU • PH 235 9711 • SAT: 9 - 4 • SUN: 10 - 3

Panasonic Power Team Kieran & Carl 2014 Technology New Releases TV’s , Blu-ray Players, Sound Bars & Home Theatres

Free Gift Any Sunbeam or Panasonic purchased on the day will receive a gift




Our team Waiuku and surrounding districts

Leonie Gillott 0274 985 722

11 Bowen Street, Waiuku

Julie Quilty 0272 292 243

Marleen Ohms 0274 483 528


Julie Rodgers 0275 516 075

Ray Lever 021 951 082

FANTASTIC INVESTMENT, MUST SELL $305,000 3 bedroom brick and tile on a low maintenance section close to local primary school. On a shared driveway and an easy walk to town. Rental appraisal $340 - $350 per week.


Nestled in a quiet peaceful valley on edge of township are these 5 prime building sites ranging from 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre. All sites fully serviced. Well priced

View online: ID: osbh770

View online: ID: osbs458 Contact: Leonie a/h 09 235 9961, 0274 985 722


Ph 235 7139

Osborne Realty Ltd - licensed real estate agent (REAA2008)

Daryl Walker 027 235 7016

new listing


Loads of character in this 3 bedroom plastered brick home with views to Karioitahi hills. Loads of outdoor entertaining areas and sunny decks. 3 kinds of heating options for a cosy winter. Be quick for this one.

Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243

View online: ID: osbh784 Contact: Leonie a/h 09 235 9961, 0274 985 722



View online: ID: osbh764 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

View online: ID: osbh776 Contact: Ray a/h 09 235 8599, 021 951 082

PEACEFUL LIFESTYLE $379,000 4.09ha with a fabulous building site, breath-taking views over bush to harbour. Good water, stockyards and fenced in to two paddocks. Only 30 minutes drive from Waiuku on the picturesque Awhitu Peninsular, submerge yourselves in this lovely close knit community or enjoy the privacy that this attractive block offers.


View online: ID: osbf710 Contact: Julie Rodgers a/h 09 235 6075, 0275 516 075


Over 1/4 acre section lovely 4 brms, open plan lounge/dining with sep kitchen. Fully fenced, kid & pet friendly. May have potential to subdivide. Why delay when you can act today. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing.

new listing!

This 809m2 section is fully fenced. 3 bedroom home with conservatory that will sell. Handy to netball and golf. Phone before your friends do! WAIUKU

View online: ID: osbh783 Contact: Ray a/h 09 235 8599, 021 951 082


BRICK BEAUTY $429,000 View online: ID: osbh779 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528




4 bedroom + ensuite brick & tile home in an elevated position to reward the owners with spectacular views. The gardens have been lovingly landscaped with raised garden boxes for the keen gardener. Set in a popular street. Call Julie Q to view.

3 Bedroom brick & tile on a lovely landscaped fully fenced section. Master has huge walk in wardrobe and ensuite with the rest of the living areas being open plan. Call Julie Q to view.

View online: ID: osbh786 Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243

View online: ID: osbh775



Tucked away down a shared driveway in a quiet sought-after street of Waiuku, which is very private. This home has 4 dbl brms, 2 bthrms, modern kitchen & lovely flow to outdoor entertaining area through the conservatory. The renovation of this home is nearly complete. A must view property

1.8Ha's. A great starter well priced. 3 Bedroom Initial Home, 2 bay shed and fantastic views. Currently running sheep and horses. This private property is located approx 10 mins drive from Waiuku. To view please phone Ray. View online: ID: osbf680 Contact: Ray a/h 09 235 8599, 021 951 082

Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243




Open Home: Sun 11.00 – 11.30 17 Kathleen Reece Plc

Set down a private ROW is this 4 bedroom home with ensuite. Open plan living with heat pump & smart vent. Slider to outdoor decking. Fully fenced backyard. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing.

Open Home: Sun 1.00 – 1.30pm 32 Kathleen Reece Place


Be the first in! New carpet, curtains & paint. 3 Bedrooms + office/4th bedroom. Large section with not much to mow set on the outskirts of town. Move in and enjoy.


View online: ID: osbh778 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

CUS O F Y RT PROPE istrict D in l k Fran

11 Bowen Street, Waiuku

Ph 235 7139

Osborne Realty Ltd - licensed real estate agent (REAA2008)

BRING THE HORSE $519,000 BARE LAND - $479,000


A 'must see' 10 Acres (approx.) just 4.5km from town. Great views. Handy to the Pony Club. Excellent hay country. 2 road frontages. View online: ID: osbf708 Contact: Ray a/h 09 235 8599, 021 951 082

Live the dream on approx 10 acres with access to the magnificent Karioitahi Beach. This bare block will have an equine & pedestrian easement for beach access, so if your lifestyle includes, horses, fishing, surfing, paragliding, white baiting, kite surfing you'd better call me now to secure this ultimate lifestyle opportunity. Pending title.


Tucked down a tree lined drive is this 4 bedroom well maintained home.Double separate garaging plus barn.Private and secluded set on 9870m2.Plenty of room for the kids and the animals. View online: ID: osbf675 Contact: Leonie a/h 09 235 9961, 0274 985 722


Open Home: Sun 1.00 – 1.30pm 3 Ernest Shackleton Place

new listing


Fabulous indoor/outdoor flow with a rural outlook, all the works been done. Modern kitchen with granite bench top, gas hobb & hot water. Single carport & double garage, set on a fully fenced 997m2 section. Loads of fruit trees, plenty of room for kids & pets to play. Close to Patumahoe Township. View online: ID: osbh769 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

IMPRESSIVE - $549,000

The immaculate presentation of a top quality home invites your immediate inspection. Stunning kitchen, dining, family area, formal lounge, 4 double bedrooms with superior bathroom and Ensuite, professionally landscaped grounds with large kwila decking.



1 Building which currently has 3 tenants. Situated right in the heart of Waiuku Town Centre and close to the Manukau Inlet. Motivated vendors would like to move on to other ventures. Phone Marleen to discuss further.

View online: ID: osbh790

View online: ID: osbb010 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528


Open Home: Sun 2.00 – 2.30 114F Sandspit Rd

new listing

Set down a private ROW is this delightful Golden Home. Open plan living with family room. 3 Double bedrooms + study. Master has ensuite & walk in robe. Set on 2772m2 private section. Double internal garage plus extra. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing.

This beautiful 2 level home has 4 double bedrooms, master has ensuite plus combined bathroom & a sep wc. Open plan living with water view (Tidal). Zoned for Sandspit Road School. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing View online: ID: osbh791

Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528


View online: ID: osbh772 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

Open Home: Sun 12.00 – 12.30 pm 9 Annieston Place



Beautiful country views of the land out to Manukau Harbour. This property has beautiful gardens around the home & loads of shedding. Sleepout has own bathroom & kitchenette. Home has 3 double bedrooms, open plan living with a sun drenched deck set on 2.72 Ha. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing.


Contact: Julie Rodgers 0275 516 075, 09 235 6075




View online: ID: osbf692 Contact: Julie Rodgers 0275 516 075, 09 235 6075

216m2 3-4 bedroom home on 1500m2 in one of Waiuku's best streets. Beautifully landscaped gardens lead down to a lovely tranquil duck pond maintained by council. Two living areas open out onto paved areas sheltered by archgolas. Truly a property you need to see.

View online: ID: osbf703 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528


View online: ID: osbh792 Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243

FABULOUS HILLTOP SITUATION $679,000 5.3 ha block fenced into 8 paddocks with an acre of bush and a stream. This is a pleasant four bedroom family home with a lovely north facing deck with views over most of the land. Ranch slider access from the deck too three of the four bedrooms. A spacious lounge with a wood burner and country kitchen/dining room complements the setting. Bathroom with sep shower bath and vanity, sep toilet and master bedroom has ensuite. A four bay implement shed and a 3 car size garage (double door and workshop). Call now for an appointment to view.


View online: ID: osbf707 Contact: Julie Rodgers a/h 09 235 6075, 0275 516 075


new listing


Unique 7 bedroom (4 up & 3 down) on a possibly subdividable 1/2 acre section in central Waiuku. Huge potential for developers or someone wanting to add value. Sensible offers required. Call Julie Q to view. View online: ID: osbh788 Contact: Julie Quilty a/h 09 235 9324, 0272 292 243






View online: ID: osbh759 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528

View online: ID: osbh756 Contact: Ph Julie Rodgers a/h 09 235 6075, 0275 516 075 Leonie a/h 09 235 9961, 0274 985 722

Excellent street appeal, beautiful indoor/outdoor flow, brick beauty built by Golden Homes this home has 4 bedrooms, ensuite, spacious walk in wardrobe, open plan living with family room. Plus rumpus, double internal garage, fully fenced, private bbq & spa area also fruit trees & an abundance of vegetables. Phone Marleen to arrange a viewing.

new listing


This is an extensive 1980s style home of significant proportions suitable for many requirements and functions. Situated within the new coastal set back plan and with a magnificent view of the Waitangi Falls and the inner harbour you may launch a kayak from the edge of the property. The native planting attracts all manner of native birds and there is never a shortage of peaceful activity to observe.

Open Home: Sun 3.00 – 3.30pm 315 Baldhill Rd

LIVING THE COUNTRY LIFE $695,000 Set on 2 acres, this property is ideal for sheep, chickens or even calf club. Heated saltwater swimming pool for the warmer days. Lovely indoor/outdoor flow, open plan living with 3 double bedrooms, master has ensuite. Double garage + office space. Ph Marleen to arrange a viewing. View online: ID: osbf713 Contact: Marleen a/h 09 235 0070, 0274 483 528



STICKS & STONES By Megan Van Lieshout

s e m i T een


FEELINGS ! A normal part of Life! Feelings are a normal part of life. Everyone has them...some choose to show them and some don’t. Many people believe that to be cool and excepted, we shouldn’t show our feelings, to be popular, cool and in the ‘In’ crowd we aren’t suppose to cry, to feel hurt, to be scared, to say we need help, to feel lonely or to disagree with controlling peers. Trying to be that strong, a person, feeling less all the time is like trying to be King Kong...really it is trying to pretend not to be human to be the real you. If you pretend long enough not to have any feelings, chances are one day you will


Snapchat rejected $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook.... Snapchat rejected an acquisition offer from Facebook Inc that would have valued the company at $3 billion or more, according to a Wa l l S t r e e t J o u r n a l r e p o r t o n We d n e s d a y. Facebook representatives reached out to Snapchat in recent weeks to discuss the all-cash deal, which would have been F a c e b o o k ’s l a r g e s t a c q u i s i t i o n e v e r, t h e report said, citing anonymous sources. Facebook declined to comment. Snapchat could not immediately be reached for c o m m e n t . T h e r e p o r t o f F a c e b o o k ’s interest in Snapchat comes a couple o f w e e k s a f t e r F a c e b o o k , t h e w o r l d ’s No. 1 Internet social network, acknowledged that it was seeing a decline in daily use by young teenagers in the U.S., although it said overall use by teenagers was stable.




be T r y i n g rtoon g that st time all the trying to is like g Kong be Kin

have no idea what feelings you are feeling! Now that’s confusing isn’t it There are a lot of people out there that like to pretend that they have no feelings at really is unhealthy. If you hide anger enough it may one day explode into violence.. this is when it is easy to hurt other people with both words and fists. If you decide to push down sadness long enough you could become depressed and withdrawn from the world. Now that’s not fun is it? Feelings are good friends really....they help you to know what is right for you. Feelings help you to decide what to do...what to say...what to try....what to like...what not to like. So, we can pretend not to feel, but we will still have feelings anyway. Life could be so much better for some people if they just accepted that its OK to show your feelings. Our body is an amazing thing, if you take enough notice, you will see how our bodies talk to us...they give us body messages all the will start to learn when things are OK... when things are wrong....when things are just need to learn to listen. Learning to let go of some feelings is also a great lesson to take on board.. Let go of the idea that if someone doesn’t like you, you are bad...or you have failed. Let go of the idea that in order to be liked you have to do what someone else wants you to do. Its time to realise that if you spend all your time doing what others want you to do.... you never get a chance to be YOURSELF! So over the next month ...try being who you are by making your own decisions by having your own opinions by having likes and dislikes by saying what you want and don’t want But most of all remember its OK to be have your own strength and your own power..SO USE IT!

Enjoy only get one!

Caring for our clients and offering top quality service is our passion. We offer a weekly in-salon training programme for all staff so they can be highly skilled and creative.

We believe’s that by listening and talking with our clients about their needs and gathering as much information as we can, we can achieve top quality hair styling for all occasions. The team at Rettro are L’oreal colour experts and hair extension specialists. Proud to be supporting Teens and Tweens in our local area 33 West St, Pukekohe | 239 0404 | |

289 Upper Queen Street • Pukekohe

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All creatures Great and small

Disaster plans must cater for pets

58% of pet owners say they would return to danger to try to rescue their pet - regardless of warnings

Ask th e Vet Send your question to:

‘Vet’s Voice’

c/o- The Post Newspaper, PO Box 374 Waiuku or email to:

Osteoarthritis in pets With the colder weather soon approaching us, awareness of the telltale signs of osteoarthritis (arthritis) in our canine friends is important. Osteoarthritis is a condition that originates from damage to joints either from trauma, infection, developmental abnormalities or certain diseases. This causes inflammation which can become chronic and lead to degeneration of the affected joints, so older dogs are more prone to it. As with the human condition, it can be greatly exacerbated by cold weather, and dogs with arthritic joints often become stiffer in wintertime. About this time of year you may begin to notice your pet showing signs such as reluctance to exercise, increased aggres-

siveness, difficulty rising, pain, lameness or muscle wastage. Of course the main aim in treating an animal with the disease is to manage their pain, which will in turn improve their mobility and wellbeing. This can be achieved quite effectively by giving them anti-inflammatories which are prescribed by your local veterinarian. Simple things such as weight reduction, soft exercise, hydrotherapy, specific prescription diets and providing a warm sleeping environment can also make them a lot more comfortable. By looking for these indications of osteoarthritis in your pet, we can aim for early control which will make them a lot more comfortable this winter.

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17 KITCHENER RD, WAIUKU • PH: 235 9217 11 Edinburgh St, Pukekohe • Ph: 238 6897

In the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake more than 3000 animals were killed, Steve Glassey, Associate Director of the Canterbury university’s Centre for Risk Resilience and Renewal, says. “Many of the best practices in companion animal emergency management stem from Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States of America. In its wake, it left $US110 billion in damage and 1836 people dead making it the third deadliest disaster in US history,’’ Glassey told the Australia and New Zealand disaster management conference in Queensland. “This disaster also highlighted the importance of companion animal emergency management with over 50,000 pets being left behind during the evacuation of New Orleans and 80 to 90 percent of these pets perishing. “The most compelling fact for emergency managers to learn from Katrina was that

about 44 percent of the people who did not evacuate for Hurricane Katrina stayed, at least in part, because they did not want to leave their pets behind. “With most New Zealanders owning pets, it is no wonder we find the issue of pets in disasters highly emotive and topical. The human-animal connection is extremely powerful in an emergency management context, both in creating opportunities to enhance public safety, but it is also a major risk if pets are not included in emergency management arrangements. “We can learn the lessons the easy way or the hard way from Hurricane Katrina but simply put, saving pets equals saving people. “There is academic consensus that pet owners are more likely to refuse to evacuate if they are required to leave their pets, placing them and public safety personnel at risk. In a survey of New Zealand pet owners, 58 percent of respondents indicated they would likely return to rescue their pets if

‘No more healthy cats’ as SPCA inundated

An over-abundance of cats and kittens has forced SPCA Auckland to stop accepting healthy cats and kittens from the public for the next four to six weeks. The charity will continue to rescue sick, injured, or endangered cats and kittens, but are asking people who want to surrender a healthy cat or kitten to either keep it a while longer or re-home it themselves. “Our feline areas are full – there is no space for more cats. So we have no choice but to limit the number of incoming cats as a temporary measure,” says SPCA Auckland CEO Christine Kalin. “We have 216 cats and kittens at the SPCA Auckland Animal Village in Mangere

right now, 80 of which are ready for adoption. We have another 250 cats and kittens at SPCA Auckland foster homes that are unable to be put up for adoption because we have nowhere to put them.” In recent weeks, about 120 cats and kittens per week have been coming through SPCA Auckland’s doors. The cat glut is most likely due to an exceptionally long kitten season brought on by last year’s early spring and this year’s warm autumn, according to Ms Kalin.

left behind, despite advice from public safety officials. “By forcing pet owners to leave their pets in a disaster, pet owners are more likely to be psychologically impacted. So we are actually harming our communities by not evacuating pets and putting their safety, along with the safety of our front line personnel at risk,’’ Glassey says.

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Counties Club Rugby wrap - images from Waiuku v Bombay

It was one of the closest rounds of Counties Power club rugby this weekend and saw Te Kauwhata EnviroWaste pick up their first win of the season when they beat Papakura 16-5. Both teams scored a try each, but it came down to the boot of Caleb Brown who added the extra 11 points for Te Kauwhata on the scoreboard which made the difference. Te Kauwhata’s try was scored by Nofoaliit Faumuina and Papakura’s try was scored by Terence Mataia. Patumahoe Hotel have continued their winning ways after beating Onewhero Carters 37-26 on the hill. In doing so, Patumahoe moved into second place on the table and claimed the Nicholson/Dark Cup which honours two great club men from Onewhero and Patumahoe; Stephen Nicholson and Jason Dark who were real characters but both sadly died young. The game was close during the first half with Patumahoe heading to the sheds with a 15-11 half time lead. Patumahoe started strongly in the second half scoring three quick tries in fifteen minutes including an impressive intercept try which left Onewhero playing catch up football. Patumahoe’s tries were scored by Jason Bird, Tamati Fromm, Fotu Lokotui, Vaha Fili and Jonny Wilkinson who crossed the line twice. Wilkinson converted one try and slotted a penalty with Riley Hohepa kicking one conversion. Onewhero’s points came from tries by Epeli Lotawa, Filipe Pau, Hano Tangi and Kieran ‘Sharky’ Whyte with Filipe Pau kicking two penalties which keeps them in the top for on the table. There was only a three points difference in the final score when Bombay Gough CAT beat Waiuku 18-15. Bombay are experiencing their most successful season in a very long time and climbing up the ladder, where they currently sit in fifth spot. Bombay started the game agressively and Waiuku didn’t fire a shot in the first half which resulted in a 13-0 half time score to Bombay having scored a converted try and two penalties. To use an old clichée it was definitely a game of two halves with Waiuku firing up in the second spell, scoring 15 points with tries to centre-turnfullback Andy Muirhead. Muirhead also slotted a penalty and the other try was scored by fullbackturn-first five-eighth Armyn Sanders, which was converted by Brad Tucker. Bombay scored one try in the second half, with Johnny Kawau and Coree TeWhata scoring the visitors tries. Reece Joyce took on the kicking duties for Bombay slotting a conversion and two penalties. It is fair to say that Bombay took their chances and deserved the win. Next week Waiuku face Karaka whom they have beaten three times in a row, so they will be looking to upset the front runners and get their season back on track. Manurewa and Drury battled it out with Ma-

nurewa hanging on for a 22-18 victory and their fourth win of the season. They outscored Drury three tries to two with Taavili Patea, Amosa Nove and Joshua Levi all crossing the chalk for the green and white. Ahsee Tuala converted two of the tries and Matthew Ferguson kicked two penalties to secure Manurewa’s win. Lisaniasi Kainga and Andrew Veint were the Drury try scorers but it was the boot of Brett Dahlkamp that keep Drury in the chase with a conversion and two penalties. Pukekohe Mitre 10 Mega beat Ardmore Marist 25-23 in another close encounter. It was bruising and taxing game with some big defensive efforts from both sides. Pukekohe scored one try to Ardmore Marists three but it was the kicking of Sione Fifita who slotted five penalties that got Pukekohe across the line. First five-eighth Mike Stanley playing his first game for Pukekohe also slotted a penalty with their flanker Sam Henwood having a good performance. Ardmore Marist put in a solid performance with tries to Savelio Ropati, Karl Ropati and Jessie-Paul Toto and the boot of Ray Laulala with two penalties and a conversion keeping them in the hunt. Ardmore Marist would have been forgiven for thinking they had the game in the bag in the final few minutes until Pukekohe’s Jared Page scored his try in the last second of the match to seal the win in the exact same fashion in which Ardmore Marist beat Pukekohe in a previous encounter. Pukekohe now sit in third spot on the table. Karaka remain at the top of the table and kept their 100% winning record in tack and retain the Counties Power Cup after beating Weymouth 645. Lagolago Sauvao from Weymouth got his side on the board with his try. Karaka’s nine tries came from Kieron Rollinson and John Luteru who both crossed for a double and Sione Anga’aelangi, Desma Liaina, Antonio Lavemai, Tavite Gadeisuva and Michael Williams who all picked up one each. Kieron Rollinson kicked six conversions and one penalty with Desma Liaina slotting one conversion. In the Counties Power Game of the week it was a real battle in the Premier Reserve grade with Waiuku edging out Bombay 22-17. The PGG Wrightson Player of the day for the match was awarded to Waiuku flanker Sam Knight. In other matches Manurewa beat Drury Stevenson 54-22, Ardmore Marist defeated Pukekohe 13-3, Patumahoe beat Onewhero 55-0 and Karaka cracked 112 points against Weymouth’s 13 while Puni defaulted to Papakura. Bombay and Manurewa battled it out for a 20all draw in the U21 grade. Patumahoe beat Pukekohe 31-20, Waiuku defeated Weymouth 42-32 and Karaka are on top of the table despite going down to Ardmore Marist 17-13.



Waiau Pa Church marks 100 years in style Former and current members of the Waiau Pa Presbyterian Church, along with former church leaders, celebrates its centenary at the Waiau Pa Hall over the past weekend. A well-attended luncheon on Saturday saw a display of old items found recently in the church grounds, while other displays detailed the history of the church, and gave those attending plenty to reminisce about. Among the displays was a baptismal certificate and invitations to Sunday School for Lorna Bell and Dennis Clark, those invitations from the 1950s. On Saturday the pair attended the commemorations together as man and wife - as Lorna said with a laugh - “I married my neighbour!” Some of the items discovered in the churchyard included an engraved watch, coins dating back to the 1870s, an old lead soldier and items of jewellery, which were a point of interest to the visitors. Festivities continued on the Sunday with a commemorative church service at 10 am followed by morning tea. Presbyterian Moderator Right Rev Ray Coster spoke at the Sunday service. Prior to 1914 the earliest church services at Waiau Pa were held in private homes. In 1909 monthly services

were held in the local school which at that time was located at McKenzie Road. Waiau Pa was an ‘outstation’ of the St James Parish, Pukekohe. In 1911 a committee was established to raise funds to build a church on the present site at the corner of McKenzie and Seagrove Roads which had been offered by Mrs Davy for this purpose. An additional acre was purchased later for a cemetery at a cost of 13 Pounds. Toward 1914, sufficient funds were in hand for the construction of the church which was completed at a total cost of around 343 Pounds. In 1915 Waiau Pa became part of the Mauku Home Mission Parish. The church continued to prosper and in 1962 a farm cottage was offered to the church by Mr Colin Wright for use as Sunday School classrooms to accommodate the very large Sunday School. The church’s Golden Jubilee was celebrated on 10th May 1964. The offerings taken up at the commemorative church service were applied to the replacement of the church steeple. In 1971 the cemetery block was surveyed off with access from Seagrove Road and full control and administration of this area handed over to the then Franklin County Council. In 1980, due to a de-

cline in numbers attending church and increasing costs, the South Auckland Presbytery made the decision to divide the Mauku Parish. The division of assets was completed in 1982. Waiau Pa/ Te Hihi/Karaka came under First Presbyterian Church, Papakura, known as ‘Western Districts’. During the 1980s Franklin District experienced a surge in growth with large scale subdivision of farms into rural lifestyle blocks and gradually, rural villages and districts including Waiau Pa grew with the influx of families seeking the rural lifestyle dream. The permanent population at Clarks Beach also changed at this time, with the removal or demolition of holiday baches in favour of larger residential dwellings. The Waiau Pa/Clarks Beach communities, as part of Auckland Super City, continue to experience significant growth with the push for more housing within existing rural villages. As they celebrated the church centennial, many subdivisions and new housing developments are underway. The need for bigger church premises to meet the future needs of the community has been recognized and a building fund established which to date stands at 30,000.

Top: A good crowd gathered in the Waiau Pa Hall for the Saturday centenary luncheon. Above: The current, and some of the former, ministers of the Waiau Pa Presbyterian Church. Right: On display at the luncheon were Sunday School invitations for Lorna Bell and Dennis Clark, the couple went on to become Mr and Mrs Bell.

Draft alcohol policy opens for consultation

24-month freeze on new off-licenses, changes of hours for bars, supermarkets Aucklanders are to have their say on proposals regarding the sale and supply of alcohol after the approval of Auckland Council’s draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) by the Regional and Strategy and Policy Committee today. The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (SSAA) 2012 gave the council the ability to develop a single policy for its district. The policy includes regulations relating to licensing decisions of on-licences, offlicences, club and special licences. It does not include regulation about alcohol

control areas (liquor bans). “This draft policy has been more than 18 months in development and is informed by engagement with hospitality and retail industries, police, the Medical Officer of Health, licensing inspectors and health agencies,” says committee chair, Councillor Wood. Guidance from council’s elected members and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders and the community that attended a number of workshops, has also influenced the final draft. “As a council we are look-

Harbour group seeks members at AGM The Manukau Harbour Restoration Society has had a busy summer and is extending an invitation to all those with an interest in the harbour to attend its forthcoming annual general meeting. The AGM is scheduled for 7pm, next Monday 26 Ma, at the Landing Hotel, Onehunga Wharf Rd. The AGM will be a business meeting to review the year’s progress, financial position and elect officers and the Committee. The group are asking for people to consider running as Secretary or joining the committee and are also hoping for people to become members of the society to enable the group to continue its work on behalf of the harbour and its users. Annual membership is $10 or $15 for a family membership and $200 for corporate membership.

ing for a policy that balances the need to minimise alcohol-related harm with the desire to have a vibrant, exciting yet safe Auckland for residents and visitors to enjoy.” Among the key proposals included in the draft are: • Establishing two broad areas and priority area overlays: • Broad Area A will encompass Auckland’s city centre and streets in Newton and Ponsonby commercial areas. • Broad Area B will take in the rest of Auckland. The draft policy proposes the following for on-licences (i.e. bars, restaurants, taverns): • Broad Area A: the policy proposes standard maximum trading hours of 9am to 3am, with an option for best practice operators to have trial extensions of up to two hours (e.g. to 5am) • Broad area B: the policy proposes standard maximum hours of 9am-1am, with the option for some premises, especially those located in metropolitan centres such as Albany or Sylvia Park, to apply for trial extensions The policy proposes the following for following offlicences (i.e. supermarkets, bottle stores): • Region-wide maximum

trading hours of 9am-10pm for all off-licences (including supermarkets) • A 24-month freeze on the issuing of new off-licences in Broad Area A and Priority overlay areas. Council says this will help manage density and alcohol-related harm due to the proliferation of outlets The policy includes regulations relating to licensing decisions of on-licences, offlicences, club and special licences. It does not include regulation about alcohol control areas (liquor bans). “This draft is a good start, now we want the community to tell us what they think and whether we have the balance right,” says Councillor Wood. Submissions on the council’s draft Local Alcohol Policy will open mid- June and run for a month. Following the consultation period, hearings will be held and a provisional policy adopted by governing body. Those who submitted on the draft policy will have the option of appealing the provisional policy. A full copy of the draft policy presented to committee, and detail about the development of the policy is available on the council’s website,

Why the


sounded The Waiuku Volunteer Fire Brigade had a busy April. Incidents supplied by Chief Fire Officer Colin Riddle were: April 13.25pm Taurangatira Rd Grass Fire 6th 8th 13.05 pm King St Rubbish Bin 10th 08.11 am Waimanawa Lane PFA (Burnt Toast) Scrub Fire 10th 11.14 am Kariotahi Rd 10th 18.45 pm Hyland Pl Flooding in a house Medical Stood down 11th 10.39 am Brookesmith Dr Scrub Fire 12th 12.01 pm Kariotahi Rd 13th 12.32 pm Waiuku Rd MVA Smell of smoke 14th 19.13 pm Campbell St 15th 21.30 pm O’sullivan Pl Medical Ambulance from Middlemore Scrub Fire 16th 09.23 am Kitchener Rd 18th 17.07 pm Stonehurst Ave Roof Lifting Medical NABB 19th 03.15 am Edgewater Pd Remove cow from drain 21st 08.30 am Gleaming Pl 21st 10.17 am Jenny Ln Medical Ambulance from Manukau Pot on Stove unattended 29th 16.21 pm Norfolk Rs 29th 17.21 pm Wellington St Standby Puke Station 29th 18.00 pm Crown Rd (paerata) Back up to Factory on fire 29th 18.40 pm Logan Rd (Buckland) Oven Fire




• Your showhome tour guide •


Visit our

Mur ray & Debbie Gar land | Owners Signature Homes Pap akura/Franklin

Office/Showroom: 13 Massey Ave, Pukekohe Open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm


Property Law Specialists Rural, Residential and Commercial Property Matters Financing and Refinancing Friendly and Affordable Service Plain Language Explanations FOR A FIXED PRICE QUOTE ON YOUR NEXT PROPERTY TRANSACTION OR FOR FUTHER INFORMATION

LOT 89 635m2





#11 SOLD LOT 88 621m

LOT 91 538m2


LOT 90 576m2

PHONE: 0508 639496

Central Conveyancing, 20 Queen Street, PO Box 231, Waiuku 2341

#8 LOT 87 553m2

LOT 92 552m2

#19 LOT 93 497m2


LOT 94 599m2


LOT 96 475m2


LOT 95 545m2



Call Jitske Harris on 027 703 7248 email

Phone Bobbie-jo on 09) 236 5016 or 0220 503403

LOT 111 SOLD 700m

LOT 110 450m2


LOT 109 407m2


LOT 108 457m2


LOT 107 500m2


LOT 106 500m2


LOT 105 510m2




#22 UNDER LOT 104 CONTRACT 501m2

#24 LOT 103 SOLD 587m



#26 LOT 102 SOLD 730m

#28 SOLD LOT 101 641m

UNDER #30 LOT 100 CONTRACT 620m2






f or m


8 Fletcher Lane, Patumahoe




KARAKA SHOWHOME: 23 Capriana Dr, Harbourside Estate, Karaka Open Daily 12pm - 4pm




m ah


POKENO SHOWHOME: 4 Mark Ball Drive, Pokeno Open Daily 12pm - 4pm


0800 828 822



On Show

Platinum Homes

PUKEKOHE: 67 Ina Ville Drive KARAKA: 340 Karaka Harbourside Drive 09 296 0177 / 09 238 7777


of the


New Karaka Showhome

There’s a Platinum Homes package to suit all! Versatility, a high level of finish, and stylish and innovative design is what makes a Platinum home so special; and that’s a combination that can be enjoyed at the Platinum homes showhomes in Pukekohe and Karaka. The Pukekohe showhome features the Monaco design plan, mixing stylish brick and clever use of space. The home boasts three fantastic interchangeable living areas, two of which open out to the patio, making this a home that can cater for your family as children grow and home usage changes. A spacious hallway and vaulted entry create a stunning sense of space, while the use of large windows throughout make the best use of your view and add to the ambience. The Platinum Homes Monaco has generous storage space with multiple cupboards and a third garage. And there’s peace of mind as well, as the home,

like all Platinum builds, comes with a 10-year Homefirst Builders Guarantee. Situated at 67 Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe, the showhome ideally displays the combination of great design and the highest quality of materials which characterise a Platinum home, and shows why more and more New Zealanders are choosing to build with a company which prides itself of producing individually-tailored homes that you will be proud to display to family and friends. But building a home is more than just about the finished product - it’s about ensuring the whole process is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. That’s why working with an established building company like Platinum Homes is so important. Their knowledge and experience ensures that, every step of the way, building your family’s new home is an exciting adventure, with

an end result which provides you with the very best. Making those steps easy is helped by the fact that Platinum Homes provide a fixed price for your build - with no hidden costs. “We provide great value for money building options. Our standard building specifications are set high, so there is no need to “up-spec” our homes. We are very upfront about the cost of building, we won’t hide any additional costs”, says Sales Manager Murray Taylor.

“We provide great value for money building options. Our standard building specifications are set high, so there is no need to “up-spec” our homes

To find out more about the great options available when you invest in a brand new Platinum Home, check out the showhomes at Pukekohe or Karaka this weekend, or call the friendly Platinum team on 09 296 0177 or 09 238 7777.

Perfection from every angle!

340 Harbourside Drive, Karaka: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Sat & Sun 11am-4pm Ph 09 296 0177 • Email: 67 Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Sat & Sun 11am-4pm Ph 09 238 7777 • Email:

Thinking of Building? Build with G.J. Gardner Homes you will receive:

Papakura PaPakura 56 Broadway

> A fixed price contract (no hidden costs)

Pukekohe 41 Seddon Lane Phone: (09) 237 1213

Phone: (09) 296 1695

> A pre-agreed build time

OPEN Mon to Fri 8.30am-5.00pm

> A 10 Year Independent Certified Builders Guarantee

272 Harbourside Drive, Karaka Open Everyday 12pm - 4.00pm

To find out more call in and have a chat with us today.


0800 42 45 46


n a pe 4pm arak o k e om 12pm Dr, h ow y ide Sh ryda ours e ev h arb 2 27

At a glance...


Platinum Homes uses patented Villa Veneer™ brick that combines the architectural style of modern weatherboard with brick, delivering durable homes with a fashionable fresh look. Villa Veneer is laid just like traditional brick, it’s easy to incorporate as a feature wall in a brick or natural stone home. Best yet, it’s competitively priced and custom built in the colour and finish of your choice giving you the look you desire, at a price you can afford.







238 5055 0800 10 35 35 Windscreen Repairs & Replacement

auto glass

TAXIS UNITED 0800 66 00 44

Waiuku Netball Waiuku soccer reach the top of the table Supporter of the Week If this is you, collect your prize in person from the Waiuku Netball Office on the next playing Saturday or phone the office on 235 8813. Kindly donated by Enchanted Florist, Leonard Street, Waiuku

Waiuku Netball proudly supported by

licensed real estate agent (REAA2008)

11 Bowen Street, Waiuku Ph 235 7139


Waiuku AFC travelled out west of Auckland to the ever changing New Lynn area to play Lynn Avon in a match which a win could place Waiuku at the top of the Northern League table. Lynn Avon were something of a bogey team for Waiuku as they took both wins last season so even though the two teams were at opposite ends of the table, Waiuku had to approach this one carefully. Waiuku had to make a couple of changes with Cody Ralph and Matt Bruin both out of this one but started with a hiss and a roar. On the first attack, Jamie McGookin scored as he thrust into the penalty area and beat the keeper. Waiuku were settling into their work and came close a couple more times. Darren Woolnough was probing forward from the left and giving the Waiuku width on attack. Against the run of play, Lynn Avon got an equaliser. Hugh Sorby’s deflected shot

beat goalkeeper Justin Baldwin and settled into the net. A Lynn Avon attacker got free of the back four and nearly put the home side ahead but Baldwin made a fantastic save to keep him out. Waiuku made them pay at the next attack. Sinclair got free on the right after a great ball from captain of the day Mitchel Thomasen. Sinclair found Woolnough who passed square to Luke Chapman who made no mistake. Chapman got his third when Mike Day was fouled just outside the Lynn Avon penalty area, and Chapman gave the keeper little chance as he found the far post with his direct strike. Another great goal finished the half for Waiuku. Good interchange play between the attack, gave Day some space and he finished high into the net from 18 yards out. The half belonged to Waiuku and they went into the break 4-1 ahead. The second half was more

Cory looks to step up Talented young Waiuku racing driver Cory Holmes made the most of an invitation by Toyota to trial at Hampton Downs recently. Toyota New Zealand are behind the Toyota 86 racing series, a series which Cory is hoping to get a drive in during the 2015 season. It would be something of a change for the driver, having built his name in racing open wheel single seaters, while the 86 series is ‘tintops’. Cory ended up second in the New Zealand Formula First Championship this year and collected the award for most improved driver of the year.


Men - Women - Children - All Ages Excellent Self Defence, Fitness, Discipline Opportunity for international training & competition (Traditional Okinawan Weapons, Sai Bo, Tonfa)

Phone Ray Irving: 021 115 9380 or Denise Walker: 021 354 208 for more information Pukekohe Dojo: 09 239 0272 Dojos in: Pukekohe - Waiuku - Hokitika - Westport New Dojos in: Drury - Maraetai Beach - Whakatane - Rotorua - Sri Lanka and Germany

of an even affair. Waiuku scored again when Chapman scored another wonder free-kick, this time scoring at the near post. Matthew Bilbee scored a consolation goal for Lynn Avon with the score finishing 5-2 to Waiuku. Jim Evans was forgiving of the Lynn Avon side “It was certainly a closer game than the scoreline reflects and Justin in goal made some great saves at crucial times to get us going. Justin is

therefore man of the match.” Waiuku moved first equal in the table, second on goal difference and are hosting Claudeland Rovers at Waiuku’s Massey Park next Saturday. The Waiuku reserves team had a fine 2-1 win against Lynn Avon with Callum Benson scoring and goalkeeper Matthew Parker playing a fine assist with a long punt downfield which the opposition defender could only head into his net.

Under-21s claim a win Waiuku Rugby’s Under-21s got their first win on Saturday in a bruising encounter against Weymouth at Weymouth park. Jack Hardie was successful with a penalty kick three minutes into the game, then it was all Weymouth scoring three tries. Quick thinking by captain Tom Read saw him score from a tap penalty. Nick Murdoch was unlucky not to score after picking up a loose ball and sprinting 80 metres to be tackled just before the line. Jack Hardie scored and converted, but Weymouth scored again for a half time score of 15-20 to Weymouth. In the 2nd half it was Jeph Tupu who scored first, followed by Martin Baldwin from a planned lineout move. Jack Hardie scored his second before Weymouth got one back. A lineout on Weymouth’s line saw several backs add their weight to the maul, driving Joe Robinson over for a try. Weymouth had the last say with a converted try. The final score was 42-32. Player of the day was Tom Read, Player’s POD was Lloyd Agnew, and the RAYD person of the week was Martin Baldwin.

Waiuku golf results This week’s Waiuku Golf results were: Wednesday Ladies Haggle Nett; Div One; 1st Jocylyn Pwterson 74, 2nd Yvonne Whittaker 74. Div Two; 1st Elaine Moore 76, 2nd Yvonne Hunter 77. Nearest Pin; Jocylyn Paterson. Nine Holes S/fd; 1st Jeanette Hargraves 16, 2nd Noeline Ramsay 14, 3rd Noeline Letcher 12. Thursday Haggle; 1st Phil Hunt 41, 2nd Mike Derecourt 38, 3rd Neville Keys 36, 4th Louis King 36. Twos: Neville

Keys, Louis King. Saturday Haggle; Div One; 1st David Bates 45, 2nd Joel Stitt 41, 3rd Jerry Kuggeleijn 39, 4th Andrew Fennell 39, 5th Fred Watts 38, 6th Chris Hedley 38. Div Two: 1st Ross Tindle 44, 2nd Mike Derecourt 39, 3rd Roger Read 38, 4th Paul Wells 35, 5th Cam Fleming 35, 6th Steve Shaskey 35. Best Gross; Div One Fred Watts 70, Div Two Ross Tindle 85. Twos: Chris Hedley, Roy Wright, David Bates, Joel Stitt.

FAT SUPPORT MATES Boatmaster A comprehensive course for boaties with some existing knowledge and experience. Applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, launches and powerboats. NZ Boatmaster Certificate (Unit Standard 26541 available). Starting




4 June 2014

14 x Wednesday evenings

Old Court House Belgium St.


7:00pm – 9:30 pm


(covers tuition & assessment, additional resources required)

Other venues and dates available at

Hi there my name is Steve and I am wanting to find a few obese people who want to join me over the next few months transforming ourselves through correct food, exercise, motivation and being mutually accountable to each other. I want to change, lose weight and be healthy. If you want the same, there is no cost only the will and desire to be held mutually accountable for each other. If you want to be part of this group in Waiuku please email me



Take My Card Your A-Z of Trades & Services





Counties Caravan Rentals Caravan Hire

• Accommodation needs • Portable ensuites • Ideal extra bedroom

Phone Lynette & Jeff Millen

235 3500 Mobile 021 533 585 Chimney Sweep

Your Local Chimney Sweep The longest established chimney sweep business in Franklin

Ph: Aaron 09 232 1294 or 021 222 0942

all about Your local company for all glass repairs and supplies

6 COURT STREET WAIUKU (Opposite Police Station)

Mobile free 0800 226 884 235 2572

Home & Office Cleaning • FREE QUOTES • •Regular & One off cleans •Spring cleans •Windows & Ceilings •Commercial & Domestic•Fully Insured, Owner/Operator

238 7701

Kris Butcher M: 027 247 0084 • A/H: 235 0666




auto glass



• 7 & 8 Wire Rural Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Stock Yards and Loading Ramps

Call Paul 027 435 5333 FLOOR SANDING

FLOOR SANDING SERVICES New & Old Floors Phone Roger 0274 986 798

09 235 8364


SEPTIC TANK CLEANING 0800 482 532 027 476 1306



* Mobile Service, Franklin wide * 103 Manukau Road, Pukekohe (Right next to Bunnings Warehouse)

PH 238 5055 0800 10 35 35

Phone Bruce Cameron 0274 988 412 PAINTing DECORATOR

Len Gore

Painter Decorator Residential & Commercial

Value for money guaranteed For a free quote, call Len 021 - 682 028




ACTUAL CONCRETE For all your concrete requirements Phone John 021 501 438


Hard wearing coatings for most surfaces. Terraces, Garage floors, Block walls etc. Epoxy coatings - Airless Spraying, Roofs Painted

Windscreen Repairs & Replacement


Hedges, Tree Work, Rubbish Removal, Rotary Slashing, Schools, Industrial sites & section clean ups RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL * Free Quotes * WINZ Quotes

Contact us: 09 235 7835

no steam, no mould, no condensation.

Sales and Installation.

Ph: Tim now 0800 080 127 STORAGE


021 293 6250

Hosking Place, Waiuku SURVEYORS

Madsen Lawrie Consultants

LAND SURVEYORS 14 Hall Street, Pukekohe Ph 09 Fax 09 238 2448


F luffyD ucks Pampering


Email For free consultation contact David Lawrie or Dan Madsen

TV & VIDEO REPAIRS Wa i u k u


• Relaxation Massage • Reflexology • Reiki


Registered Practitioner

Ph: 09 235 2256 or 0274 682227 email: PO Box 74, Waiuku 2341



Supply and Installation of Woodburners

REPAIRS: Kent, Yunca, Metro, Natures Flame, Osburn, Masport, Firenzo, Logaire - plus other brands. SUPPLIERS OF: Fire Bricks, Fire parts, Pellets Hearths, Flues.

Buckingham Industries | Ph: 235 3900 441 Glenbrook - Waiuku Rd, Glenbrook Laundry

238 6369



Authorised Panasonic Service • TVs & Antennas• Video and Hi Fi Stereo • Registered & Licensed Servicemen


For all your water requirements call and see Kevin & Jo Gubb ph 09 235 8268 14 Constable Road, Waiuku SEPTIC TANKS

Phone 235 7059 Vehicles


Motors Ltd•

WOF Safety Inspections

Repairs & Servicing to all Vehicles including Farm Machinery Petrol & Diesel • Light Engineering ~ Welding

Classic Cars} - All repairs, tuning & servicing For friendly service phone Merv 235 2835



•Gutter clearing •Pruning/trimming •Weeding/spraying •Rubbish removal •All property maintenance•Fully Insured, Owner/Operator

238 7701

Water HOUSEHOLD WATER Sweet Water Anywhere in Franklin Ph: Ricky Holmes 236 3408 or 0274 937 889



ACCOUNTING & Taxation Services - Call Rise Accountants - chartered accountants. Ph: 09 235 7455.

Dry Pine/Mac firewood. $85 per metre. Free delivery Waiuku. Ph: 021 555 550.

GST Payroll Accounting EOM & EOY Financial services. Can we assist? Call Petemarg Enterprises Ltd. 09 2350461 or E-mail: for a free consultation:

ADULTS ADULT ACCESSORIES Adult toys, massage oil, lubes, Women’s Health & Sexuality Books & lots more available online:

Beauty MAKE UP - Permanent. Eyes, eyebrows and lips. Look great this winter. Ph: Tania at the Salon 09 236 3735 or 027 222 778.

BOATING REPAIRS - Dinghy or trailerboats; fibreglass or wooden. All jobs considered. Ph Tony on: 235 3545 or 021 598 662.

CARAVANS LONG TERM - Free local delivery from $60 per week plus bond. Ph: 09 232 1814.

CHIMNEY SWEEPING WINTER is coming - get it cleaned now. Inspection report - insurance receipt. Phone or txt 235 9212 or 021 147 0158. All calls returned.

CLEANING Vacant houses, windows, offices, carpet shampooing & exterior waterblasting. Plus maintenance. FREE quotes. Ph Allan or Lynette: 09 235 9333 or 027 272 6249.


yo u r p c g u y Virus Removal, Repairs, Internet, Broadband, PC Sales, Data backup, Tuition

Great ‘In Your Home’ service . . .

Jon 235 5300

Mob 021 111 4122 w w w. y o u r p c g u y. c o . n z

FIREWOOD FIREWOOD for sale. Dry Mac & Gum mix. $80/ metre with free local delivery. Ph 235 9668 or 021 412 452. DON and Gaylyn, this season’s pine firewood. $75 per cube, delivered and stacked. Ph. 235 9588. Shed stored guaranteed. Dry pine $75 or old man pine $80 per meter. Free delivery. Ph: 235 8847 or 021 362 687.

FOR HIRE FIREWOOD splitter. Phone: 235 7733 or 021 305 111. Bouncy Castle Elephant, Tiger for kids. Sumo, Boxing, Jousting for Adults. Ph: 09 235 5297 or 0274 260 040.

FOR SALE FIREWOOD - Bargain. Mac/pine. 4 Metres: $300 Delivered. 2 Metres $170. Ph/txt: 021 744 970 or 235 0065. COCKY’S CORNER - For fencing & roofing iron, timber, hardware, plywood, pavers, gates, garden sheds & more. 123 Queen St, Waiuku. Ph: 235 9880 or 235 2386. Canaries for sale. $15 each. Call 09 235 8914.

FREE REMOVAL - Any old scrap metal incl. old batteries, expired gas bottles, old cars, lawn mowers, etc. Ph Martin: 021 128 5953 or 238 3005. Free drop off depot for all your unwanted TV’s, computers, whiteware, etc. Recycle All Your Stuff Ltd. Unit 1 Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Road, Waiuku. Free pick up in Waiuku. Ph: 235 5769.

Grazing Wanted For 7, 15mth old cattle. Up to 6 weeks grazing. Anything considered. Ph/ text 0274 303156.

HAIR DRESSING THE Cutting Room Hair Salon. 33 Breaker Grove, Waiuku. Ladies cuts from $30, Mens cuts from $25, Colours from $70. Hours: Tues 11-3pm, Wed 9-5pm, Fri 9-til late, Mon & Sat by pre-arranged appts only. Phone Steff: 235 7149.

LAUNDROMAT Open 7 days. Drop off service and self service. Detergents incl. Sports clothing, commercial, wash, dry and fold. Laundry 4 U. Between Video Ezy & Pizza Hut, across parking lot from ED St Rest. Ph: 09 239 2964.

LAWNMOWING TOPCUT LAWNMOWING - reliable, clean, tidy job experienced operator. Ph Fred 09 235 5280, 021 902 552. GREEN ACRES - Clarks Beach. Covering Franklin area. Lawn mowing, gardening, garden clearance, hedges. Clean, tidy and reliable. Call Brett 021 0211 7777 or 09 232 1276.




TO Lease



Massage and sugar paste hair removal - brow shape/lash & brow tint. Ph: Moka (Natural Treatment) 235 0464 or 021 166 9674.

WAREHOUSE SPACE Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Small, Med & Lge. Easy access. Ph Sam: 021 671 960.

AGM Waiuku Bowling Club

HANCOCK Peter - 17/05/05. Another year has passed and we miss you every day. With love Pam, Kate, Dan, James, Liss, Blair, Toni, Nick, Holly and Zippora.

PETS POOCHIE PARK – Holiday home for dogs. Inspection welcome by arrangement. Phone: 09 235 0052 (Evenings) or 021 856 555. Email: for further information.

PICTURE FRAMING The Framing Shed. Quality custom picture framing. 31 Victoria Ave, Waiuku. Tues - Fri 9 - 5 or by appointment. Ph Allie: 235 0939 or 027 253 4577.

SERVICES FREEVIEW - Digital Set Up UHF & Satellite. Ph Dave 236 3519 or Ph/Txt: 021 2777006. Patumahoe. Deceased Estate House clearances and cleaning. Ph. 027 277 5026 for free quote. Waiuku Magpies 2nd Hand Dealers. Residential, fencing, retaining walls, gardens, storage sheds built. Ph: Mark 027 486 6175.

SPORTS First evening free for new players. BADMINTON evening at Waiuku College, Thursdays, Time 7pm, Cost $2. From 17 years up, for more info phone Wilma 235 2106 or Moka 235 0464.

TO LEASE OFFICE SPACE - Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Downstairs from $90 + gst p/wk. Ph Sam: 021 671 960. OFFICE SPACE - Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Upstairs from $110 + gst p/wk. Ph Sam: 021 671 960.

WORKSHOP SPACE Waiuku Business Park, 23 Kitchener Rd. Easy access. Ph Sam: 021 671 960.

TUITION Drumming Lessons Full set up in Waiuku, no need to have a kit. Beginners to intermediate, theory, rhythm and grooves. Ph: Paul on 021 145 4478. Available for Violin, Guitar, Recorder & Theory, Please phone Alison 09 235 7156 or 021 0816 4939 after 6pm.


June 1st 2014, 10am at the Waiuku Bowling Club Rooms. All members and interested parties most welcome. Waiuku Estuary Restoration Trust Inc (Mudlarks). Annual General Meeting. Monday June 4th, 7pm. Election of Committee and general business. Followed by supper. All welcome. Lions Club Rooms, Belgium Street, Waiuku. Ph: 235 2246.

WANTED TO BUY Good quality used furniture, collectibles, bric a brac, also house lots. Ph: 027 277 5026 for free quote. Waiuku Magpies 2nd Hand Dealers.

Wanted to Rent Looking for SHED or COTTAGE with room to park caravan. Must have power and water. Prefer close to Waiuku (10 mins drive). Working Mum, very tidy – great tenant with references. Phone 027 734 5897.

Window Cleaning Residential and commercial. Professional Service. Competitive prices, free quotes. Ph: Colin 027 965 2094

Turn Clutter

Cash into

Advertise all your unwanted goods with us from as little as: $15 for one insertion, $25 for two insertions or $40 for three insertions and get some extra cash.


Franklin area

Bill Deed QSM JP.


TREES WANTED - Gum & Macrocarpa. Also tree felling & shelter belt removal. Ph/txt Chris: 027 212 4590 or 235 0065.

Ph: 238 7835


Phone 0274 96 88 02



How to solve Sudoku! Monthly

Board of Trustees by-election 2014

MEDIUM No.1344 Nominations are invited for the election of one (1) parent representative to the Board of Trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 11th June 2014 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on 25th June 2014 (if an election is required). Signed

8 2

4 3


8 9 7 6 5 3 8 9 6 4 1 7 3 9 7 8 2 2 8 Kathryn Vereker-Bindon Returning Officer 7 5 4 5


GARLANDS FLOWERS & GIFTS Beautiful Flowers Lovingly made to your personal requirements. Call in and see us

2/31 Bowen Street, Waiuku Phone 235 0643 or 021 998897



Franklin Pakeke Lions

This Saturday Fill the grid so that May 24th, 9am - 1pm every row and every Pukekohe Town Hall 3x3 square contains the digits 1Table to 9 Hire $12




Ph Clem 09 238 7336 • 027 272 2983

4 5 8 1 3 2 9 6 7

Solution No.1343 2 7 9 6 1 3 5 6 1 8 3 2 7 9 3 9 4 7 5 6 1 4 6 2 5 7 9 8 9 5 1 8 4 2 7 7 8 6 9 3 5 4 1 3 7 2 8 4 6 5 4 3 1 9 8 2 8 2 5 4 6 1 3

8 4 2 3 6 1 5 7 9

? Answer s!

QUICK PUZZLE NO. 7352 - SOLUTIONS Across - 1, Earl. 7, Whitewash. 8, Nude. 9, Find. 10, Real. 11, Idol. 14, Improbable. 16, Accomplish. 19, Echo. 22, Hunt. 24, Fine. 25, Melt. 26, Associate. 27, Stun. Down - 1, Ennui. 2, Radio. 3, Shrimp. 4, Studio. 5, Ewer. 6, Establish. 12, Discourse. 13, Lido. 15, Ache. 17, Puffin. 18, Ignite. 20, Chest. 21, Often. 23, Trot.

services THE @ 51 Queen St Waiuku


CUTS $15

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10:30am - 5:30pm



Pine set of draws $270. Bedside $80. White set of draws $320. Queen size mattress and base $750. Small pine bookcase $195. Coffee one draw $195. Russian oak hall table $195. Carpet from $5 up $195.

Open Monday to Friday • 8.30am - 5.30pm Sat • 9am - 2pm and Sun • 10am - 2pm


Phone : 09 235 9307 Fax : 09 237 0054 Email :

40 Queen Street, Waiuku







A registered FDANZ Practice

Otaua Motors Ltd, is an established busy rural workshop situated 7ks south of Waiuku. We are looking for a qualified and experienced automotive technician to join our small rural team. Our ideal candidate would have the following: • Qualified technician with NZ experience • WOF authorized • Positive attitude towards customers and other staff members • Basic computer skills If you think this position sounds like you please email your CV to: Ph: Merv 09 235 2853.

Why not plan and record your funeral wishes The My Life, My Funeral Kit will make it easy for you. Phone for your copy now 235 8380 Anytime


Beauty Therapist Full time or Part time

• Do you want to work for a professional company with paid training and development, and outstanding career progression opportunities? • Would you like to work in a team environment that provides training, support and mentoring? • Do you want to work for a company that performs a variety of treatments with a strong focus on facials, train and perform advanced treatment techniques including Micro dermabrasion, Caci - Non Surgical, Sonophoresis and peels? • Would you like to progress your career to learn VPL laser? • Would you like full time or part time work with every second Saturday off? An exceptional opportunity for a beauty therapist, has become available to join the award winning Caci Pukekohe team. This is a unique opportunity and we are looking for a person with exceptional customer service, outstanding treatment standards and a passion for the beauty industry. Applicants must have CIDESCO, CIBTAC. Prior work experience is preferred but not essential. We would be willing to nurture the right applicant. Working in a team environment you will receive training, support and mentoring from the Clinic Manager, Senior Beauty Therapist and Head office support team. Applicants need to demonstrate the highest standards of personal grooming, and have the ability to work in a team environment. They must also have a good sense of humour. To apply in the strictest of confidence, send your CV to: Jane Chaney, Clinic Manager

In-Home Educators needed! If you have a passion for working with children we’d love to talk to you today!


09 238 0032

ARE LOOKING FOR: a Joiner/Cabinet Maker with experience in manufacturing solid wood furniture.

I was shocked and embarrassed when I found out how much i was paying to advertise elsewhere....



We need someone who is self-motivated, can work independently and as a team with good communication skills. This person will be expected to lead from the front with knowledge of high end & process furniture. Trade experienced, NZ residency and NZ drivers licence.


If you are interested in the above role

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Kat from Barry & Co would like to thank everyone for their kindness and concern during my absence. I am back now and looking forward to seeing you all. 19 Bowen St * Waiuku * Ph: 235 9211


Caregiver Available Irish caregiver with great references available seeks position as caregiver in the Franklin region. Mary-Anne Dinneen Frumau is an experienced caregiver, whose recent duties included caring for a local man for two years. References from his family include: ‘Without Mary-Anne we would not have been able to continue to have our father at home with us and we would have had to place him in a nursing home, which he did not want. “We would not hesitate to recommend MaryAnne for any position in the health care industry. She is completely trustworthy, hard-working, caring, loyal and extremely knowledgeable and capable. We opened up our home to her and never once did we have to worry about her care and respect in regard to it...’ If you need a caring and capable caregiver, please contact Mary-Anne on 021 022 69259 (evenings) to discuss your requirements.





Full Page


$ 1428

34 x 6

• 344mm x 265mm

1/2 Page


$ 714

17 x 6

• 344mm x 265mm

1/3 Page


$ 462

11 x 6

• 110mm x 265mm

1/4 Page


$ 357

17 x 3

• 170mm x 130mm

1/6 Page


$ 238

17 x 2

• 170mm x 86.5mm

1/8 Page


$ 168


• 80mm x 130mm

1/12 Page

TW01 $ 112


• 80mm x 86.5mm


All Other Display Sizes ----- $ 7.5 PER Column / Centimetre


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$ 7.00


Based on 8 Columns


NO OBLIGATION CALL - STEVE TODAY Phone: 09 235 7835 | Email: | 18 Bowen St Waiuku |



The retail sector and economic recovery I met with a banker last week and he claims that the bank is starting to see some recovery in the economy, but the retail industry is the one area that is still struggling and national sales figures have dropped in the first financial quarter. It may be too early to talk about the economic recovery yet though, since many areas of the market do not feel the turn- around; in particular if you are in the retail industry. So we feel that we should take a look at the retail industry to gain an understanding of the current economic situation. The pressure on retailing has never been as intense as in the past five years, according to our data base. The challenges have been not only been the global financial crisis, which has meant that people are paying off debt rather than spending; but also online retailing which has seen huge growth and demand, particularly with the younger generation. 1. So what can you do? According to one expert in the retail field, the keys are in the acronym P A L O S – product, agility, lean, online and service. Product are you really trying to sell what people want to buy? Retailing is a dynamic business changing rapidly. No one retails horseshoes or video recorders any more. You might be passionate about your product, but is anyone else? If you don’t know, ask the customers who visit your store. People buy to satisfy wants NOT needs. Agility are you nimble enough to adapt to the changing environment? Can you change your product line or marketing strategy easily and quickly? Do you have flexible supply lines? Lean do you have too much stock or too many staff? As a store owner, you might just have to do the hours yourself to stay in business. Review your costs regularly, especially at lease- review time, when it might be better to move to cheaper premises. Online like it or not, online retailing is here to stay. Consider whether you can be part of it. Can any of your products or services be marketed and sold online, as well as in a physical store? Service when times are tough, you’ll get kept out in the cold if your service doesn’t measure up. Review your customer and sales approach, train your staff well; good service usually costs nothing and can make you stand out in the crowd. 2. When a customer is in a buying mood, be attentive and companion sell! When the market is finally through the recession, we will see that people begin to relax and start spending again. When customers are in a buying mood, we need to lead the mood into another sale. It may pay to offer a generous discount to get another sale. Online store i-Tunes provide a superb example of capitalizing on a customer’s buying mood. It offers an item for certain amounts, and on the left of the screen is a message which will say you could buy the rest of the album at so much discounted price. I-Tunes are giving a discount to entice customers to buy the rest when customers are in a buying mood.

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Don’t be trapped by a flaw in the process which could result in the lodgement of an expensive We represent Employees or personal grievance against you. Employers in: Seek advice before you commence any redundancy Direct Negotiation processes. We can advise on all aspects of your restructure Mediation and the processes needed to complete it.

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Post Newspaper 20 May 2014  
Post Newspaper 20 May 2014  

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